9/11/23 Blog: The Center Party Becomes A Real Third Party in Colorado

CAN THE CENTER SAVE COLORADO? There's a new party in town and it's the Center Party and I've got Steve Yurash, State Chairman of the Center Party on the show today at 2. The Republican brand is irretrievably broken in Colorado and if we are to save the state it's time to look for something else. You can read the Center Party's platform here, and yes, it is pro-choice. I know that's a deal breaker for a lot of you, but there are a lot of other issues that are important to this state as as we can't even pass a late term abortion ban by putting it to the people here, we have to recognize that the battle over abortion rights needs to be fought at the hearts and minds level rather than the legislative level for the time being. I'm interested to hear what else Steve has to say about the party and our state.

VETERANS DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER And I've got Chris Boyer from The Honor Bell Foundation on to discuss what they've got coming up (spoiler alert, I'll be there) and how you can help and become a sponsor. He's on at 1. Find out more about The Honor Bell Foundation and how to help by clicking here.

SO HOW ARE THINGS IN THE 22 YEARS SINCE 9/11? We've gone from "Never Forget" to "Is It Already September?" from where I sit. I'm not going to lie, I didn't even think about this anniversary when I typed out the date until I saw something mentioned here about the commemoration taking place in NYC today. New York still feels the attacks deeply, but is just a quiet commemoration at the Pentagon. We've all moved on, though there are those who lived through the horror in a deeply personal way who still tell their stories from that day. Where are we now in America since that day that brought us all together in grief and shock? More divided than ever, economically headed for insolvency because of government spending that exploded after 9/11 and never stopped, worried about stupid crap like pronouns and men playing in women's sports and other idiocy. If you were the sort to believe in such things as "God sends a message" do you think we've gotten it? We squandered the goodwill and togetherness after 9/11 because politicians would rather use tax dollars to reward their supporters and now we're worse than ever. That is incredibly sad to me.

YOUNGER DENVER VOTERS ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE CITY And not in a good way. It's not shocking considering how colleges have become hotbeds of indoctrination where students are taught that socialism is great it's just been done by the wrong people. Now a highly educated group of young people have moved here and are positioned to do things like refuse to support homeless camps sweeps as well as advocating for other socialist positions. I sure hope these kids do some traveling and go to Portland, where a similar demographic has literally destroyed the city. Read more here.

MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE ARRIVING IN DENVER And this story does a very fair job of outlining the issue. Yes, Texas is sending migrants here on buses, but only because they want to come here. This part caught my attention:

Ruiz added that Denver has probably made a name for itself in migration circles, since the city began providing shelter and resources last year.
“It makes sense that when there’s an increase of arrivals at the U.S.-Mexico border, that there will be an increase of people arriving in Denver, not only because it’s an attractive destination to migrants, but it’s also because of the policies that the city has provided and the state has provided as well,” he said.
That warm welcome was necessary. Mayor Hancock’s original emergency declaration came as migrants who arrived in Denver sometimes ended up in the city’s regular homeless shelters, which weren’t equipped to serve this population’s very specific needs. Failing to address the issue could have stretched homeless shelters to their limits, leaving more people to fend for themselves outside.

If you build it, they will come. This is the same issue I am worried about with our approach to housing for homeless people.

BEN MURREY TAKES OUT PROP HH IN 40 SECONDS If you watch nothing else, just watch this.

HOW ABOUT A TRAIN TRIP TO SEE FALL COLORS? You've got five options here, and if you want a true luxury experience (with the luxury experience price tag) I highly recommend the Rocky Mountaineer. It's simply outstanding!

JOE BIDEN IS MAKING US A LAUGHING STOCK AROUND THE WORLD His recent appearance in Hanoi was an unmitigated DISASTER. Watch this coverage from SkyNews in Australia.

This from WION News is Southeast Asia, asking if Joe Biden is fit enough to run again.

THIS INTERVIEW WITH JARED POLIS IS JUST GROSS John Stossel let Polis get away with a lot of double speak here. He's trying to give him credit for being a libertarian without asking about the increase in tax burden and regulation that he's overseen. I'm disappointed in Stossel here. Polis takes credit for the two income tax cuts THAT WERE PUT ON THE BALLOT BY THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE. He's done NOTHING to lower taxes other than say he supports someone else's effort.

MORE UNION HYPOCRISY This from Chicago,where it's been discovered that the President of the Teachers Union, which has vociferously and loudly attacked school choice, is sending her son to a private school. I could not make this up if I tried.

A CORRECTION FROM FRIDAY'S WINE YOGI SEGMENT The Wine Yogi quoted a price for the magical Ordinary Fellow Pinot Noir (it was absolutely DELICIOUS) and the price she quoted was too high. Find that Pinot for $38 on the Ordinary Fellow website here.

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK IS NOT SUFFERING THE FOOLS LEADING THE COLORADO GOP This is a great column by Dick Wadhams about the kerfuffle between the leadership of the GOP, who have decided to throw their weight and effort behind defending the J6 defendants instead of trying to win races in Colorado, and Congressman Ken Buck. After getting the letter from GOP Chair Dave Williams full of half truths and misinformation, a letter Williams wants Republicans to sign so they can send it to Colorado Republican Congressional delegation, Buck responded. In his response, he laid out a point by point response that called out the misinformation and lies succinctly and without hesitation. I fully expect there to be a primary opponent for Buck because of this, and I will campaign hard for Buck because of it.

MARK KNOPFLER WROTE THIS SONG AFTER 9/11 After reading this column about the messages left on answering machines and voicemails by people who perished in the attacks. It's just beautiful and got me this morning.

DOCTORS HAVE BEEN CHECKING BLOOD PRESSURE WRONG FOR YEARS A study from THIRTY YEARS ago shows that blood pressure should be checked while the patient is lying down. Why? Because gravity can hide some issues that become apparent when a patient in lying down. Read more here.

THE RURAL POPULATION BOOM IS CAUSING PROBLEMS And I include this story because this is what happened in Colorado years ago. During the pandemic lots of people moved from areas with high costs of living to areas of the country with low costs of living, which drove up prices and put burdens on schools and roads. Read it here but it will all seem very familiar.

SOLAR USES FORCED LABOR IN CHINA We may call "forced labor" "slavery" but in China it's happening on a regular basis. Last year a report tying the production of solar cells to forced labor came out and the US passed a bill banning items made in the Xinjiang region of China by assuming they were ALL made by forced labor in Uygur concentration camps. One industry has been skirting that rule but a new report says "q-cells" used in solar panels being manufactured in Georgia actually were likely to have been produced by forced labor. How are they getting away with it? Good political connections, of course.

CALIFORNIA TARGETS PARENTS OF TRANS KIDS Why anyone would continue to live in California is beyond me. California just passed a bill that says that a parents support of whatever their child declares to be their gender or whatever will be taken into account in custody cases. So if your kid wants to identify as a cat and you as a parent want to get them therapy instead of a litter box, the courts will give custody to someone who will provide that litter box. This is nuts.


A COLORADO SUPER READER GETS RECOGNITION This story of a fifth grade boy reading more than a million words in the first two weeks of school warms my heart.

THE BEST SOCCER STORY OF ALL TIME Seriously, watch this.

DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE ACTORS STRIKE? I saw this xter this weekend:

And I feel like it's right on the money. No one cares because we're all making our own stuff and Hollywood hates me and everything I believe in anyway.

WHY DOGS SHOULD NOT SLEEP ON YOUR BED This is silly but perhaps not wrong. Watch below or click here.

A MOVING DISPLAY ON SCOOTERS And I mean literally MOVING. Watch below or click here.


CUP O NOODLES GOES AFTER THE GAMING MARKET This is either genius or idiocy.

EXAMPLES OF KIDS WHO SUCK And some of these are a sad commentary on the crappy parenting these kids have gotten.

PUMPKIN SPICE FROSTY ANYONE? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Yay or nay?

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