9/5/23 Blog: The Real Deal on Property Taxes, Our Futurist, Plus AI At Work

LET'S GET NERDY ON PROPERTY TAXES The Common Sense Institute did a lengthy report on what will happen to property taxes if Prop HH passes which you can find here. They've even got a property tax calculator that you can use to see the difference here. My property taxes will go down $200 under Prop HH and I'd lose over $5000 in TABOR refunds so it's obviously a firm no for me. I've got Kelly Caufield from Common Sense on today to discuss this, but please share it far and wide with your friends and neighbors.

THE FUTURE OF HOMES WITH OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY He's got some ideas on what our homes will look like in the future and as an addendum, I found this video on robots that can do things like cook and whatnot. He joins me at 1.


WILL THERE BE JOBS FOR GEN Z AND GEN ALPHA? The fear that AI is going to take over all the jobs is real but my guest today Ravi Hutheesing, author of PIVOT: Empowering Students Today to Succeed in an Unpredictable Tomorrow, say don't panic. He joins me at 2 to discuss if schools are adequately preparing kids today for the future that includes AI. Find out more about Ravi by clicking here.

BOSTON WAS WICKED AWESOME! I hadn't been to Boston in 30 years and boy did it deliver. I highly recommend you take a trip there, do the Freedom Trail (with a guide), a duck tour, go to the Tea Party Museum, and make the ferry ride to Salem. Good times were had by all and we learned an unnecessary amount of stuff about Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was EXCELLENT!

JEFFCO TEACHERS UNION INSTRUCTS ON HOW TO LIE AND COVER IT UP This story is utterly unsurprising and I wish I thought anything would come of it but JeffCo's School Board is bought and paid for by the teachers union so no, it won't. The union got caught telling teachers to violate district policy and then cover it up. Did the union apologize and course correct? Of course not. They hate parents and want to separate kids from them at every opportunity is all I can glean from this.

TRANSPARENT POLLING DATA, OPAQUE FUNDING Does who pays for a poll matter? This article from the Westword definitely implies it does, but if a polling outfit releases ALL THE DATA so we can see EXACTLY what questions were asked and polling sample sizes and demos, I don't think it does. Obviously if they have a political bent there could be bias in which questions get asked, but if they aren't push polling (writing questions in a certain way to get a desired response) I see no issue with donors remaining private. We'll have to see going forward if this new polling outfit continues to give us all the data.

YES, LET'S WIDEN PENA BOULEVARD As we rode to the airport with our usual driver he was asking about the widening of Pena Boulevard. As a guy who makes his living going to and from the airport he has seen his share of the nightmare that is Pena and is ready for changes. This editorial in the Denver Gazette explains well how we must shout louder than the environmentalists who have hours to take the train to the airport or the bike nuts who want any money to be used for bike lanes elsewhere. Pena must be widened, period.

WHEN KYLE CLARK TELLS PART OF THE TRUTH That leaves out a big part of the story he has plausible deniability. In this column about his recent treatment of proposed changes to the Blue Book description of the TABOR stealing boondoggle Prop HH he simply says Republicans were foiled in their attempts to clearly explain what the Prop does, which is true, but it leaves out a BIG part of the story in that ALL suggested changes from ALL parties were killed on a party line vote by Democrats who just want more of your money. Read about it here.

THE LIFE OF A 109 YEAR OLD MAN IS FASCINATING And I can't wait to read the book that this column is based on. Just read about the adventure he and his buddies had when the graduated from high school and try to imagine kids doing that now and actually making it without their parents using their cell phones to track them down and bring them home.

HOW CLIMATE SCIENTISTS GET PUBLISHED This is a GREAT column that pulls back the curtain on what it takes to have your climate science research published in the most prestigious journals and no surprise, you have to tow the company line on climate change. This scientist admits to leaving out practical solutions to solve the problem of wildfires in order to hype the effect the climate change has on such fires. He's now out of academia and calling for a change, but I'm sure it will fall on deaf ears. Read it here.

COLORADO'S THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT IS TURNING HOT Because a LOT of people are running to replace Lauren Boebert, who has no intention of letting them. Democrat Adam Frisch now has competitors and Boebert is being primaried as well. Read it here.

PEOPLE NOW BELIEVE IT'S PRIME TIME AT CU And ticket prices ROCKETED after the Buffs beat 17th ranked TCU on Saturday. Stuff just got real in Boulder and I'm here for it.

VETERANS ARE NEEDED FOR OTHER VETERANS An all volunteer Honor Guard that attends funerals of fellow veterans is worn out and needs help. They are looking for veterans who want to honor others who served to serve as Honor Guard members going forward. You can volunteer by clicking here and you can see a great story by Shaun Boyd by clicking here.

GREAT NEWS FOR TEEN SUICIDE RATES IN COLORADO Which have for years been very high compared to other states. The rates among older teens declined by 30%, which is pretty amazing but we can't stop now. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Spread the word.

OPPOSITION TO ONE TINY HOME SITE SHOWS UP And I have special sympathy for these people because their neighborhood is split between Denver and unincorporated Arapahoe county and she rightly says she didn't get to vote for Mayor Johnston or any of this. I'm sure this couple is going to get threats for standing up for their neighborhood. I'm sure other neighborhoods will be watching to see what happens here.

A CLEVER WAY TO DETERMINE FANTASY DRAFT ORDER And who thinks going down backwards is a good idea??? Watch below or click here.

ANOTHER NOMINEE FOR DUMBEST TATTOO OF THE CENTURY Not as bad as Trump's mugshot or Anthony Fauci but here you go.

SOMETHING FISHY WITH THE JAPANESE PM He publicly ate sashimi from fish near the Fukushima nuclear plant as treated wastewater is released into the ocean. He did so to prove the fish was safe as China has banned Japanese fish imports in response to the releases.

TRUMP'S GEORGIA PROCEEDINGS WILL BE LIVE STREAMED I wonder if this helps or hurts Trump? It will be nice to be able to make decisions based on seeing it for yourself rather than having to have a reporter's filter on things. Read more here.

WHY? WHY IS THIS MAN COVERED WITH MAYO? I love college football and passion around it, but WHAT THE HELL is going on HERE???

WHY IS THERE A NEWS STORY ABOUT THESE CLOWNS? So apparently 25 dudes wearing masks and making Nazi gestures showed up in Altamonte Springs outside Orlando and the news covered it. Why? Stop giving them oxygen and they will suffocate. Find the video here, I'm not republishing it because they are effing morons.

WHY YOU SHOULD CLEAN CAREFULLY And run your fan, people. Watch below or click here.

SITTING NEXT TO THAT KID ON A PLANE I know this girl is making fun here but some of the best times I've had a plane have been next to kids traveling alone. Watch below or click here.

THAT TIME GEN Z DISCOVERED CENTRIFUGAL FORCE It's so cute when they think they discover something new. Watch below or click here.

YES, TRANSPORTING MIGRANTS WORKED When the border states were being overrun it was easy for Democrats around the country to declare themselves compassionate Sanctuary Cities where illegal immigrants could live without fear of being deported. Now that border states have been relocating the flood of illegal immigrants to those states the alarm bells are sounding and real pressure is being put on the Biden admin by *checks notes* Democrats. Without that pressure nothing will be done to stop this invasion from the southern border. Well done, Governors.

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