9/12/23 Blog: It's Okay to Not Be Okay, Schools Only Hire Lefties Now

ARE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF? That is the question we all should be asking in September, which happens to be National Self-Care Month. What is self care and why does it matter? Michelle Zellner joins us today to talk about it and why sometimes it's okay to not be okay. Find her fantastic blog about it here, and find her website and courses by clicking here.

THERE IS A CONCERTED EFFORT TO HIRE LEFT WING TEACHERS And after yesterday's story about how Denver's highly educated young new transplants identify as socialists I think it's time we started to pay attention to this to make course corrections. According to the National Opportunity Project's new study, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hiring practices in K-12 schools require teachers to adhere to left wing ideology. At 12:30 I'll talk to Daniel Suhr, NOP Senior legal fellow about how this shifts the focus from core competence to political ideology and can prevent the best teachers from being hired in our schools. Read about the study here. Denver is represented in the study and I wish I were shocked by how racially loaded the Denver system is but I'm not.

YOU CAN BURN DOWN DENVER AND THEN GET PAID BY THEM I've been watching the millions and millions of dollars being approved by the Denver City Council as suit after suit by opportunistic lawyers and clients who may or may not have been peaceful line up with their hands out and holding my tongue. But this has gotten insane. Now protesters who were "counter protesting" a rally for Donald Trump (the Trump rally had a permit, the counter protest did not) are getting money, along with a dude who sued after he got hit in the head WHILE WEARING A HELMET. You can do anything you want as long as you are on the political left and not only get away with it, but get paid later to do it. Denver lost a suit early and then decided not to appeal and just pack it in and pay everybody. Why people continue to live in Denver is beyond me. But if you feel like spray painting obscenities on the capitol building you can probably get 50 grand later at least, so there's that.

THE AFL-CIO IS BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM This is a good editorial on the business climate in Colorado and spoiler alert: business owners are not optimistic. As Colorado continues to pass onerous regulations that make doing business harder here, those who say the are ready to invest more in Colorado are dwindling. Yet, the AFL-CIO LOVES the new regulations and any lawmaker who votes against them gets an "F" rating (guess who that is and if you say Republicans you're the big winner). I've been waiting for the recession that hasn't happened and it seems business owners are too, though they have their fingers on more of the pulse than I do. Are we going to over regulate Colorado out of our formerly friendly business environment? Business owners seem to saying yes.

WHAT DO YOU BUY WHEN YOU WIN THE LOTTERY? Bud Tasch of Montrose bought his wife flowers and himself a watermelon. Of course he did. Of course.

YES, THINGS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE IN DENVER Chuck and I are planning a trip to Switzerland and a friend (who doesn't live here) commented about how expensive everything is there. Y'all, the prices there are the same as they are here. A cost of living index check shows it's about 10% more expensive to live in Denver than other cities in the US, and grocery prices are very high. Read more here.

IF YOU CAN DONATE BLOOD, PLEASE DO As the Red Cross has declared a national blood shortage and levels of available blood are very, very low. Blood donations are not just about accidents, they help people fighting cancer and other chronic diseases and when blood supplies get low it can prevent someone from getting treatment they need to survive. Find the closest Vitalant Blood donation center by clicking here. Vitalant used to be Bonfils, by the way.

THE IMPEACHMENT OF JOE BIDEN IS IMMINENT...OR IS IT? As Speaker Kevin McCarthy gives the green light for an impeachment investigation. This comes as the "logical next step" in the Republicans investigation into the myriad of ways Joe Biden's son Hunter used dangled access to his then-Vice President father to fleece companies overseas. Kevin McCarthy is caught between two factions of Republicans, one side which wants Biden's head on a platter and the other that wants to leverage this vote for spending cuts as the latest fiscal cliff looms. I would not want to be in charge of this group. Ken Buck is one who may not want to impeachment, but it would require a vote on the House floor and only five Republicans could defect before it fails. This is some political high wire walking right here.

IS IT SLUT SHAMING OR JUST BAD REGARDLESS OF GENDER? I realize we're living in a sex positive age but are we ready for a politician who performed sex acts on the internet for money? This story out of Virginia is whackadoodle. A woman running for Virginia's House of Delegates has been outed as having an account on the porn site Chaturbate, where she performed sex acts with her husband while begging for tips to perform other acts in private rooms. This article goes into explicit details. She is refusing to drop out of the race and the head of the Democrat party says they will have their best fundraising day to date because of it. In my career I've had the chance to meet more adult entertainers then you'd imagine and many of them are wonderful people. However, I do think putting this out on the web has consequences that should have been considered and for me, this is disqualifying. To be clear, if she were a MAN who did this, it would also be disqualifying to me. Am I a prude here? I just question her overall judgment.

ZUCK JUST LOVES TO CENSOR And he's doing so on Threads, the Instagram competitor to Xster. When you search "covid" using Threads brand new search feature, it sends you to the CDC website or to nothing at all. When the company was asked about this, they said this:

“The search functionality temporarily doesn’t provide results for keywords that may show potentially sensitive content,” the statement said, adding that the company will add search functionality for terms only “once we are confident in the quality of the results.”

And just who decides the "quality of the results"? The same left wing hacks who censored any information about things which have now been shown to be completely true, that's who. This is why Xster is the superior platform by miles.

THE FALCONS MASCOT MAKES A GRAND ENTRY And seriously this is child's play compared to the people who parachute into Empower Field but whatever. Watch below or click here.

CHUNK THE GROUNDHOG IS AN INTERNET STAR And Jeff the gardner has learned to love the camera hogging groundhog who is eating his stuff.

OPPOSITES DON'T ATTRACT A new study put to rest the notion that opposites attract, showing that a vast majority of couples share a great deal of traits. Like 89% of traits. From religion to age to weight and politics, we attract like minded people Read about it here.

CRAZY KIM IS CHATTING WITH MAD VLAD As Vladimir Putin seems to be trying to buy arms from North Korea as well as other military support. This has to be embarrassing to Vlad. Seriously, having to suck up to that weasel is just bad. Read it here.

IS VIVEK REALLY RUNNING FOR VEEP? That's what MSNBC host Mehdi Hassan thinks after his interview with the candidate who went to great lengths NOT to criticize Donald Trump. Mehdi based his comments on a tweet Vivek sent out shortly after January 6th where he called the actions of Trump "downright abhorrent". Mehdi tried to get Vivek to explain those and Ramaswamy danced around it. Mehdi now says it's clear Vivek wants to VP and is running for that spot. He's gonna have to get in line behind Kristi Noem, who may be jockeying for that spot too. I like Vivek and find him very interesting, but I don't trust him AT ALL. He's an "all things to all people" kind of guy and I don't trust those sorts.

BIDEN LIES ABOUT VISITING NYC AFTER 9/11 And if this were Trump, it would be FRONT PAGE news but because it's the doddering old fool lefties love he will get a (another) pass. He made the story up while commemorating 9/11 from *checks notes* Alaska. Which makes perfect sense. He just made up a whole story about visiting New York the day after 9/11 when news reports abound showing he was in DC that entire day. Hell, his own book puts him in DC that day. It must be great to be Joe Biden.


HOW TO DEAL WITH A KITCHEN FIRE TikTok saves a life. Watch below or click here

NEED BUTTER ON EVERY LEVEL OF POPCORN? I am anti-fake butter at movie theaters but if you love it, you need this. Watch below or click here.

THE FDA HAS APPROVED A COVID BOOSTER SHOT That won't keep you from getting covid or from spreading it but you do you if you want it. Read it here.

MICKEY D'S IS DOING AWAY WITH SELF SERVICE SODA FOUNTAINS They say because of hygiene and theft concerns but I bet it's WAY more theft than hygiene. You can still get a refill from someone behind the counters once they are all gone but you're going to have to pay for the drink first instead of asking for that free water cup.

WE HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT TRANSITION REGRET And I'm talking about people who transitioned their gender only to regret the decision later. Pro-transition people always say there is an extremely low rate of transition regret but a new study has shown glaring flaws in that data and asks that we be honest about simply not having good data on transition regrets true numbers. That seems fair when letting children make permanent life altering decisions that can't be reversed.

GOOD THING WE DIDN'T GET AARON RODGERS As his season is likely over after he suffered an Achilles injury in last night's game.

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