8/17/23 Blog: How To Let Go to Scale Your Business, Plus How To Help Vets!

BEING A CONTROL FREAK IS NOT THE WAY TO BE A BOSS And I've got Jackie Taylor, the author of Give Me A Boost! The Under-resourced Entrepreneur's Guide to Growing & Scaling Your Business to discuss how perfectionism and keeping tight control is probably keeping you from scaling your business and growing. We will discuss why people become control freaks in the first place and how to let responsibilities go responsibly so you can grow. Find Jackie here for more! She joins me at 2.

HAVE SOME FUN AND HELP VETERANS! The Colorado Veterans Project is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping those who served in a myriad of ways. They are having a golf tournament coming up in September and if you play this is a good one. Find out more about the Let Freedom Swing tournament by clicking here. I'm talking with Chief Relationship Officer Dan Arkulary at 1 about that and the events they sponsor for Veterans Day. Find out more about the Colorado Veterans Project by clicking here.

DENVER ASKS FOR BIDS FOR TINY HOME VILLAGES But they won't provide a basic number for how much these services will cost to provide, which is ridiculous. They can ask the Colorado Village Collaborative what it has cost per person to run the Sanctioned camping sites as a starting point. They also don't know where these will be located yet, as they have just begun to look into the list of 197 site around the city that have been identified as city owned possible sites. They we will have the lawsuits and homeowners near these sites fight to keep their property values intact while drug addicts move into the neighborhood. They are determined to spread these around the city and not just concentrate them in poorer neighborhoods, which is a good idea, the more people whose lives are disrupted the faster they will demand change. I'd like to know what happens if a small community organization bids and wins and then finds out that running a micro community costs WAY more than they anticipated and pulls out, leaving the tiny community with no management because that surely will happen at least once if not more. You can find a list of potential sites on a map here in the Denver Gazette.

THIS AS A FORMER HOMELESS ADDICT SAYS HOUSING FIRST DOESN'T WORK I am going to share this again today because many of you missed it in yesterday's shortened show. We already know Housing First doesn't work as it is the policy in California and New York City, which have both seen homelessness explode under the policy.

ELITCH'S IS RELOCATING AGAIN I have to hand it to Elitch's, they do not give up. As they keep getting pushed out of places because of development they just keep finding a new space to go. Now that the land they are on downtown is wanted/needed for further development, they are looking for a new home and it may be in Aurora towards the airport. It makes sense, as there is room to grow there, I just hope it's not off Pena Blvd, because we already know that's not getting any bigger.

COLORADO DEMS ARE GOING AFTER HOA FORECLOSURES And I may be on their side on this one. It is insane to me that a home could be auctioned off for penny's on the dollar over unpaid HOA fees or fines, and yet this has happened HUNDREDS of times in Colorado. I get that some people want an HOA to maintain the character and property values of a neighborhood, but foreclosure goes too far for me. Now Colorado Dems are trying to make that a lot harder if impossible. The GOP hasn't weighed in, but this seems to be a basic property rights issue that should have other alternatives, including forcing someone to sell on the open market if their home is creating a serious nuisance to their neighbors. Let's come up with a way to solve this problem today.

DOUGLAS COUNTY PRIDEFEST SAYS THEY'VE GOTTEN IT TOGETHER After last year's "wardrobe malfunction" by a drag performer that left a fake boob hanging out. Event organizers say they've put changes into practice to prevent a repeat of such an event. This has brought out the worst of Douglas County (I mean attitudes, not people) and has created quite a kerfuffle in the conservative community. Many have demanded this be an adult only event, but I say let them prove they won't have any obscene content for kids this year and move on. If you don't want your kids seeing drag performers don't take them to Pride Fest. It's really that simple.


DON'T DRIVE YOUR F-SERIES TRUCK TO THE AIRPORT If you don't want it stolen. The F-150 is the MOST stolen truck, but this also applies to F-250s and F-350s by the way, as those three trucks top the list of most stolen cars from January through June at DIA. And we're not talking about one or two, we're talking about a LOT of them. Read this story for more.

WE ARE AN OVERWORKED CITY At least according to this survey that ranks us second behind DC on a list of metrics that include dual income households and working past 65. I think some of these stats are misleading, as we also have low childbirth rates so of course we have dual income households, and we have a very healthy population so people stay at work after 65 because they can and they enjoy it. Read the rest here.

THE RNC PAINTED THEMSELVES INTO A STUPID CORNER WITH TRUMP By demanding that candidates sign a loyalty pledge before they can appear in the debates. The loyalty pledge is designed to prevent candidates from going rogue if they don't win the nomination but the fact that Ronna McDaniels thought that Trump would be bound by a pledge to support the eventual nominee shows she's simply not up to the job. He already demonstrated in 2016 that he doesn't give a rat's ass about the party and again in 2022 by supporting candidates who could not win in the midterms. He only cares about himself and now McDaniels has to show how weak the RNC is to get the frontrunner in the debate or keep the frontrunner OUT of the debate. She's the loser either way.

DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR THAT TRUMP PRESS CONFERENCE MONDAY That he said dramatically would CLEAR him of ALL charges. His attorneys are putting the kibosh on it, according to ABC News. The attorneys allegedly are telling him that holding a press conference with "dubious" claims of voter fraud will only complicate his legal problems. I hope he still does it.

TOURISM IS FACING A TOUGH CHOICE IN MAUI The devastating wildfires in Maui have destroyed homes and lives and a huge economic engine: tourism. Though tourists are still traveling to other parts of the island, locals whose lives have been destroyed are angry that it continues. The governor of Hawaii is trying to strike a balance by keeping the parts of Maui that weren't burned open for business because so many on the island rely on that for their income but not all are happy about it. Read more here.

IS WEIRD HAIR THE SIGN OF A RIGHT WING RENEGADE? A guy who just won Argentina's presidential primary on a brand of wild capitalism seems to be known more for his wild hair, and it is wild. Read this part from the Wall Street Journal:

This deliberate rejection of traditional hairstyles has become a common political trick in the last decade, particularly from right-leaning politicians with populist aims. Scruffy hair can send a calculated, man-of-the-people message. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dutch politician Geert Wilders and former President Donald Trump (for whom Milei has professed an admiration) are all known for their extreme, bouffant and occasionally downright disordered hairstyles. Milei’s helmet-like hair resembles Johnson’s, magnified by an order of two. As María Esperanza Casullo, an associate professor of political science at Argentina’s National University of Río Negro, said in an email, “weird hair is more common on the right.” She noted though, that sartorial norms may drive politicians to see their hair as the only place they can make a true, renegade impression. “They usually stick to business suits,” she wrote. “So, that kind of leaves the hair as the only place for displaying transgression.”

He ran on a platform of shrinking bloated government and doing away with the central bank as Argentina is facing 116% inflation because of bloated government spending. I'm sure he will be assassinated by someone.

WE THOUGHT IS WAS FOREVER, BRITNEY I think we are all seeing why Britney Spears' family had her under a conservatorship for so long. Her long 14 month marriage is now over, with her husband Sam filing for divorce and allegedly threatening to expose "embarrassing" material if she doesn't rethink their prenup. How bad are things when you have a sugar mama and can't stick it out for more than 14 months? I bet we're gonna find out in court on this one.

ANOTHER HOLE IS POKED IN MICHAEL OHER'S TALE OF WOE And I've changed my position on this entirely from Tuesday, where I felt very sorry for Michael Oher when I thought he JUST found out the Tuoys didn't legally adopt him. In reality, he's known the entire time and even wrote about it in his 2011 book. Now he's just a grifter.

DO YOU HAVE A PLAN FOR YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE? This is very interesting and not something I currently do. I have rather nebulous goals that aren't firm, but I'm going to talk to Chuck about setting some real five year goals after reading this about an interview between financial guru Dave Ramsey and Dr. Jordan Peterson. You should read it too.

NOT IN THE RAIN! My friend Mary Walter points out the absurdity that this is even a news story, let alone a fawning X post.

THE ICEMAN TELLETH I love that this news story about all the wrong assumptions made about the ancient corpse found high in the mountains are just kind of breezily dismissed. The science was wrong here, but we're supposed to believe SCIENCE IS NEVER WRONG and that Dr. Fauci IS science. Sorry that was an aside. Read how new DNA analysis is telling us more about the 5,300 year old mummy found in ice in the mountains.

SEVERE PAIN A YEAR AFTER A HEART ATTACK IS A BIG PROBLEM And means that the sufferer is more than twice as likely to die within eight years. There are lots of guesses why but the most reasonable guess is that those suffering moderate to severe pain a year after a heart attack are less likely to do the things that can increase heart health because of that pain. Read more here.

AND NOW, PENGUINS CHASING BUTTERFLIES Because why not. Watch below or click here.

SOUR CANDY FOR ANXIETY? This TikToker says it works. Watch below or click here.

GET YOUR VACCINES IN THE SAME ARM A study from Germany showed that people who got all their vaccines in one arm had a stronger immune response overall. There, that's something you know now.

WHY ADDING A HIIT WORKOUT IS GOOD FOR AGING BODIES If you don't know what a High Intensity IntervaL Training workout is, you should check it out. This interview about why aging bodies need to do explosive exercises makes a lot of sense.

REAL STRUGGLES MEN FACE And some of these are just really sad.

BIDEN IS CREEPY AGAIN Telling kids to come talk to him about ice cream and saying "daddy owes you" which is sexist because women were there too.

THIS POOR KID His mom put his humiliation on the web and SHE'S the one who didn't teach him right! But I'm glad she did because this is so funny. Watch below or click here.

DAD GETS IT I love this and wish I had done this with Q's "art" on the walls. Watch below or click here. I would leave that there until I sold my house.

SO THIS IS EVERY DAD THEN? I'm not saying this happens in my house but I'm not saying it doesn't. Watch below or click here.

I HATE HORNETS BUT THIS COOL Hornets and wasps are aholes but seeing the inside of their house is very cool. Knowing of course that he killed them immediately after this video. Watch below or click here.

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