9/20/23 Blog: Safe and Clean Denver Makes An Appearance


IT'S WEATHER WEDNESDAY! So Dave Fraser of Fox 31 joins us for all your weather questions. You can email me at mandy@koanewsradio.com or just text them at 12:30 to 56690.

CITIZENS FOR A SAFE AND CLEAN DENVER ON THE SHOW TODAY I've got a woman with the organization on the show today to discuss what they are doing to try to force real change when it comes to homelessness and drug addiction in Denver. She joins me at 1. Find out more about their organization and if you a Denver resident please join, by clicking here. Follow their Instagram page here.

WHOW BAD COPS KEEP GETTING HIRED This is a story on a failing in Colorado that 30 other states have already remedied and it involves the release of information about cops known as "wandering" cops. They have a serious issue or allegations of misconduct and simply resign and move onto another department, usually a rural one without a huge budget. How does this happen? Our POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training) Board doesn't release the information about the earlier wrongdoing. This is nuts, and the excuses they give are obviously handled by THIRTY other states so there has to be a way to address them while preventing power mad scumbags from sullying the entire force. Read it here.

PROP HH IS DIABOLICAL And Jon Caldara talks to Lisa Frizell about it here.

TEN STREAMS DEPOSIT 95% OF PLASTICS INTO THE OCEAN I have to thank listener Adam for sending me this article because it's illuminating. Eight of them are in Asia, and two in Africa. The Yangtze River in China is the biggest culprit by far. Now that we've identified the problem, it's time to get to work on cleaning up these rivers. Read about them here.

DID YOU EVER WONDER HOW THEY MAKE THERMOS BOTTLES? You're welcome, this is really cool. Or hot. Or both.

HERE COMES A LIBERTARIAN IN THE 3RD DISTRICT And this young scamp says he wants to deny Lauren Boebert another term because she won't sign on to the "deal" struck by the GOP and the Libertarian Party that would force her to adhere to Libertarian ideals. I'm sure Democrat Adam Frisch will uphold them all. I have a feeling this is going to be a very tough seat for the GOP to hold onto this time.

THE DENVER MAYOR'S BUDGET BRINGS BIG BUCKS FOR MORE COPS Denver's Police Department would go above "full authorized force" if he gets his wish for 200 more officers, which I think is a good thing. He's showing a real commitment to law enforcement, which frankly Mayor Hancock did not. Read about his request to expand public safety here. I do find it funny that people were hitting Chris Hinds' social media page with "we need to address the root cause" stuff which is the stuff of progressive fantasy at this point. We can't address anything if our economy collapses because everyone is afraid to go to downtown Denver.

RECENT ACTS OF RANDOM VIOLENCE SHOULD CONCERN US The latest is the murder of a ride share driver while he was just driving down the road. The suspect has been arrested, and he's got a rap sheet that includes two counts of second-degree assault to a police officer back in February, and 2nd degree assault and 2nd degree kidnapping charges from Aug. 31. He's 20. CBS 4 did a great story on how random acts of violence seem to be on the rise here. To the point of the bleeding hearts in the story above this one, how do you address this "root cause"? He had a gun illegally and he randomly shot a dude and then another one to steal his car. What "root cause" is going to stop this problem?

ANOTHER DEADLY CARJACKING JUST ADDS TO THE LIST this time it's four suspected juveniles who are being hunted by police after a carjacking left a victim dead and the juveniles took off in the car. Find more here.

THE COLORADO GOP LEADERSHIP WON'T GET THE MESSAGE And that message is that the Central Committee and most Republicans don't want to block Unaffiliateds from the primary under current law. A lot of Republicans would prefer a closed primary but that is not the system Colorado has in place so now most recognize that closing the primaries would do far more harm than good. But the leadership just won't stop. Now they've come up with a convoluted set of rules that are VERY SIMILAR to the rules that just failed in a previous meeting. If you are on the Central Committee, first off, bless your heart. But you have GOT to show up to stop this idiocy before it takes hold. Read about it here and please work to stop it.

DOUGCO LOWERED PROPERTY TAXES ON RESIDENTS And they didn't have to put it on the ballot. They lowered assessments by 4% which isn't great but it's something and I'll take it. So far I think they are the only place to do so but maybe I'm wrong?

THE FBI HAD SO MANY INFORMANTS AT JANUARY 6TH THEY LOST COUNT And had to later do an audit of all the branches of their agency to find out just how many were there. I'd like to offer an apology to the guy who called after January 6th and said the crowd was full of Feds, I mocked him and I am wrong and he was right. I'm genuinely sorry but who knew all these conspiracy theories were true? Read a Miranda Devine column about it here.

LIVING WITH AN ADULT WITH ADHD This might be what it's like to live with me.

PROGRESSIVE FUNDRAISING IS WAY DOWN And I've talked about the fact that fundraising on the right in Colorado has dried up as well so this gives me hope that it's an across the board thing rather than a right wing thing. Many of the progressive organizations which helped build the machine that defeated Trump in 2020 are laying off staff and this columnist says donors big and small are sitting on their wallets. This paragraph is especially noteworthy:

This isn’t just about political operatives losing their jobs: It means that organizations that should be building up their turnout operations for next year are instead having to downsize. And it speaks to a mood of liberal apathy and disenchantment that Democrats can’t afford ahead of another grueling election. “To the degree that there isn’t enough organic enthusiasm, we have to generate it,” Wimsatt said. That’s hard to do when you’re broke.

Thanks, Joe Biden because you really truly deserve credit for this one too!

JUST SAY NO GUYS. JUST SAY NO. A new way to emasculate your man, make him snap instead of clap when watching football.

THE XFL AND THE USFL ARE GOING TO MERGE But will it matter? Read more here.


THE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY STARTS SEPTEMBER 28TH That will be when the first committee hearing happens. Read more here.

AND FINALLY, NEED NEW PANTS? USE YOUR NECK. I'm not sure if this is a thing so I'm going to have Chuck test it out. Watch below or click here.

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