9/8/23 Blog: The Mayor Joins Me, Plus The Wine Yogi Talks Wine and Snacks!

MAYOR MIKE JOHNSTON ON THE SHOW TODAY He joins me at 1 to talk about his plans to house homeless people, how the first proposed micro community site meetings are going, and why Step Denver was shut out of the conversation.

KRISTA KAFER IS PART OF THE LAWSUIT TO KEEP TRUMP OFF THE BALLOT And she joins me at 12:30 to explain why she joined and why she thinks it's a good idea. I am not at all sold on this. You can read a long article about it here.

COLORADO REPUBLICANS ARE ALREADY FORMING A PLAN IF THE SUIT IS SUCCESSFUL Which seems odd since the voters haven't spoken and they seem to believe that Trump should be anointed by the tiny fraction of Republicans at the state caucus anyway. They are planning to override a primary winner in Colorado if Trump isn't on the ballot by sending Trump delegates from the caucus instead. Nothing says "big tent" more than a power mad leader willing to ignore the will of the voter, amiright?

THE WINE YOGI TALKS WINE AND SNACKS TODAY Maybe you are laboring under the impression that you must have a fancy shark coochie tray if you serve wine with all the fancy cheeses and meats, but NO, you can enjoy fancy wine with your basic snacks! The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso is on today to talk wine and snacks and we're going to taste some of the wines just awarded the Governors Cup by our Governor. Read about it all here! Here is a related article on the Governor's Cup wines.

DEMS BALK ON BANNING FEDERAL MASK MANDATES And I know you guys think I talk about this too much but CRIMINY they will NOT let it go either. JD Vance, the Senator from Ohio, proposed a bill that would ban a FEDERAL mask mandate from happening. He's right when he says we have to stop freaking out about every respiratory illness and that people should be allowed to mask if they want but shouldn't be denied service if they don't want to. Democrats are using a fake objection by saying this would tie the hands of local health officials, which it clearly does not.

THERE IS OFFICIALLY A NEW PARTY IN COLORADO As the Colorado Center Party has been recognized for minor party status. They got 1,000 registered voters to register which means they have ballot access now instead of having to petition onto the ballot. What do they stand for?

“We are firmly anti-crime and support our police to handle crime with civilian oversight, and we support more gun control.” 
Other party positions include granting permanent legal status to those in the DACA program while also increasing security efforts to prevent people from crossing the southern border and immediately deporting those who do. On federal spending, the Center Party supports a balanced budget requirement and an end to earmarks and omnibus spending bills. It also supports implementing ranked-choice voting.

I will try to get someone on the show to discuss, find their website here.

WILL KROGER DIVEST STORES IN COLORADO? Details seems to be sketchy but as Kroger, the parent company of King Soopers, and Albertsons try to mollify regulators so they can complete their massive merger they are talking about selling a lot of stores and those are in the Northwest and the "mountain region" which we most certainly are in. The buyer would be C&S Wholesale, which operates a few stores under various brands including the Piggly Wiggle, which they have in the Southeast. We'll see what happens next. I wish they would sell stores to Publix.

COUNTRY STAR ZACH BRYAN GOT ARRESTED IN OKLAHOMA He had an interaction with the Oklahoma State Patrol that went south and he talked about it here.

When someone says "those actions are not indicative of who I am" I have to bristle though. Who we are shows up in our worst moments, so yes, that is who you are. If you are embarrassed by it, figure out why you acted that way in the first place.

ANTI-COP DEMOCRAT VIOLENTLY ATTACKED Do not take this as a "she deserved it" because no one deserves to be violently attacked, but it is hard not to draw a straight line from the anti-cop policies and rhetoric of this Democrat leader in Minnesota and the violent attack that left her bloody and injured. Now, Shivanthi Sathanandan, the second vice chairwoman for the DFL, who called for the complete dismantling of the police department in Minnesota, is calling for TOUGHER crime fighting in her state. It's amazing what being a victim does for your perspective.

A YOGA CLASS IS MISTAKEN FOR A MASS KILLING Oh lordie, this made me laugh this morning. At the end of most yoga classes you end up in shavasana, which is also called corpse pose, where you lie on your back and close your eyes and meditate for a bit. It's truly my favorite yoga pose. A good instructor will often lead a guided meditation, or in the case of one class, use a shamanic drum to keep a beat as people relax. A passing couple glanced into the candlelight room, saw the bodies and called the cops on what they believed was a mass killing. Bless their hearts.

A ONE CHIP CHALLENGE IS BEING PULLED FROM STORE SHELVES Because a teen in Massachusetts died after eating the chip by the Paqui company. I've never understood things where you are supposed to eat something that hurts you. The company is working to pull the chip from shelves even though it is unclear what actually killed the teen, who complained of a stomach ache after eating the chip but felt better before he collapsed and died. What a sad story. Speaking of such challenges, this girl below wins the award for the best face when doing a sour candy challenge. I can't stop laughing even now.

WHY YOU SHOULD VIEW ROTTEN TOMATOES WITH SOME SKEPTICISM The website that certifies movies as "Fresh" or "Rotten" is now owned by Fandango and studios and publicists have figured out how to rig the game. Read it here.

AN ATHEISTS NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE CHANGED HIM PROFOUNDLY You know I love these stories so you should read this one.

TRUMP DOES A FUNDRAISER FOR GIULIANI Which was expected to net a million bucks, but he sure isn't dipping into his own fortune to help out his old pal. Giuliani's son says this is nice but it won't be enough by any stretch of the imagination. What I find interesting is the fundraiser was allegedly 100k per plate and it only raised a million bucks? So ten people showed up? Am I doing the math wrong?

PARENTS ARE BEING CHARGED WHEN THEIR CHILDREN OVERDOSE This is something that we need to talk about more because addicts make terrible choices for themselves and their children. Now parents whose small children accidentally overdose because the parents brought drugs into the home are being charged with crimes like manslaughter and going to jail over it. I think this is appropriate and I hope these addicts use the time in jail to get sober and turn their lives around. Though I doubt if you've killed your own child you feel like being sober.

EVERYONE HATES JOE BIDEN And I'll let you see it straight from the Democrat arm of the media, CNN:

THINGS THAT USED TO BE STANDARD BUT ARE NOW A LUXURY And we're not talking about back in ancient times, we're talking from the 90's to today. I was prepared to eye roll but these are ON POINT.

THE G20 MEETING IS MORE LIKE THE G18 THIS TIME As Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vlad Putin are skipping it. Why? This column dives in.

ANDROID ALARMS VS APPLE ALARMS And there is a clear winner here. Watch below or click here.

3D PRINTING CONSTRUCTION Is very quiet. Watch below or click here, but I would have like to see what it looked like when it was done. So I found the second video below this one to answer that question.

MOM IS THE FUN POLICE Dad is always the fun one. Watch below or click here.


DO WE REALLY NEED DIGITAL JERRY JONES? This is kind of creepy to me.

TATTOOS ARE LITERALLY THE KISS OF DEATH As the Kansas City Chiefs found out last night after a super fan got a tattoo because he thought they would not lose a game these season.

NEVER SMASH AN ANT I had no clue about this but I did know ants live in a mound. Watch below or click here.

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