8/21/23 Blog: Colorado Produce Needs Our Help, Plus Homes for Veterans

COLORADO PRODUCE HAS HAD A TOUGH SUMMER And I've got Colorado Ag Commissioner Kate Greenberg on the show at 12:30 to talk about the challenges faced by the various crops this year. Produce producers are hoping you will look beyond some ugly produce and keep buying what they can bring to market after a year of crazy rain, not enough rain, hail and more. Read this article for some background on the issue.

WHAT IF EVERYONE ELSE IS QUIET QUITTING? I've got Leadership Expert, Jeff Arnold, author of Leading Across the Generations: A Guide to Managing and Motivating a Multi-Generational Workforce on today to talk about the pushback against hustle culture that is building for the next generation and how to manage your workforce when it's multi generational and multi-attitudinal (I may have made that work up). Buy Jeff's book on the subject here. Find Jeff's website by clicking here.

THERE IS A TINY HOME VILLAGE JUST FOR VETERANS BEING BUILT IN LONGMONT And like everything else, they've been hit hard by inflation and are falling short financially in completing their project. I've got Jennifer Seybold, Executive Director Veterans Community Project on today to talk about the project and let you know how you can help. Completely coincidentally, I got an email from a listener telling me about a fundraiser his home brew club is putting on, where several "verticals" or different years of the same beer, are being auctioned off along with some super cool beer brewing equipment and more. Find out more about that auction on September 17th by clicking here, or just find out more about the Longmont Veterans Community Project by clicking here. Thanks to Arod's Mom for putting this on my radar!

SPEAKING OF TINY HOMES FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE Denver's Mayor is putting a price tag on his plans and is asking the City Council for $7 million for 200 hundred tiny homes to begin his micro community project to house homeless people. The breakdown of what costs what is here, but the back of the envelope math is $35,000 per tiny home, which isn't horrible. No word on where they will go just yet.

A LONG DEEP DIVE INTO WHY THE ROCKIES ARE SO BAD And if you don't have time let me summarize it: The Monforts are not good at running a baseball team to win. They are great at running a baseball team to make money, but not so much to win. Read the rest here.

WHAT THE HECK ARE BICYCLISTS WEIGHING IN ON PENA BOULEVARD FOR? We talked the other day about how a new study about Pena Boulevard had already taken widening the road off the table. Now we find out that INDEED widening Pena IS on the table, at least according to this article. There is $5 million bucks being spent on the necessary environmental studies to move towards any widening that wouldn't begin until 2027 at the earliest. But this part of the story has me torqued:

And in the meantime, groups like the Denver Bicycle Lobby are pushing for the money to go elsewhere.
In a petition with close to 300 signatures sent to Mayor Johnston, residents asked the city to withdraw its support of the $5 million DRCOG funding for Peña expansion plans and redirect that money to the design and construction of the Broadway bike lane from Speer Boulevard to Civic Center Park. Denver had also applied for funding for that project through the $50 million DRCOG allotted for grants last week to metro area projects, but the application was discarded in favor of others — one of them the Peña project.

What are we supposed to do, put our luggage on the back of our ten speed and head to the airport? SHUT UP, BIKE PEOPLE. We don't need you in this conversation. Later today I'm going to start my own petition to widen Pena and I bet I can get more than 300 signatures to deliver to the Mayor.

COLORADO'S LABOR NUMBERS ARE A MIXED BAG As private sector employment actually dropped by government hiring went up. Women have not returned to the workforce, unless they are women without children. This article blames it on childcare, which could be true, but are more women simply opting to stay home?

WANT TO BE AIRLINE PILOT? MSU CAN HELP Metro State has teamed up with United Airlines to create a smooth landing into an airline job for students with the right qualifications. This is excellent. I wish I had become a pilot.

DENVER CITY COUNCIL MAY EXTEND THE EMERGENCY DECLARATION ON HOMELESSNESS And I'm not sure why we need this. Not that homelessness isn't a huge problem, but why not make addressing it part of regular order at this point? I'm asking genuinely because governmental agencies are using "emergency declarations" a bit too freely for my taste and I'd like to know why.

I THINK TRUMP SEEMS EXACTLY THE SAME HERE I saw a story about the indictments "taking a toll" on Trump's health and they referenced this video he posted on Truth Social as proof, but I don't see any difference between Trump here and Trump ever. Do you?

THIS IS WHY THE ANCIENTS BELIEVED GODS LIVED IN VOLCANOES But now we know the lightning goes the other way but this is COOL.

THREE EASY WAYS TO REWIRE YOUR BRAIN And these are so easy I'm going to do all of them and report back. Watch below or click here.

WHY PEOPLE GET DIVORCED And some of these are OH MY GOD. I am so happy I have Chuck and I bet you'll be happy if you have a great spouse after reading these.

IF YOU LIVE IN A COLORADO CITY YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT WILDFIRE RISK And though this summer has been mostly fire free, we can't let our guards down. Make sure your homeowners insurance is enough to rebuild with TODAY'S prices and that you have a "what would we grab in five minutes" plan now. Also, video tape everything in your home, room by room and upload that to the cloud or take a copy on a thumbdrive to your office. Be prepared for the worst and then hope it doesn't happen. Read this for more on which cities should be worried about wildfires, but it's literally every metro area in Colorado.

WOKE JUST KILLED FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS And I am FURIOUS about this. As a fat bottomed girl myself I like knowing that I make the rocking world go round and now the song has been dropped from a Greatest Hits album by Queen with no explanation. Is this woke gone mad? I sure hope not because that song rocks.

ANXIETY IS BIG BUSINESS IN THE UNITED STATES NOW And this is NOT true for the rest of the world, so why don't we take a minute and find out WHY we are all so anxious and start there instead of taking pills or downloading apps and stop it? I think part of it is that we talk about it SO MUCH. I am so sick of hearing people talk about "my anxiety" as if it's a pet or a child. Sorry but it's true. Being anxious is a status symbol in some circles and I know people who I believe are literally trying to out-anxious each other. I am a big fan of taking care of your mental health, but our obsession with mental health has lead to a lack of grit and toughness as we all look to a pill or therapy to make us happy and less anxious instead of taking actions which could help many, many people. I'm talking about strengthening real human relationships and spending time with other people. The Wall Street Journal has a long article on the business of anxiety here.

GEN X AND MILLENIALS ARE BINGE DRINKING LIKE CRAZY And using marijuana and hallucinogens too. A study showed that those between the ages of 35 and 50 are binge drinking and using pot and hallucinogens at record levels. Could it be that we are just admitting to it more honestly now? Maybe. Read more here.

THE OLDEST SNACK HIDING HACK IN THE BOOK I'm not going to say I've done this but I'm not going to say I haven't. Watch below or click here.

THE FACTS ABOUT THE UPS GUY SALARIES This is great information on the new UPS contract that some say will have them making $170,000 a year. Watch below or click here.

HOW TO BRING DOWN THOSE HELIUM BALLONS And who knew? I did not. Watch below or click here.

YOUTUBER LOGAN PAUL WALKED OUT OF OPPENHEIMER And I think this entire article says way more about Paul than it does about the movie.

YOU CAN ALSO JUST ASK FOR HOT FRIES This is a convoluted way to get hot fries when you can literally say "I want hot fries and I'll wait" and get them. Watch below or click here.

TRAFFIC JAM AT THE PANAMA CANAL The canal has some very low water levels because of drought and it's causing a massive ship backup as ships wait to make their way through the canal.

A SHORT BREAK IS A PAID BREAK And don't let your bosses say otherwise. Watch below or click here.

HUNTER'S LAWYERS THREATENED TO PUT JOE BIDEN ON THE STAND And Politico writes about it in this article about why the sweetheart plea deal was given in the first place. We shall discuss.

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