8/15/23 Blog: Trump Indicted Again, This Time in Georgia

FOUR TIMES FOR TRUMP As he's indicted again in Georgia for largely the same things he has been indicted at the federal level. I read the indictment, which you can do here, but there is very little new ground broken. The biggest issues for Trump in this indictment is the connection between his team and the voter data breach in Coffee County and the creation of the fake panel of electors. Those seem to be kind of a big deal. The other aspect to pay attention to is the DA indicted a CRAP ton of people and I think she is hoping at least one of them flips on the former President to testify that he KNEW he lost when he pursued all these avenues. I think that's going to be a big problem because it's not a lie if you believe it. Here is a pretty comprehensive article about the charges.

AN UPDATE ON REGENERATIVE MEDICINE TODAY With my friend Dr. Gary from Regen Revolution. He's gonna talk about why they made the change from Downtowns Healthcare and why regenerative therapy may be just the thing for an injury like the one Tim Patrick suffered in training camp. Find Regen Revolution by clicking here.

BRECKENRIDGE IS COMING FOR YOUR HOT TUBS Want to relax in your hot tub after a day of skiing in Breckenridge? I hope you already have yours because if you want to put in a new one you've got to pay a dispensation or put in solar panels or something. It's all part of a plan mountain towns think is going to mitigate global warming but it's really just a money grab if you ask me. Read more here. Aspen has had this for years when they realized EVERY home was being built with these amenities that only rich people are supposed to be able to afford. GASP, the HORROR! Here is the really telling part:

Since 2000, Aspen has collected $18.3 million in REMP fees, which have gone to a wide range of programs, including promoting energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy projects, and residential and commercial rebates for weatherization, solar and heat pumps, according to Tessa Schreiner, the city’s climate action manager.

Sure it's about the environment. Sure it is.

THE AIRPORT IS LOOKING FOR A UNICORN FOR PENA BOULEVARD Denver International Airport wants you to weigh in on how to get to the airport via Pena Blvd, but they've already announced that the number one thing that you and I might suggest, more lanes, is off the table. From this news story:

“To reduce our carbon footprint, we need to look at ways to incentivize higher occupancy vehicles, whether that’s carpooling, vanpooling, as well as looking at other options,” she explained.
Three other options are still on the table. One option would see the lane structure of Peña remain the same, but there would be infrastructure improvements such as new lighting, signage, and pavement. Another option under consideration is to create new lanes exclusively for carpooling, vanpooling, and public transportation. A third plan would seek to create separate routes for airport traffic and local traffic, such as a frontage road for residents of the neighborhoods near DIA.

I thought that's why we built the train to the plane? And how much traffic is that really taking off the road? People don't want to carpool to the airport, they want to get in one car and go. They are trying to force a behavior change most people don't want. This is a fools errand.

PARENTS WANT STRONGER DISCIPLINE AT DPS SCHOOLS Because the new discipline matrix that was put in by this lousy school board forces too many hoops before serious action is taken. Now parents have worked all summer long on what they say is a more appropriate discipline matrix that allows for stronger interventions earlier in the process without ticketing children unnecessarily for small things. Read more here.

A SCUMBAG IS PRAYING ON ELDERLY PEOPLE IN OUR AREA And you need to share this with your parents wherever they are so they will be aware of the scam. If you worry that your parent may fall for something like this, you may need to talk to them about getting a Power of Attorney so you can be put on their bank accounts to notified if any large withdrawals are made.

THIS ANTI GOVERNMENT ANTHEM IS HITTING A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THE FEELS Because he's speaking for a lot of people who are just getting by. I can't play it on the air because he has some curse words but you should listen to it. It's a really good song.

THIS STORY MAKES ME SO SAD BECAUSE I LOVE THIS MOVIE Ex NFL-er Michael Oher is suing the family made famous by the movie The Blind Side. He's suing because they never actually adopted him, they just put him under a conservatorship and he wants that dissolved. The Tuohy family says they are devastated but if they never adopted him I have little sympathy for them and I'm very sad for Michael Oher.

THE RUBLE IS COLLAPSING The war has come home to roost in the form of the collapse of the Russian ruble. Russia's exports have tumbled via Western sanctions and the Central Bank is expected to raise interest rates to cool demand for imports, which weaken the ruble on the international market. Here's hoping the Russian people start feeling this war every day.

FIVE REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL OZEMPIC STORIES Lots of talk about the new miracle weight loss drug but this is a good story about different experiences with the drug, and they aren't all good. Read more here.

CHICK FIL A HAS A NEW SANDWICH And you can line up behind me for it. It's the Honey Pepper Pimento cheese sandwich and you can order it with a Caramel Crumble milkshake and I'm eating this soon. They roll out for a limited time nationwide August 28th.

CNN IS SHAKING THINGS UP After the failed experiment of the Chris Licht years, which were destined to fail as many big shots at CNN don't WANT anything to change and are happy living in the basement of 24 hour news. CNN announced a big lineup change for the fall, but it's not so different as to be earth shaking, though they do have two women back-to-back, which is pretty unheard of. Read it here if you want, but don't expect anything to change over at CNN philosophically. Shame, really.

STUPID THINGS WE BELIEVED AS KIDS I kind of love this because you can totally figure out why these people thought these things in the first place.

WHY THIS HORRIBLE STORY IN A PHOTO ABOUT FREE SCHOOL LUNCHES? I get that I'm supposed to think taxing millionaires to provide free lunch to kids whose parents can totally afford to pay for lunch is the big deal, but whoever chose the photo to go with this story is doing a bad job.

AN ANTICLIMACTIC GENDER REVEAL You had one job, dad. One. Watch below or click here.

ANTI RAT MEASURES IN HARLEM Because there are rats the size of crocs. Not crocodiles, the shoe version, size 8. Watch below or click here.

THIS IS ONE WAY TO GET OUT OF A LECTURE I don't think his professor bought it. Watch below or click here.

AND NOW, CHICKEN CALLING AT THE IOWA STATE FAIR Because it is the state fairiest of all the state fairs. Watch below or click here.

YES, TOO MUCH WATER CAN KILL YOU And in our water bottle obsessed culture we need to pay attention to stories like this. Drinking a normal amount of water during the day is fine, but chugging four bottles of water in 20 minutes can kill you, as it killed a woman on vacation. It's called water intoxication and it proves that anything can kill you in the right circumstances.

A BUNCH OF TIMES MEN JUST DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WOMEN And some of these can't be real, can they? Tell me they can't be real.

WHAT A PANIC ATTACK FEELS LIKE AND HOW TO STOP IT I've had a panic attack and I seriously thought I was having a heart attack. It was terrifying and I don't want to do that again. My father had just had a stroke and I was across the country when I had mine and I haven't had one since. That being said, I want you to know what to look for if you have one too, and more importantly, how to stop it. Read that here.

A HILARIOUS REACTION TO A BARKING DOG This kid made a good choice. I wonder if it worked. Watch below or click here.

OH NELSON... I wonder how often she does this?? Watch below or click here.


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