8/28/23 Blog: One Man's Music School Dream is Flourishing!

WHAT A WEEKEND AT THE STEAMBOAT CONFERENCE! Please put this on your calendar for next year. I've already put it on mine. What an incredible weekend of speakers and chatting with some of the brightest young minds around. Steamboat will upload all the speeches to their YouTube page here, and below are two of the best. Riley Gaines shared her story of what it was like to swim against natal male Lia Thomas, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was absolutely DYNAMITE. I expect her to run for President and she's smart and super hot so maybe there is a chance. Watch them both here:

I hosted a panel with my friend Steve Moore, who I will get on this week, and in it he laid out what Bidenomics has done to our country and it's convinced me that if Trump is the nominee I will have to vote for him. We can't allow Biden to continue to run us into the ground. It was just an outstanding weekend.

FROM FINANCE TO MUSIC SCHOOLS That's the path my guest Jeff Homer took and now his Ensemble Music Schools company is a top 5 ranked education facility. He's a Denver native who buys struggling mom and pop music schools and brings them into the 21st century. He joins me at 2 to talk about how he helps make beautiful music. Find out more about Ensemble by clicking here.

WORK FROM HOME IS KILLING OUR SOCIALIZING This is pretty significant. Weekday socializing has dropped by ten minute as we have no one to socialize with as we aren't in the office. The sort of casual socialization that occurs when you're in the office is good for stress relief and can stave off depression as we are inherently social animals who really need human contact. This article does a deep dive but I think this is an interesting question considering how many people are struggling with anxiety and depression these days.

COLORADO DEMOCRATS CHOOSE A MARXIST FOR THE LEGISLATURE Tim Hernandez is the teacher who once called for "forceful cultural revolution" against "whiteness" and is an avowed Marxist and he was appointed to the Colorado Legislature by other Democrats on Saturday. This is the equivalent of Republicans choosing a white supremacist if they were to do something so stupid. He's a racist and now he's a member of the House. Well done, Democrats, well done.

THE PATRON SAINT OF SICK DAYS HAS DIED Bob Barker did NOT go over 100 and passed away this weekend at the age of 99. I saw the headline in the Hollywood Reporter calling him the Patron Saint of Sick Days and it's really perfect. Rest in peace, Bob!

DOUGCO PRIDE WENT OFF WITHOUT A HITCH Protesters did show up and someone vandalized the event the night before by spray painting "Groomers" on the building. There is a photo in this story of a bunch of men wearing masks and holding a sign that says Strong Families Make Strong Nations and I have a question. What's with the masks? Why wear them if you're proud of what you're doing? You are taking a page out of Antifa's playbook now and I am not comfortable with that at all. That being said a couple of thousand of people showed up and no nipples made an appearance so can we all go back to not caring now?

DPS SHOULD BE GETTING READY TO BE SUED Because they voted 6 to 1 to uphold the firing of former McAuliffe Middle Schools principal Kurt Dennis. He will be suing them and he should get extra damages because of the way Tay Tay Anderson smeared his name in the press.

A SCAM INVOLVING CAR BUYING AND SELLING And it's called "curbstoning" and involves a car being sold with horrible mechanical problems by a person who is not a car dealer. One of the easiest ways to spot the scam is that the seller never transfers the car into his or her name. Find out more here.

COLORADANS ARE IN DEBT We have the sixth highest debt-to-income ratio in the country, which is not a good thing. It's due in part to several factors, housing costs being a big one, but we also have high levels of student debt and massive credit card debt. Read more here.

BEWARE OF BEARS SEEKING SNACKS As they are trying to pack on the pounds getting ready for hibernation. Bears are looking for 20,000 calories a day so they can put on the weight needed to get them through the long winter nap. I wish I was a bear. This could mean more interactions with humans as they look to bulk up, read about it here.

EMAILS SHOW THAT THE WHITE HOUSE IS LYING ABOUT BURISMA This story in Fox News has a laughable paragraph in it. In trying to deny that then Vice President was bribed to press the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the company his son Hunter Biden worked for, they put out a statement. This paragraph is about that statement:

However, in a statement to Fox News, the White House pointed to indications that Shokin was fired because he had been too soft on corruption.
The White House also stated that Shokin's office had not been investigating Burisma or Hunter at the time of his ouster in March 2016, and it pointed to three reports published within weeks of each other in 2019 by the Washington Post, Associated Press and New York Times that said Shokin's office wasn't investigating Burisma.

I burst out laughing on this one, as we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these news organizations have been actively working to protect Joe Biden since before he was elected. Unfortunately for Biden, there are emails that tell a MUCH different story as well as testimony from Hunter Biden's former business partner that clearly shows Burisma was not only under investigation, they were actively working WITH Hunter to mitigate that investigation. The investigation WAS mitigated, by the firing of the prosecutor by Joe Biden.

DESANTIS ANSWERS WHY HIM OVER TRUMP And I have to say this is a really really good answer.

THE WALMART GUYS ARE DROPPING PRICES AT EMPOWER This is a refreshing change at a stadium. Empower Field has lowered the price of five fan favorites to just $5, including a basic hot dog, nachos, or pretzel, a box of City Pop popcorn or a soda. Are they going to make those signs with the smiley face on them too? I'm not complaining one bit about this, by the way.

I FEEL THIS SAME WAY AT THE AQUARIUM, BABY This is precious. Watch below or click here.

THIS IS THE KIND OF TATTOO THAT IS JUST STUPID I'm not a tattoo fan but I can recognize why someone would want one and can even appreciate beautiful artwork when I see it. This is not that.

I FEEL LIKE THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ME Watch below or click here. And don't stand on paint buckets.

ANOTHER LIFE HACK YOU SHOULD KNOW And I DID know this and it's incredibly handy. Watch below or click here.

IF YOU'RE OLD OR SICK SOME SAY YOU SHOULD WEAR A MASK You can read it here and do what you want. I'll pass.

BUT THOSE MASKS COULD BE EXPOSING YOU TO TOXIC CHEMICALS A new study by the NIH says that "The study found that the chemicals released by these masks had eight times the recommended safety limit of toxic volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). Inhaling TVOCs has been linked to health issues like headaches and nausea, while prolonged and repeated has been linked to organ damage and even cancer." But go ahead and slap one on if you must. Read the story here.

HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC MOVED EVIDENCE Before the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms could investigate. Hawaiian Electric hauled away fallen poles, power lines, transformers, conductors and other equipment from near a Lahaina substation starting around Aug. 12, which was well before arson investigators could process the scene, and as early indications are that a power line could have started the deadly blaze, this is very, very bad. Read more here.

I'M NOT SURE HE MEANT TO DO THAT You know when you plan something daring knowing it won't work? I feel like that is what went on here.

A SIMPLE PHRASE TO SHUT DOWN TOXIC PEOPLE This is genius and I will be using this probably today. Watch below or click here.

BE LIKE A DOG Watch below or click here.

OFTEN WRONG ZILLOW GETS ANOTHER THING WRONG Talk to a realtor about Zillow and you will find out that the website which purports to give you a value for your home is often wrong. They were wrong again when they reported that Donald Trump sold MarALago. Now they are walking back the report.


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