8/29/23 Blog: Moving Beyond Race and Embracing Our Human Diversity

TODAY'S SHOW IS GOING TO BE AN ODD ONE Because coincidentally I have two musical artists, which has never happened before, and I'm stoked for them both. Read below for more.

CAN WE GET BEYOND RACE? There is a new book called "You Are Not Your Race: Embracing Our Shared Humanity in a Chaotic Age" and in it Fe Bencosme invites readers to break free from the limitations of racial categories and embrace the beauty of human diversity. She encourages individuals to form their own beliefs and resist conforming their behavior and thinking to meet the ideological needs of others. The book offers a powerful message: it is time to decenter race and understand that everyone's skin color is just one small part of their identity. I'm talking with Fe at 12:30 and you can buy her book here!

HOW ABOUT A LITTLE YACHT ROCK? Yacht rock is defined as:

a broad music style and aesthetic[7] commonly associated with soft rock,[8] one of the most commercially successful genres from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. Drawing on sources such as smooth soulsmooth jazz,[1] R&B, and disco,[7] common stylistic traits include high-quality production, clean vocals, and a focus on light, catchy melodies.[6]

Thanks, Wikipedia! I've got Philly Ocean of the wildly popular band Yachtly Crew, which you can see a snippet of here.

They are performing here in Denver at the Oriental Theatre October 18th and you can buy your tickets here.

DJ JAZZY JEFF IS COMING TO TOWN TOO I am a little too nerded out about talking with DJ Jazzy Jeff today. On the last day of school EVERY year since it came out we pick a kid up from school while blasting his huge hit with Will Smith "Summertime". He's coming to town with the F.O.R.C.E Tour tonight at Ball Arena to celebrate 50 years of hip hop. Buy your tickets here, but check out below who is performing, though not all of them will be at every show.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO DURAN DURAN TONIGHT Go early to make sure you catch Chic and Niles Roger open and they are the first opener. They BLEW UP Red Rocks last night. Bastille was the second opening act and they did great but they had the toughest act to follow I've ever seen. Duran Duran was amazing but they played a good number of new songs, which I liked, but no one loves to hear new songs. Just saying.

HOW TO INFILTRATE LOCAL POLITICS This framing by Westword is really funny but the article is very fair about Kathleen Chandler's course at the Independence Institute's course urging people to get involved at the local level in politics. Read the story here.

DENVER JUST ISN'T BUILDING NEW HOMES Part of it might be a space issue, but what else is keeping us from keeping up with other cities around the country when it comes to building houses? Read this story about how we're lagging behind similarly sized cities when it comes to new builds. I can assure you that Douglas County has no such problem.

AN AMOXICILLIN SHORTAGE IS CAUSING PROBLEMS Especially the liquid kids version, which is out of stock in many pharmacies. Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else but be aware if you've got a sick kid it may be a challenge to get your hands on what you need.

NIKKI HALEY GOT ON SOME RADAR AFTER THE DEBATE This story may be out a little ahead of its skis by saying the Nikki Haley could be a real threat to Donald Trump, but it does show she got a nice boost from her solid debate performance especially in the over 50 category most likely to vote. Read more here.

MEN ARE TWICE AS LIKELY TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK And many man do not know their blood pressure, which is a key indicator of trouble. Now in the UK they are doing things like taking blood pressure at barber shops and other spaces men gather in the hopes that men will take control of their health BEFORE they have a major catastrophic cardiac event. Food for thought, heart attacks don't always kill you, but can leave you seriously debilitated going forward. It's much easier to take care of this now rather than suffer through that later.

ONCE MORE, A REVIEW ON MASKING That clearly shows they DO NOT WORK for influenza like illnesses. John Tierney does a deep dive on studies and science while also noting how the media the so called "fact checkers" ignore what was formerly the "gold standard" to rely on deeply flawed and unscientific studies (Bangladesh I'm talking about you) to continue to try and slap face diapers on the rest of us.

THERE ARE 5400 EMAILS JOE BIDEN SENT UNDER A PSEUDONYM And why would he do that? And why won't the archives release them? That first question is rhetorical as we know why then Vice President would use a fake name and email account to send emails. He was clearly trying to evade open records requests like the one that has discovered what could be a treasure trove of information about what he and Hunter discussed on a regular basis. An organization is suing to get them, and Congressman James Comer has requested them as well as part of his work on the Oversight Committee. This could be interesting. He should have been smart enough to have an unsecured server in his kitchen.


THIS THREAD ABOUT CLIMATE ACTIVISTS AND TRIBAL POLICE IS FREAKING MAGIC Because you have to watch the whole thing to see the guy whining to the protesters about blocking the way to Burning Man that they are "the most liberal people ever" before a tribal officer rolls through their stupid protest before they all get arrested. I'm telling you, it's magic.

DEATH TO PAPER STRAWS! Is there anything less appealing then a paper straw? The answer is no and yet because of a photo of a turtle with a straw in its nose we are supposed to learn to the love the damp tunnel of doom in our beverages. Good news, we know now that paper straws are FULL OF DANGEROUS chemicals and are no better for the environment than plastic straws! The are full of the horrible "forever chemicals" that we've heard so much about. Read more here.

COLLEGE SENIORS NOW GET TO DEAL WITH THE REPERCUSSIONS OF THEIR VOTE This is a good article on the headwinds that college seniors will be facing when they graduate next year into the Biden economy. I wish I believed that they would connect their vote for Biden with this economy but I doubt they are that sophisticated yet. Read about why they are going to have a tough time here.

SEVEN EASY WAYS TO INCREASE NEUROPLASTICITY Neuroplasticity is essentially where your brain creates new pathways and that means keeping your brain young and healthy. This article has seven ways to boost your neuroplasticity and they all seem fun to me!

DENVER IS THE 4TH FASTEST GROWING METRO IN THE COUNTRY According to this chart anyway. They looked at how many people had moved into their current home since 2019 but I'm not sure if that includes people who moved WITHIN the city so I don't know how much stock to put in this. Read it here.

GOOGLE FLIGHTS WILL NOW TELL YOU THE BEST TIME TO BOOK This is a super valuable feature on a site I use ALL THE TIME. It uses historical data for a flight to give you the best window on when to buy. Read more here.

VIVEK ASKS ABOUT HIS OWN CANDIDACY TWENTY YEARS AGO This is really interesting considering where he is now.

THE DENVER ZOO GETS SAUCY As they are getting ready to open their new flamingo exhibit. Check this out.

F1 RACING IS MAKING TRAFFIC EVEN WORSE IN LAS VEGAS As the city gets ready for its first Grand Prix race through the streets of Las Vegas. Watch below or click here.

MARK CUBAN DROPS TRUTH BOMB About making money. Watch below or click here.

WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE FROM GRANDMA'S HOUSE This is hilarious. I hope my grandkids do stuff like this to me someday. Watch below or click here.


NOAH LYLES SPRINTED INTO IT By calling out the NBA for having World Champions on their hats. He goes off here.

This did not sit well with a LOT of athletes who cracked back.

YOU MUST WATCH THE PANEL I DID WITH STEVE MOORE It was fantastic and not because of me.

FIRST CLASS, COACH OR CHILD FREE? I advocated for Delta to make this policy when I was a flight attendant, especially on flights out of Orlando that were inevitably full of exhausted unhappy children. Now Turkish Dutch Corendon Airlines is testing out adult only sections for their Amsterdam-Curacoa routes and I'm here for it.

WHEN EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL Ron DeSantis as governor of Florida did the right thing and showed up for a vigil to mourn the loss of three people gunned down by a racist in Jacksonville. He was booed by the crowd.

THESE ALLEGED GIRL RULES FOR MONEY ARE JUST DUMB And insulting and I hope women don't think this is serious. Watch below or click here.

CAN THE SAHARA BE REFORESTED? This is really cool.

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