8/23/23 Blog: Weather Wednesday, and Prop HH Sucks is Live!

GET YOU WEATHER QUESTIONS READY As Fox 31s Dave Frasier joins me at 12:30 for Weather Wednesday today.

I NEED CUB REPORTERS TO WATCH THE DEBATE TONIGHT I have a thing at Q's school that I must attend so won't be able to watch the debate tonight. I need volunteers to watch and call tomorrow with a review of the performances by each candidate. The debate starts at 7pm on Fox News.

YES, PROP HH DOES SUCK But you wouldn't know it if you saw the news coverage of it like this story here, so it's time to fight back with real information. I'd like to point out that the politicians who are currently in office COULD have fixed the property tax mess THEY created when they repealed Gallagher but they didn't in the last session. You want to know why? Because they wanted to use this to come for our TABOR refunds. They lied about wanting to save you money before and they are lying now. Now you can go to this website, simply called PropHHSucks.com and find out the truth about what this bill does from people who tried to tell you not to repeal Gallagher because this is exactly what would happen.

THE BENEFITS OF HOMESCHOOLING This is a great column by Ari Armstrong where he shares how he homeschools his eight year old son. If I had a different schedule I may have chosen to homeschool Q but life is as it is so she's done well in her public and charter school journey so far. He lays out what works for his family and I wish more people understood how valuable homeschooling can be. Some of the most well adjusted, smart and polite kids I know were homeschooled and yes, they have friends and play sports and all of that. Read it here.

A SHOPLIFTER HAS NOW KILLED SOMEONE Not directly while shoplifting but while evading police on the way out of Parker. A man was seen shoplifting in Walmart, the same Walmart where I saw a bunch of Parker PD cuffing a woman who had been shoplifting by the way, and when the car was seen driving down Parker Road and police office hit the lights and the guy took off. When he ran the light at Lincoln he hit and killed a pedestrian. Just because he wanted to steal something. Idiot. I'm so very sorry for the family of the victim.

DENVER DA BETH MCCANN'S SECOND IN COMMAND IS RUNNING TO REPLACE HER And I'm getting him on the show asap to find out if he believes in the same soft-on-crime approach that she has made her stock and trade. The cops in Denver want to know. Read more here.

ARE WE HEADED TOWARDS A DOOM LOOP? I meant to put this on the blog yesterday but here we go. Vince Bzdek did a great column asking that question and explaining just how precarious the situation in Denver really is. But he doesn't stop at Denver, he looks at Colorado Springs, which doesn't have nearly the issues Denver has in this department, but they do have a growing problem that must be taken care of. Read it here.

COVID CASES ARE STILL LOWER THAN THEY WERE LAST SUMMER IN COLORADO Though we've had a TINY uptick in serious cases. I swear to God the media is invested in keeping us scared to death about covid. We've been living with it continuously for YEARS now and it's not going away probably ever, and yes, it's going to make some people very sick and kill some too. So does the flu. So do many, many diseases we don't think about at all anymore. Read this story from CBS Denver if you'd like.

BOOK BANNING IS NOT OKAY But that's what is happening in Douglas County where right wing activist Aaron Woods is trying to get four books with LGBTQ themes banned from the library. The books are already shelved in the adult section and all of them have a wait list for people to check them out. I am never in favor of banning books. I am often in favor of moving books to a more age appropriate part of the library, which Douglas County libraries has already done. I hope Woods loses hard on this one. The notion that a small group of people are going to be the ones who decide which books are too offensive for the library shelves does not sit well with me.

A SHOOTING AT A HOMELESS ENCAMPMENT GETS IT SWEPT And of course some are upset that the homeless people living in squalor weren't given more time to hire movers to take their junk to another spot downtown first. That sounds harsh, but they are going to clean up this camp and these same people are going to just set up somewhere else.

WILL RUDI FLIP ON DONALD? I talked about this in more general terms yesterday, but this story from TheHill.com goes deeper into the situation surrounding Rudi Giuliani and the bills he's racking up because of his fealty to Trump. Though someone from the MAGA camp ponied up $400,000 for him to pay bills earlier in the process, he's now unable to pay his bills and begging Donald for help. From the story:

Giuliani is facing some of the steepest debts as his cases pile up. Beyond the two criminal cases tied to Jan. 6, he’s also facing three defamation suits related to comments he made while seeking to help Trump unwind the 2020 results — two from voting equipment companies and another from a mother-daughter duo serving as election workers in Georgia. He’s also facing disbarment proceedings in New York and Washington, matters in which he also has secured attorneys. 
In recent proceedings in the cases, Guiliani’s attorneys have noted his inability to pay for bills, as well as the apparent cutting off of assistance from Trump’s PAC after it initially provided him with $400,000 this year to help cover the cost of preserving his records as evidence in court cases. “These are a lot of bills that he’s not paying,” Giuliani’s attorney Adam Katz told a New York state court earlier this month in a defamation suit brought by voting equipment company Smartmatic. “I think this is very humbling for Mr. Giuliani.”

He's put his home on the Upper East Side on the market to help cover the bills. At what point is financial ruin not worth it to Rudi? I don't get why he hasn't flipped yet to be honest.

MOM'S DURING BACK TO SCHOOL This is eerily accurate even though it's a dad making fun of his wife.


CANADIAN HEALTHCARE IS RUSHING PEOPLE TOWARDS DEATH I've always believed it should be okay to help someone with a chronic, painful and terminal disease end their own life humanely. After watching my brother-in-law suffer with ALS I believe that even more strongly. But of course, government has ruined everything and we're seeing how that works in Canada, where Medical Assistance in Dying was legalized in 2016. Now we see that instead of reserving that for those who fall into the category above, the Canadian healthcare system seems to be offering it as a healthcare strategy in their broken healthcare system. Read this story about a woman having a mental health crisis being asked if she had considered MAiD as its called because Canadian mental health care is "broken" and plagued by delays. This is what socialized medicine does for you.

CALIFORNIA TRIES TO MAKE ANGRY PARENTS CRIMINALS By literally outlawing anything a school board decides is disruptive at a meeting. The new law:

dubbed the “School Employees: Protection” act, expands an existing law “which makes it a misdemeanor for any ‘person’ to threaten or harass a school employee during the ‘course of [their] duties,'” according to the California Globe. This expansion adds a penalty for creating a “substantial disorder” at any meeting of a public school board, charter school board, county board of education, and the California State Board of Education.

What is "substantial disorder"? It is conveniently not defined but instead says that behavior that "torments" qualifies. As that is an entirely subjective word, this means it will be open season on angry parents demanding change from School Boards. This is clearly unconstitutional but that won't stop California from enacting it. I'm sure we'll see a similar bill in Colorado soon.

PROJECT VERITAS IS LIMPING FORWARD But after reading this about recent layoffs and struggling fundraising I wouldn't be surprised if they shuttered soon. When they cut James O'Keefe loose, they cut the face of the organization off, what did they really expect?

ADVERTISING SHOTS FIRED IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION This from the DeSantis Super PAC. But will it be enough?

A MAUI RESIDENT SPEAKS ABOUT BIDEN'S VISIT And if you are offended by the F word or salty language do not watch this. But dang, this guys speaks the truth.

BERNARD GOLDBERG PERFECTLY WRITES ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT TRUMP SUPPORTERS RIGHT NOW This column lays bare the despair and confusion I feel when people who I've always believed to care about truth and justice and law and order toss it all aside in the worship of a man clearly not deserving of such worship. Read it here.

A PEDO IN THE DENVER PROTEST COMMUNITY IS OUTED This story has several layers. First, a notable protest junkie in Denver has been convicted of soliciting a child for sex via the internet. Gross, but oddly unsurprising to me. Second, a business owner in Victor took to his Instagram page to post a long video about how this guy, Ross Swirling, stalked and harassed him for six YEARS while being helped by Westword, who gave Swirling awards for his "activism". You can watch the video here, but why this guy didn't sue everybody is beyond me. Westword has some explaining to do here if you ask me. You can read this glowing story in Westword about pedophile Swirling here.

DON'T SNUGGLE YOUR TURTLE I've never written THAT sentence before but the CDC is now warning turtle owners not to kiss or snuggle them, as even clean turtles carry salmonella and can make you very, very sick.

THE OPPOSITE OF QUIET QUITTING Is quitting in such a way to try to get social media fame but tarnishing your ability to get a better job in the future. Watch below or click here.

WINE AND CHEESY SNACK PAIRINGS I would totally try all of these. Click here to check them out.

HOW TO GET STICKY LABELS OFF I had no clue but I'm trying this with my next Marshall's purchase for sure. Watch below or click here.

OR YOU COULD JUST GET SOME DRYWALL AND SPACKLE This guy has a creative and needlessly complicated way to fix a hole in his wall but okay. Watch below or click here.

ONE WAY TO FIGURE OUT WHO HAS TO COOK DINNER A coin flip might work too? Watch below or click here.

PETE BUTTIGIEG IS THE WORST And he's trying to explain away the crumbling infrastructure in the US by saying there hasn't been funding. What about those "shovel ready jobs" that got a crap ton of money from the Obama Admin? Why isn't he calling for a full accounting of THAT money? He sucks so bad.


THE BEST ROCKIES VIDEO ALL YEAR And it's not even close.

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