9/21/23 Blog: Longmire's Creator on the Show Before a Book Signing

IF YOU LOVE THE LONGMIRE SERIES You may want to head over to the Tattered Cover store on Colfax to meet the author Craig Johnson tomorrow night. I've got him on the show today at 1pm, and you can find out all the details about the book signing here. He is also doing signings in Cheyenne and more, which you can find on his website here.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS LOOKS TO CASH IN ON THEIR OWN INCOMPETENCE What a way to shift attention from your own failures than to sign up for a class action lawsuit against social media companies. That's what being considered by Denver Public Schools this evening, and though I truly don't care as it doesn't cost the district a dime to sign on to an already moving class action lawsuit, this feels like a way to deflect attention from the real issues at DPS. Those remain dangerous kids in school and a lousy discipline matrix that allows them to stay there.

XCEL ROLLS OUT THEIR BIG RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANS And they say the $15 billion will of course translate to rate payer savings but haven't they been saying that for years as our bills keep going up? Asking for a friend.

COLORADO SHOULD LIMIT PORN ACCESS TO KIDS TOO As the mom of a 14 year old girl it greatly concerns me that boys who watch porn believe that women LIKE to get raped. I learned that in this article about Louisiana's successful law that requires age confirmation before anyone can access online porn (through a system that confirms age but doesn't gather other personal data). Online porn is the dirty secret that many kids keep, and it does real damage to them without them knowing it. It also damages their future relationships and potentially could land them in prison when the find out in real life that no, women don't like being raped. Read the article here, we shall discuss. And just so we're clear, if an adult wants to access this stuff I have no issue, this is about kids. Watch Gail Dines amazing TedTalk below for more details of why this is important but know that she uses foul language throughout because she is talking about real porn sites and it's shocking.

TRUMP ON WOKE And I have to say this is the sort of answer that makes him seem presidential, especially compared to our current President. If he just shut up about 2020 it would be nice.

LOVE TO DRESS UP LIKE COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS? Then you may want to pop into the Aurora Public Library for Mini-Con this weekend. Vendors, comic book discussions and more, read about it here.

WORRIED ABOUT YOUR KIDS BUYING DRUGS? The DEA has a new guide for which emojis drug dealers are using so you can do a spot check on your kid's phone if you think you need to. We do spot checks occasionally just because. Trust but verify, parents.

NEW PICKLEBALL REGS IN CENTENNIAL SEEM TO BE UNREASONABLE Especially when it comes to the decibel level limit being imposed here. Even an audiologist says it's unattainable. Why is pickleball under attack??

YES, COLORADO SPRINGS SHOULD BE THE MODEL FOR HANDLING HOMELESSNESS So says Jon Caldara in this column and I think he's right.

POLAND STOPS SENDING WEAPONS TO UKRAINE And this has more to do with their desire to protect their grain farmers than anything else, but it certainly seems odd when you look at the geography of the situation.

As they bordered with Putin pal Belarus and Ukraine you'd think they'd want one border partner on their side should Russia continue it's roll. However it is election season in Poland and those trying to cling to power recognize their own farmers vote while Ukrainians don't.

DON'T LET THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OUT One of the cornerstones of therapy is that if you don't let out negative thoughts and feelings you will eventually explode and they will come out some way. A new study shows there may be a better way and it's emotional suppression. A study that aimed to teach people how to suppress negative thoughts rather than keep them at the forefront by always talking and acknowledging them showed a very strong success rate in helping people struggling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Read it here.

A TRUMPSTER CANDIDATE JUST LOST A WINNABLE RACE And this one was in a right-leaning district in New Hampshire. A pro-life Democrat handily beat a staunch pro-lifer in a district Trump won in 2020. Republicans need to pay attention to this, especially in Colorado. But they won't.

COULD MORE ACTORS GET THE RUSSELL BRAND TREATMENT? Russell Brand has been de-monetized and completely shut down after multiple women accused him of varying degrees of sexual assault. Now a well known director says there is another Hollywood star with a similar reputation that he won't work with because the actor's gross behavior is an open secret. How many others are there? If you watched the TedTalk on porn earlier you see a trend here. These guys watch porn and think it's real life.

RAY EPPS GETS CHARGED WITH A JOKE CHARGE That is solely designed to shut up those who keep pointing out that a man instrumental in getting people to break into the US Capitol January 6th had not been charged with anything. Now he's been charged with a misdemeanor, far worse than those who have gone to jail even though they were not on site that day. We are living in the Soviet Union right now.

ORAL HEALTH CAN AFFECT YOUR BRAIN If you've heard my spots with Dr. Larry O'Neill from Running Creek Dental you already know this, but now we have various studies showing a definite connection between ongoing periodontal disease and dementia and Alzheimers disease. Get your teeth taken care of, people! Find Running Creek Dental by clicking here.

WHY ARE JAPAN'S OBESITY RATES SO MUCH LOWER THAN OURS? This is an interesting article on the different cultural traditions that make Japan a much healthier culture than hours and even better than other Asian nations. Some of the stuff you could easily incorporate into your own eating patterns.

THE BACK TO THE OFFICE BATTLE JUST HIT A TIPPING POINT AS companies are demanding workers return to in person work many employees are doing just that, with 50% of workers swiping their key cards for the first time since the pandemic. Though hybrid models are the norm now I am inclined to believe that companies will slowly but surely move people back into the office five days a week.

SUGAR BABY...OH, SHE MEANT SOLDIER This is so great. I love this so much. Watch below or click here.

THESE KIDS TODAY DON'T KNOW NOTHING One teacher filmed her 90s trivia questions for her students. Watch below or click here.

NOW, HOW TO PEEL YOUR STICKY NOTES Watch below or click here.

A SUPER SOFT ANIMAL INFESTATION IN PENNSYLVANIA I realize that animal advocates want to save the lives of animals like minks that are being bred for their fur, but cutting a fence and letting them run into the wild usually means they will starve to death or be eaten by predators. Nonetheless, a fence was cut at a mink farm in Penn and about a 1,000 minks escaped and are running loose. Many are being hit by cars and dying other ways. The road to mink hell is paved with good intentions.

CRAZY EASY JOBS THAT PAY WELL Some of these just seem like they are made up and some you have to have the right knowledge to get but here they are.

BRITNEY SPEARS IS NUTS, Y'ALL And her handlers know it and they are trying to keep her off 60 Minutes. She's got a new book coming out and we'll just have to see what kind of media she does to promote it.

NOW THEY CAN STEAL FROM A STATE RUN GROCERY STORE Chicago has a real problem with grocery stores. Many have shuttered in the last few years leaving many neighborhoods with access to a convenient grocery store. Why? Because theft is so rampant the stores have NEVER been profitable in 17 years. So a logical move would be to try and cut down on the crime, right? Not for Chicago's radical Leftist mayor who is going to open a municipally owned store instead. So now thieves can just steal from them.

SPIN THE BIG WHEEL, BUT NOT TOO HARD This is actually kind of funny. Watch below or click here.

COACH PRIME IS LOOKING TO TRADEMARK And I think he has a fair chance with most of these except It's Personal which is in use too commonly for reasons that have nothing to do with his brand. It's always interesting to me what the trademark office grants and denies. We'll have to see what they say about these. More power to him.

THIS IS MICHAEL SCOTT LEVEL AWKWARD Watch below or click here.

MARK CUBAN GIVING OUT FREE ADVICE And this is good advice for life. Watch below or click here.

AND NOW, SOME WEIRD COMPLIMENTS THAT SORT OF AREN'T Man I have gotten some of these. Especially the ones about how you look 18 when you're 13. Those were super creepy.

WHEN ONE CLEVER BOY MEETS A MORE CLEVER MAN This reverse card business is getting out of hand but the server had the trump card. Watch below or click here.

HOW TO LIVE LIKE A BILLIONAIRE It's not nearly as glamorous as one might think. Warren Buffet has gobs and gobs of money, but he spends very, very little of it. Learn to be like Warren by reading this.

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