8/16/23 Blog: The Trump Indictments From Both Sides

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW AT 12:30 But we're going to jam a whole bunch into our half hour.

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT THE TRUMP INDICTMENTS? I spend the morning culling through columns from various sources looking for the best ones from both sides about the indictments and I think you can get a pretty good look at where we are as a nation by reading all of them. There are those who say that Trump is going down, that Georgia will be his undoing, and some that lay out the case against indicting him in the first place and cast him as the persecuted hero. This one says that Jack Smith's case is the one to watch because it's the one that should be tried first. The people trying to win the GOP nomination weighed in here and were careful to not talk about Trump but kept it on the topic of the weaponization of the criminal justice system which I think is the smart play. This story relays how one attorney says the DA in Atlanta is a "terrorist is a prosecutor's uniform" I just wanted to give you guys a full scale view of what's being said out here.

IS IT TIME TO BAN ELECTRIC CARS? My pal Steve Moore (who I will be interviewing at the Steamboat Institute's Freedom Conference that you should go to by clicking here) says IF IT COULD SAVE ONE CHILD...no, he didn't really say that but he does make the case for just how dangerous these lithium batteries really are. I had no clue so many people have been KILLED by exploding lithium batteries, but I did know they are notoriously hard to put out once they explode. This story out of a California junk yard shows how persistently these cars burn once they get started. Perhaps we will see the return of the popularity of the detached garage because of this? I really wanted an electric bike until now.

HOUSING FIRST WILL FAIL DENVER And a man who used to be homeless addict is sharing why. Read the story here and I sure hope Mayor Mike will read it too and change course before Denver gets too much further down the rabbit hole.

ESCAPING FROM JAIL JUST TO OD ON DRUGS This story is so pathetically sad and just goes to show how powerful addiction can be. The four inmates who escaped from the Bent County jail in July are now all accounted for. Two were found alive though overdosed on drugs, one died of a drug overdose and the last was just found very dead in an abandoned property and based on how the other three ended up I'm guessing this will be a drug overdose as well. Imagine when staying in jail is the best option. Drugs are stupid.

A HERO DEPUTY SAVES A BABY! I love this story!

A CITY SLICKER SPOUTS OFF ABOUT COUNTRY FOLKS I love it when someone tries to go deep on something they have no experience with and that's exactly what this author does about the new viral hit "Rich Men North of Richmond". In it the author attributes its success to right wing punditry and that's just stupid. If right wing pundits had that much power Trump would be President. The song resonates because it speaks to the paycheck-to-paycheck workers who recognize that there are two tiers of justice and success and they've been locked out of both. It's really not that hard. And it's not just disaffected white people who get it. Watch these guys do a reaction video to the song. It hits with a LOT of different people.

CROWN BURGER IS THE BOMB If you've never eaten at Crown Burger on Colorado Blvd you are missing out. It honestly looks very divey and a bit scary but DANG the food it GOOD. Of course it will give you a heart attack which is why I eat there like twice a year but I savor EVERY bite of the Pastrami burger while I'm eating it. I'm usually the only woman in the joint when I eat there, it's full of burly men mostly. And now it's been named the Best Independent Fast Food eatery in Colorado! Damn right they are.

OUR DOGS LOVE US MORE THAN PEOPLE DO And they know an average of 18 human words too! This survey shows just how much we love our pups and it's very heartwarming.

A GREAT COLUMN ON TAY TAY'S RUSH TO JUDGMENT When it comes to McAuliffe Middle School's former principal Kurt Dennis. This column by Alan Gottlieb shares a Facebook post by a former principal who speaks the truth when she says it's shameful how Tay Tay and Scott Esserman have rushed out to besmirch Kurt Dennis without waiting to find out the results of the district's own investigation into the use of de escalation rooms. And Alan is right when he says that leading a rush to judgment is irresponsible, but Tay Tay is nothing if not irresponsible.

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