9/6/23 Blog: Short Show, Amazing Blog AND Weather Wednesday!

BASEBALL AT 1 But we'll make the best of the hour we have.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY TODAY So text your questions to Fox 31's meteorologist Dave Fraser to 56690 so we can get them in.

DON'T LOVE BASEBALL? LISTEN TO GRANT'S PODCAST WITH AROD! Grant just interviewed our very own Anthony Rodriguez for his podcast and you should listen to it here!

ONE CONGRESSWOMAN GETS SMUGGLING SO, SO WRONG And it's freshman Congresswoman Brittany Petterson who made the bold and completely incorrect claim that no one was smuggling fentanyl over the southern border when that is CLEARLY wrong. She seems to mistake "ports" as meaning only water ports and doesn't realize that any crossing over the southern border is considered a "port of entry" when she made her egregiously wrong statements. Colorado Peak Politics calls her out here.

HICK GETS IT WRONG ON POT And this column takes him to task for his casual comments about marijuana recently. Though I still believe adults can make their own choices, it's time to be real about weed and its effects and impacts, especially on teens and young adults. It's not a no big deal thing even if it's not as bad as alcohol. Read the other side of the story here.

CAN WE BE DONE ANNOUNCING A COVID DIAGNOSIS? Our Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera has announced she has covid with mild symptoms so she will be working from home. I wish her a speedy recovery, but why is she announcing this? Do we even care anymore? Note it is only Democrats who still feel the need to announce they've contracted a mild case of covid. Will she be announcing her next cold? How about the flu? Urinary tract infection? Gallbladder attack? No. One. Cares. Just get better and move on.

THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE PROMISES TO DO BETTER When it comes to not secretly meeting and using messaging apps to hide conversations from voters. They want to settle a lawsuit brought by two Democratic legislators (who managed to wait until AFTER the legislative session was OVER to find the time to complain about the clearly illegal practices) and Democrat leaders have agreed to not dodge open meeting rules and CORA requests by sending messages on apps where those messages disappear shortly after reading. Oh, and Bob Marshall will recover the legal fees he charged to himself, of course. He's the ultimate legal grifter who managed to get paid to do the right thing after it didn't matter for the year.

HAVE YOU HEARD OF ANY OF THESE CONSPIRACY THEORIES? Some of these are well known but others are just wacky. Read them here.

CANCER IN THE UNDER 50 SET IS UP The good news is that even as cancer diagnoses have gone up since 1990 in people under 50 worldwide, overall cancer deaths have declined as a percentage of cases. Why are more people under 50 getting cancer? Better diagnostic tools for one, but it could be related to obesity, bad diet, smoking, and other lifestyle choices that we need to get under control in the US and other developed nations.

SWITZERLAND IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD According to the annual rankings in US News, a position they've held since 2017. After climbing from 8 to 4 last year, the US dropped back down to #5, with Australia overtaking us. Read what makes up the rankings here.

THE ODDS OF A RECESSION HAVE DROPPED This is good news as businesses have been operating with the "when the other shoe drops" mentality for quite a bit as the Federal Reserve yanked up interest rates to correct for their mistake in not raising rates sooner. Goldman Sachs says the chances of a recession are down to 15% as the Fed seems to be signaling that they may be done raising rates for now.

TRUMP'S CO DEFENDANTS MAY BE TURNING ON HIM And I would fully expect there to be a lot of fingering pointing as defense attorneys try to prevent their clients from being convicted. This story from Politico says a recent hearing on former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows case showed that his defense attorney will be working to distance Meadows from the most egregious things he is accused of by blaming Trump without blaming Trump. Read more here.

THE COLORADO RAPIDS FIRED THEIR COACH Because they had an awful season and in the basement of Major League Soccer. Imagine, firing a coach when a team is awful and actively trying to get better. Imagine.

GENIUS PARENTING SUGGESTION Watch below or click here.

DID YOUR GRANDPARENT NAME MAKE THE LIST? What are the most popular grandparent names in Colorado? If you're a Grammy or Granddad you make the cut! This is a cool list of which names are the most popular around the country. National Grandparents Day is this upcoming Sunday!

HERE IS AN APP DESIGNED TO MANAGE NOISE LEVELS And this teacher got all excited because her class was super quiet during pack up time using it, but how tempting is it to find out how much you can make those balls jump? No? Just me then? Watch below or click here.

HOW TO DRY SHOES IN THE DRYER WITHOUT NOISE This is definitely one I did NOT know. Watch below or click here.

IF YOU WANT AN OBEDIENT DOG You should check into one of these five breeds named the Most Obedient.

HOW BIDENOMICS IS KILLING THE DREAM OF HOMEOWNERSHIP my pal Steve Moore lays out the depressing statistics here.

YES, THE ADL TRIES TO CENSOR THINGS THEY DON'T LIKE That don't have anything to do with Anti-Semitism, which is there alleged stated cause. If you haven't been following the kefurffle between the Anti-Defamation League and Elon Musk the coverage is notably slanted to paint the ADL as innocent victims of Elon Musk's anti-semitic platform. Except Musk says that according to advertisers he's spoken with the ADL is actively engaged in a campaign to get people to stop advertising on Twitter/X by saying it is anti-Semitic. Now Musk is threatening to sue the ADL for defamation and if he can prove advertisers dropped their ads because of the ADL he may be able throw in Tortious Interference with a Contract as well. Now Libs of TikTok has entered the scene after Musk said on X that the ADL tried to get Twitter to censor the account, which is run by an Orthodox Jewish woman who just wants to show how nuts the Left has become while calling out people who are openly grooming children at the same time. This is crazy but I think totally believable.

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