8/30/23 Blog: Weather Wednesday, Plus The Media Still Covering for Biden

WEATHER WEDNESDAY: HURRICANE IDALIA EDITION Obviously we won't see an effect of Hurricane Idalia but a Category 3 storm is no joke and I'm fully expecting to see major devastation in my home state after this storm. I've got Fox 21 meteorologist Dave Fraser on the show today to talk about our weather in the meantime.

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FROM SCANDAL TO NOTHINGBURGER This column by Peder Zane shows how the New York Times takes damning testimony against the Biden family and turns it into no big deal. Peder Zane joins me at 2 to discuss this and other examples of how the media actively works to protect the Bidens. Here is Peder's latest column on how the Republicans are too wedded to the rule of law while the Democrats wield it like a weapon.

SO WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE MAN BIDEN PROTECTED? I asked this the other day and decided to actually look and see what happened to the former head of Burisma, who was being investigated by the prosecutor Joe Biden got fired in exchange for a billion dollars in aid to the Ukrainians. While Obama was in office, major investigations into Mykola Zlochevsky were eventually dropped against Zlochevsky but in 2018, those dropped investigations were vacated and now he lives in exile, being accused of the very crimes that prosecutor Shokin was investigating him for before he was fired at Biden's request. Weird. Read more on his Wikipedia page, but dude is living in Monaco and can't return to Ukraine because he'll be arrested. One of the articles from Kiev lays out what finally brought him down after charges had been dropped after the prosecutor who succeeded the fired Viktor Shokin dropped the charges.

Investigative journalist Dmytro Gnap published a recording of a conversation with fugitive lawmaker Oleksandr Onyshchenko, where he said that Zlochevsky paid $100 million for closing a criminal case against him and unblocking his assets in Ukraine.
The journalists also investigated the relations between Zlochevsky and companies that Burisma is partnering with. Zlochevsky’s Burisma Group had supplied natural gas to companies owned by President Petro Poroshenko and his top allied lawmakers Ihor Kononenko and Oleh Gladkovsky, according to “Schemes” in 2017.
Onyshchenko released an alleged recording that implicates Poroshenko and Zlochevsky in corrupt agreements.

I wonder who he paid that $100 million to? Good thing they fired Shokin because he wasn't "tough" enough on crime. This paragraph from another article caught my eye, for reference, Kulyk is the prosecutor who took over after the last prosecutor dropped the charges and I think, may have been bribed to do so:

Giuliani has previously told Reuters he met Kulyk in Paris. He said at that meeting Kulyk echoed allegations that in 2016 Joe Biden as Vice President had tried to have Ukraine’s then-chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, fired to stop him investigating Burisma. Biden has accused Giuliani of peddling “false, debunked conspiracy theories” for repeating these allegations.

Interesting, huh?

I'D LIKE TO ADVOCATE FOR THE IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL OF THIS BOARD And I'm talking about the Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships in Denver, which is wasting time and money to consider renaming parks and other landmarks in Denver over often nebulous and ridiculous charges where they look at someone's accomplishments of long ago through today's lens of political correctness. The idiocy is laid out here, and I hope if you live near one of these parks you will show up at these stupid meetings and make your voice heard that this is just stupid.

THE DEMOCRAT LEGISLATURE WANTS TO MAKE SURE THE MOST BABIES WILL DIE And after shrieking for years "MY BODY MY CHOICE" the Democrats in Colorado have now BANNED a recognized chemical abortion reversal method to ensure that babies whose mothers have the nerve to have second thoughts about ending their baby's lives can't save them. If that sounds harsh, how else am I supposed to read this? This column explains how an abortion pill reversal works, and it has a much higher chance of saving a baby after the first pill of two is taking to end that babies life. The kicker is that there is NO DANGER TO THE MOTHER from doing this. NONE. It's not like taking a dose of progesterone is going to hurt or kill the mother, all it will do is POSSIBLY save the baby, and yet that is beyond the pale for the ghoulish Democrats who worship abortion in our state. Our fake libertarian governor signed this bill, by the way, preventing a mother with a change of heart from pursuing her child's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

10TH CIRCUIT LEAVES A STAY IN PLACE ON COLORADO'S NEWEST GUN LAW The Legislature tried to prevent adults between the ages of 18 and 21 from buying a firearm but a judge issued a stay immediately and now the 10th Circuit has upheld that stay, saying that the plaintiffs were likely to succeed based on recent Supreme Court rulings. Imagine that, a new gun control bill being unconstitutional. It's almost like our Democratic Legislature doesn't know what the Constitution says at all.

EXPRESS LANE LINE JUMPERS ARE ABOUT TO GET IN TROUBLE And it's about time. I use the express lanes because I don't drive on 470 very often and when I do I want to get where I'm going quickly so I pay. It makes me SUPER angry when someone hops in and out of the express lane between the pay points and now they are going to be ticketed for doing it. Good. Cheaters.

WHY YOU DON'T WANT ESG IN YOUR 401K If you don't know what ESG investing is, watch this, and then check to make sure that your 401k isn't investing using this nonsense.

PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO PRAGER U AS they do a great job teaching important concepts like the one above so everyone can understand them. I gave this morning, you can give by clicking here.

PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON IS UPON US I was in PetSmart yesterday and saw Pumpkin Spike DOG TREATS so you know the season is here. Here is a list of the five best pumpkin spice products and two of these look especially enticing to me.

JOB GROWTH SLOWED A LOT IN AUGUST But it is still a relatively robust 177,000 jobs added according to ADP. The Labor Department's numbers come out Friday.

AS COMPANIES ARE QUIET CUTTING EMPLOYEES The past few years it's been a job seekers market, but that is changing and companies know it. They are engaging in what's being called "quiet cutting" where they re assign an employee to a less desirable job rather than lay one off. It's a good strategy and I'm wondering if any of you have had this happen. And by a good strategy, I mean for the company, not the worker.

IS DENVER HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? Who are these people who say it is? I am genuinely interested in interviewing any of the people from this survey who say it is. 44% say Denver is moving in the right direction, while an equal number say the opposite. I'm guessing the 44% are those who voted for Mike Johnston and fully expect him to deliver on his promises while the other 44% are more pragmatic.

TRADING A SMART PHONE FOR AN AX This is a great essay by a teenager who recognized what screens were doing to him and took drastic action by signing up for a high school that takes kids off the grid completely. His insight is incredibly mature and self aware and I will be sharing it with The Q today.

A TEENAGER TALKS ABOUT ONLINE PORN And this column should shock you, especially if you have teenagers. No matter how much you think you have things locked down, your kid has access to porn and it's changing their brains and not in a good way.

HIRING MANAGERS LIE DURING INTERVIEWS Not all of them, but 4 in 10 ADMIT to lying to candidates during an interview. This is why it's important to chat with people who actually work for the company before jumping onboard. Read more here.

POT SMOKE INVADES THE US OPEN Welcome to legal pot, tennis players. A player complained that the court she was on smelled like "Snoop Dogg's living room" which made me laugh. The USTA investigated and could not find the source of the dank odor.

TRUMP SAYS HE WILL LOCK UP HIS POLITICAL OPPONENTS THIS TIME Unlike last time when he did campaign rally after campaign rally to chants of "lock her up" only to completely change his mind once elected. I sort of agree with his sentiment on this, as he says now that he would have "no choice" as the Democrats are doing that now. He's right, until the Democrats face the same threats of endless investigations and prosecutions this will never stop.

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BEST. RESTROOM. EVER. I want to know where this is. Watch below or click here.

COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM MEETS COOKIE CONES This is genius. Watch below or click here.

LIAM NEESON MAKES LIGHT SABER NOISES Because of course he does. Watch below or click here.

THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL IS GONNA BE LIT Because Amazon is adding a whole bunch of AI to their second broadcast option. Watch below or click here.

BEST COSTUMES EVER I love this and want to replicate it but I'm too lazy. Watch below or click here.

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