8/24/23 Blog: Short Show After Baseball

THE DEBATE WAS LAST NIGHT And I"m trying to watch it this morning but don't know if I'll finish it before the show. This "review" from Michael listener made me shoot coffee out of my nose this morning:

Winners - Nikki Hailey and Vivek
Neutral- DeSantis, Scott, and Pence
Loser- Christie
NPC- Hutchinson and Burgam
With Hutchinson and Burgam, they both had great points but didn't have any presence. Both needed a makeover. Burgam made me think of Eugene Levy and Hutchinson was too southern and looked like Mr Burns.
DeSantis tried to stay out of the mix, but he was flat and not exciting.
Scott and Pence both looked honorable and polished. Scott made great points. Pence faltered by coming across too religious. He might have been the right Republican 20 yrs ago.
Christie came across bad almost every answer.  
Vivek was the target of the night which both hurt him and helped him but his energy made him a slight winner for the night. His biggest problem is that his need to talk over people. This rudeness was unappealing. It did get him more time so it worked in his favor.
Nikki Hailey will probably get the biggest bump. She used the positive attributes of being female to beat the men in the debate. Her view on abortion was well articulated and reasonable. She could battle in the debate without getting in the muck.

If you don't know what an NPC is it's a Non-Player Character in a video game. Those are the people in the background to add to the overall look but don't do anything. That's what made me spit my coffee today. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the debate in whatever show we have today.

ACCORDING TO DRUDGE IT WAS VIVEK'S NIGHT The Drudge Report Poll, which is utterly unscientific, says Vivek won with Nikki Haley coming in second. I've always liked Nikke Haley and she had some good moments, like when she school marmed the moderators for not keeping control of the debate.

She also got a good line in here about being the only woman on stage while reminding people of maybe the most successful female politician of all time.

But it was Ramaswamy's night by all accounts and this column does a nice job outlining why he shined and how appealing he looked. This clip also explains why he hit a lot of people last night.

Here Vivek explains why he's not in favor for more money for Ukraine and instead saying he'd use the military to secure our own border. This is strong, even if you disagree. He's got great clarity of thought even if he would have a battle royale against the neocons in reality.

In this clip he says the GOP needs to go to every neighborhood in the country as he says we need younger blood than the old dudes currently in power. This could resonate with younger voters who are being crushed by Bidenomics.

He also supported the nuclear family and blasted the government for contributing to the epidemic of fatherless homes.

Nikki Haley came across as very reasonable on abortion.

The topic sent Twitter into overdrive with Democrats arguing that NO ONE wants abortion up until the moment of birth, except Democrats did.

So what did you think about last night?

JARED POLIS TRIED TO SAY DEMS DON'T LIKE ABORTION And promptly got attacked by HIS OWN PARTY for saying Dems think abortion is bad. To be clear, according to a mouthpiece from a lefty organization, they believe it is "safe and good". Read this column by Jon Caldara for more on how our governor is trying to have it both ways.

WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON? Here is some non debate stuff we may get to today.

PROP HH MUST DIE AND BEN MURREY TELLS YOU WHY IN THIS VIDEO It's more information for you to share with friends and family as we work to defeat this TABOR grabbing piece of crap.

DPS WILL DECIDE KURT DENNIS'S FATE TONIGHT And if they uphold the firing of the popular principal of McAuliffe Middle School who was fired after he gave a new interview and shared his concerns about the way the district handled dangerous students I fully expect his attorney to file suit tomorrow. This is such a clear case of retaliation it's almost absurd, and they way Tay Tay Anderson has been running Dennis's name into the ground it should add to the size of the settlement or victory.

DEMOCRAT BORDER POLICIES COSTING DENVER BIGLY Denver has spent $23 million helping illegal immigrants who have walked across the southern border. Cry me a river, this is the fault of the Democrat party, of which every part of leadership in Denver belongs to. I have no sympathy for Denver on this. After all, it was the Biden Administration that is welding border wall gates OPEN to facilitate even more illegal immigration.

THE GREAT SAND DUNES AREN'T GREAT FOR EVERYONE Erebody is a critic, especially on Google, where many have taken to voice their displeasure at their experience at Colorado's Great Sand Dunes. Some of these are clearly from people who have never been outside in their entire lives and they are hilarious. Read them here.

HEADED TO THE STATE FAIR? This is a good article on what to expect and what concerts are coming. If you've never been, it's actually a really nice fair, with a good midway and good rides and worth at least one trip from Denver to enjoy it.


TRUMP WILL TURN HIMSELF IN TODAY And it will be a spectacle, I'm sure. Read more here.

RIP PRO WRESTLER TERRY FUNK He was an old school wrestler who was part of the game for like 40 years. He lived to be 79 which is a long life for these guys. Rest if peace, sir.

BOOK BANNING FAILS IN DOUGCO And I'm very happy it did. Read more here.

BIG TECH IS COVERING FOR THE BIDENS AGAIN And we haven't even gotten to the meat of the election cycle. This column on what Google gives you when you dare to search for info on lies Joe Biden told during the last campaign about the "absolute wall" between him and his shady son Hunter's shady ass business dealings tells you all you need to know. Whoever the GOP candidate is they are going to be running against Big Tech this time too.

WHEN A COVER IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL And I don't say that lightly but this version of Stevie Nicks' Dreams is just that good.

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