9/15/23 Blog: One Neighborhood Fights Back And Boebert Acts the Fool

NO MICRO COMMUNITY WELCOME HERE That is the message of a group of neighbors pushing back hard on a micro community of homeless people planned by Mayor Mike Johnston. I've got Alec Baker, a psychologist who lives near the 5500 E Yale site being considered, on to discuss why they think this is a bad fit. You can find their website here. They met with the Mayor last night, and it was confrontational according to this report.

BOEBERT REALLY ACTED THE FOOL AT THE BUELL I asked why we couldn't see the video of the actual alleged disturbance that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert created and 9News delivered (I knew they wouldn't miss a chance to further embarrass her) and it's a doozy. She WAS vaping, she was acting the fool when no one else was, she was taking loads of flash photos and generally being obnoxious. Watch this.

She's entitled, which I find to be the worst character trait any person can have. I hope one of her primary opponents wins.

RIDE RTD, GET STABBED TO DEATH Two people were stabbed to death at RTD facilities, one on a bus and one at a stop. Why? Apparently the dude just felt like stabbing someone I guess, as there was NO provocation in either attack. Read more here and then get in your car and drive to work. Even bus drivers are worried about the violence.

TEN FAVORITES FROM THE CRAVINGS COLORADO SERIES This is legit one of the reasons I subscribe to the Denver Gazette, which you should do here by the way. The Cravings Colorado series where they visit mom and pop shops around the state has given me some great meals while I'm travelling and a list of places to try when I'm closer to home as well. This is a list of their ten favorites.

WILL THE LOSS OF THIS YOUNG MAN CHANGE ANYTHING? I wish it would but I'm inclined to think not. Lumumba Sayers, Jr seems to have been the kind of young man that would have been able to affect some change in the rough neighborhood he called home. His father was not just an activist, but an action taker who created a space for young people to experience positive pastimes so they wouldn't be tempted by gang life. And now his son has been taken by the kind of violence he worked so hard to prevent. This part got me this morning, as it recounts a father's words at his son's funeral:

“How many of y’all are going to step away from your gang and hold the hood accountable for what they’re doing?," he said. "We've learned to sweep murders and assaults under the rug and hide these people in plain sight and they keep killing our kids. Who’s gonna hold the 'hood accountable for what they’re doing to our kids?" 
Silently, hundreds of white-clad mourners got to their feet, many of them with their right arms up, their hands in a fist.
There have been no arrests nearly a month after Sayers Jr.’s death.

I hope the community follows through on its promise that day. I hope they catch the killer and bring them to justice. And I hope that community can figure out how to keep from killing their own as if they don't matter. Because obviously they do.


DEMOCRATS CLAIM *CHECKS NOTES* DEMOCRATS STOLE AN ELECTION This made me laugh but gosh they are consistent. A mayoral race in Bridgeport, Connecticut was decided by absentee ballots and the Dem challenger to the Dem mayor is calling foul. The Mayor won his primary in 2019 in a very similar fashion and now his opponent is crying foul as three members of the mayor's first team were recommended for charges for their handling of absentee ballots. Read this bit:

“I have to say that evidence has shown the track record and things that could be done to manipulate the system,” he said. “So it’s an unfortunate situation. And it’s unfortunate to the voters of Bridgeport, where they need to really understand that their vote was counted fair and equally across the board.”
A victory in the Democratic primary would likely position Ganim, who previously served a federal prison sentence after being convicted on public corruption charges, to serve another four years in office, since there are more than nine times the number of Democrats in Bridgeport as there are Republicans.

Are we seeing the Man Behind the Curtain when it comes to absentee ballot cheating? It would be super ironic if a Democrat outed other Dems.

JOE BIDEN LOVES HIS SON IS THE NEW STORY BY THE WHITE HOUSE When asked about why Joe Biden was at meetings on the phone and in person with Hunter and his business associates, the new story is "he loves his son".

To be clear, we've gone from an "absolute wall" to "of course he calls, he loves his son" in a remarkably short period of time. Meanwhile the Biden Bitch media is doing his bidding, like here, where they are LITERALLY doing EXACTLY what the White House told them to do. They aren't even hiding it anymore. This as Hunter's attorneys call the charges against him "unprecedented" and accuse the GOP of weaponizing the government, which is hilarious. They are right that most people aren't charge with lying on a gun application because there is no money to investigate such things unless there is another crime involved. Kind of like how no one was charged with a FARA violation until Trump's inner circle was. Sorry about your luck, Hunter, probably shouldn't have broken the law.

BIDEN AS A ROOMBA This is hilarious.

TEACHERS UNION HEAD LIKENS PARENTAL CHOICE TO JIM CROW And this is what they do and it's shameful. Vile teachers union head Randi Weingartner, fresh off keeping kids out of school for two years, is now saying parents who want to remove their kids from failing schools are using the same rhetoric as Democratic Jim Crow separatists. Read this:

“The same kind of roots that happened in the aftermath of Brown v. Board, those same words that you heard, in terms of wanting segregation, post Brown v. Board of Education, those same words you hear today,” Weingarten, 65, said in response to a question about the differences in the political discussion surrounding schools now compared to the 20th century. 

She's an awful person who hates children. Too bad a disproportionate number of charter school kids are Hispanic or black. Their parents probably don't know they are racists.

DEMOCRAT REGULATIONS ARE MAKING BUSINESS HARDER IN COLORADO And this blog does a good job of putting two thing together that show just how bad it is getting.

MDMA HAS SUCCESS IN TREATING PTSD MDMA is also known as party drug Ecstasy or Molly, depending on the era. A new study shows significant improvement when combined with talk therapy for those suffering with PTSD and now a company is asking the feds to make it available as a psychiatric treatment. Note that the talk therapy part is important, so don't just head to the club thinking you're gonna cure your PTSD.

WHY ARE PEOPLE LEAVING CHURCHES? This is a very interesting article about why people have stopped going to church and the answers are mostly mundane but in my view drives home the point that church attendance isn't making itself a valuable part of someone's life. What do you get out of your church? Why do you go? I'd like to talk about this today.

COULD AN AFFAIR UPEND KRISTI NOEM'S RISE? It was rumored that the South Dakota Governor and former Trump adviser and insider Corey Lewandowski were having an affair years ago, but that was quickly shut down by the Governor. Now things may be harder to shut down as The Daily Mail has this long article describing the close relationship between Lewandowski and Noem and it doesn't look good. We know that Trump wouldn't care but Noem has always run on a "family values" platform and this calls her credibility on that issue into question and I'm guessing that might matter to some in South Dakota, if not to Trump voters. They've already shown a willingness to overlook Trump's peccadillos in this respect.

THE CDC PROVES VACCINATING KIDS IS UNNECESSARY And I highly recommend you read this before rolling up the sleeves of your children to do so, though of course, talk to your doctor about these stats if you must.

AS ONE WHO CAN'T JUGGLE I sort of hate this kid. Not really, just super jealous.

ONE LION SAYS EMBRACE THE VILLAIN MONIKER I kind of like this in-your-face attitude from a team that has been losers for decades.


PARCHMENT PAPER CAN BE USED ON THE STOVE? This is a totally new one for me. Watch below or click here.

I WOULD TOTALLY GO TO THIS SPA Where it's a spa and storm simulator. Watch below or click here.

WHY YOU DON'T BUY THE FIRST ONE When it comes to Halloween decorations. Watch below or click here.

A NINETY SQUARE FOOT APARTMENT IN NEW YORK This is a hard no for me. No word on how much she pays for this luxurious pad. Watch below or click here.

I WOULD DIE OF MORTIFICATION If this happened when Dr. Cook at Regen Revolution was working on me. Watch below or click here.

IS IT TIME FOR A CAULK AUDIT AT YOUR HOUSE? Yes, I wrote that headline knowing I was going to read it. Watch below or click here.

WE'VE ALL BEEN THIS MAN AT SOME POINT You know when you just CAN'T get something right? I feel for this man and his buttery, flaky crust. Watch below or click here.

WAFFLES FINDS OUT NEW GOAT FRIENDS ARE BORING Because they don't want to play tag. Watch below or click here.

JOHN STOSSEL REVISITS PHILLY'S SODA TAX And it's gone just as it was expected to.

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CENTRAL AMERICA This is a good column on how El Salvador's President has brought violence under control while suspending some democratic principles to do it. Now other Central and South American countries besieged by violence are looking for candidates to do the same thing, and one must wonder if these nations can go back to a true open society or if they will descend into dictatorships. If you want to know why anyone would support a DA who won't prosecute crime, like so many DA's backed by George Soros, you can see why here. When people are desperate for safety they will willingly give up their freedoms to get it. Chaos benefits those who want absolute power. Read this from the article:

The future of El Salvador remains uncertain, but a central lesson has emerged: in many places, the value of democracy is measured by the tangible improvements citizens experience. When the threat of street crime confines individuals indoors, the significance of freedoms and rights becomes questionable. True democracy, for many, is not an end in itself but a means to enhance their lives. For this reason, Salvadorans’ latest assessment of their satisfaction with “democracy” is laden with complex considerations. This situation prompts numerous questions to surface.
Firstly, if violence potentially gets eradicated, even at such a substantial cost, will El Salvador be willing or capable of returning to a state of full democracy? The dilemma lies in reconciling the notion of democratic principles with the urgent need for security and stability. This prompts Salvadorans to ponder whether democracy, in its traditional form, can genuinely serve their interests in the face of persistent threats.
Furthermore, this scenario raises the profound question of whether this drastic approach could serve as a precedent for other Latin American countries, the majority of which are democracies that fail to fully consolidate precisely due to similar challenges relating to high levels of violence and corruption. The resurgence of organized crime in Ecuador, as a recent case in point, could be regarded in the region as yet another example of democracy’s failure to effectively combat long-term organized crime.

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