9/19/23 Blog: Ben Murrey is Back With More on Prop HH

PROP HH MUST DIE And I'm going to keep having Ben Murrey from the Independence Institute on until it does. Today we're going to talk about renters getting screwed the hardest and ask why is this on the ballot if it's a tax decrease? He's on at 1.

TRUMP BOWED OUT OF THE NEXT DEBATE He says he's going to talk to auto workers instead. Is this a good move or not? At some point don't people want to see him on stage with his competitors? For him, it's definitely a good move as he would likely have to answer questions about being indicted and running for President.

DEMS WISH JOE WOULD DROP OUT The same Democrats who elevated this clown to the White House are now freaking out because he's old and infirm and could cost them the White House in 2024. Cry me a river, morons. Read more here.

DO GRADUATION RATES MATTER IS KIDS CAN'T READ OR DO MATH? Denver Public Schools put out its own "Report Card" of how they've done since they did some reorganization of the deck chairs on the Titanic that is the district. They were super happy to tell us that graduation rates were up to a whopping 76.5% this year, which means that 76.5% of kids got a diploma in four years like they are supposed to. Yay, right? Except then there is this:

While graduation rates were “the highest in DPS history” the district is still struggling to get students proficient in reading and math. The latest state assessment data shows just 40% of students met or exceeded expectations in English and 30% in math.

How are 60% of students who can't read on grade level and 70% of students who can't do math graduation from high school? My guess is social promotion and teachers inflating grades, but that's just me shooting from the hip. Don't talk to me about graduation rates until kids can read and do math. Period.

THIS AS JEFFCO'S DAC ATTACKS CHARTER SCHOOLS This is a bit in the weeds but important to understand why protecting charter school's is a never ending battle. When union stooges like the failed politico Evie Hudak are on boards attached to education you can rest assured they will find a way to attack the very popular charter school choice. Read a column about it here.

A BUCKET LIST OF COLORADO FOOD FESTIVALS I love stuff like this so you can find a great list here.

THE INTERNET REACTS TO THE NEW NAME OF MOUNT EVANS To Mount Blue Sky. I imagine that for the next fifty years you're going to be able to tell how long someone has been here by what they call this mountain. I still call Stapleton Stapleton, by the way. The internet is divided on the new name. It does feel like a kindergartner named it to me.

CAN WE STOP WITH THE DEATH THREATS ALREADY? The CSU Safety whose dirty hit took two way star Travis Hunter out of the CU-CSU game is now getting death threats. I always think that the people who do this kind of stuff are the most pathetic, small genitaliaed sort of person, and yeah, I'm assuming they are dudes. There may be a woman in the mix, but that's mostly a dude thing. We know you aren't going to kill this kid so keep your insane comments to yourself and I hope a deputy knocks on your door soon to explain the seriousness of such idiocy. If your life is so consumed with college football that you issuing death threats when a guy on your team gets hurt you need a better life.

LOOK, ANOTHER SHOOTING IN DOWNTOWN DENVER If I put these on the blog every day it would become tiresome. But apparently not tiresome enough. Read about it here.

WHY SROS IN SCHOOLS MATTER This is a great story that gives another side of what SROs do in our schools. This kid is grateful and alive today because of one.

NOW THEY WILL BE ABLE TO OVERDOSE IN PRIVATE As the Mayor moves addicts from public parks to tiny home villages expect more people to die of overdoses than ever before and that says something because we are on track to have more public overdoses this year by a long shot. From the Denver Post:

As Denver’s drug crisis escalates and overdose deaths in public spaces rise, Williams is among the increasing number of bystanders who have been thrust into the role of first responder. The number of people who died of overdoses in Denver public spaces more than tripled between 2018 and 2022, data from the city’s Office of the Medical Examiner show. Eighty-seven people overdosed and died in Denver’s public spaces in 2022 — up from 26 such deaths four years earlier.
This year is on pace to be even more deadly. At least 72 people overdosed and died in public during the first six months of 2023. They accounted for more than a quarter of all 265 drug deaths in Denver in that time period.

We already know that more overdoses occur in supporting housing than on the street, so it stands to reason we will see more people die of their addictions when they are given a private space to do their drugs. Allowing someone to wallow in their addiction is not compassion and it's not good policy. It's just going to get more people dead.

THE SENATE GOES FULL GYM CASUAL FOR THE DRESS CODE To accommodate the stroke damaged Senator from Pennsylvania who is apparently unable to figure out how to put on long pants with a button and zipper now. So now we get to be treated to scenes like this one:

Sen. Bernie Sanders Discusses Current Debt Limit Negotiations

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images News / Getty Images

And we're supposed to take the guy dressed like a gym teacher seriously. I'm not asking people to show up in a tuxedo but for God's sake, put some long pants on. You're not a five year old. Or are you?

OBESITY IS A BIG FACTOR IN DEATHS FROM HEART DISEASE And it's only getting worse at the same time we're getting better at treating heart disease. From the Washington Post:

The number of U.S. adults who died of heart disease and whose death record cited obesity as a contributing factor was three times greater in 2020 than in 1999, according to research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. The finding came from analysis of death certificates in a database maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There were 281,135 deaths from heart disease linked to obesity in that time range, the researchers said, and the death rate tripled from 2.2 deaths per 100,000 people to 6.6 deaths per 100,000.

Losing weight is hard, trust me I know. But leaving your family prematurely because you are too fat is worse, don't you think?

CAR LITHIUM BATTERY PRICES ARE DROPPING And if they keep it up we'll soon be able to buy an electric car for the same price as an internal combustion car. Read more here.

WE TOLD YOU THE GUN LAWS WERE UNCONSTITUTIONAL For years the Left has used the courts to impose their will, sometimes rightly so, sometimes not as the court overreached in my view. Now the court shoe is on the other foot and when it comes to new gun laws, good luck with that. Read this story about how Rocky Mountain Gun Owners aren't even bothering to show up at the Capitol but are heading to the courts instead. It's a good strategy if you ask me.

COMPLETELY ACCURATE CAR EXPERIENCE WITH AN ELK IN ESTES PARK And I'm talking about the conversation between the man and woman in this video. Watch below or click here.


BELICHICK MAKES A STATEMENT WITH THE FLAG TOSS As only he can. Watch below or click here.



HOLY HAPPY HONEYMOON PICTURE This puts the character is caricature for sure. Watch below or click here.

AUSTRALIA'S SKY NEWS COVERS BIDEN LIKE NO ONE ELSE "He's as black and Jewish as Sammy Davis, Jr" made me laugh so hard this morning.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BELIEVE TO BELIEVE JOE BIDEN IS INNOCENT OF EVERYTHING This is a GREAT column on the willful ignorance that is required to believe that President Joe Biden is not completely corrupt.


CU NEEDS TO THROW GOBS OF MONEY AT PRIME TIME And before the objections fly, look at this.

WATCHING GIRLS DIE ONLINE The headline isn't quite what it seems here because it's not about someone killing girls online, it's about girls starving themselves to death with thousands of social media followers watching. This story on anorexic influencers is shocking and everyone should see it. If you follow any of these people you are contributing to their inevitable death.

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