8/14/23 Blog: Carlos Mencia, Michelle Zellner on Kid's Fitness and More!

CARLOS MENCIA IS A VERY FUNNY MAN And I'm stoked to get to talk to him about his upcoming Comedy Works show. He's been successful for so long I don't even know where to start, but you can catch him Thursday, Friday or Saturday at the Comedy Works South at The Landmark, buy your tickets by clicking here, he hops on the show at 12:30.

LET'S TALK KID'S HEALTH A FITNESS FOR A MINUTE Michelle Zellner is on today to talk about back to school and kid health. What do you do if your kid is overweight? How do you help them without sending them spiralling into an eating disorder? We shall discuss. Find Michelle for your own personal or corporate fitness needs by clicking here. You really should check out her most excellent podcast too! We're also going to discuss some really good news: The BMI is going away! August is National Wellness Month and Michelle is celebrating that with a special offer for YOU Revolution YOUniversity

Promo code AUG2023 gives you 50% off the full tuition package, which includes four 1:1 coaching sessions with Michelle! Purchase any individual course and get a free 1:1 coaching session with Michelle. No promo code needed. Check out the courses here  

WHY DO WE NEED A MILL LEVY OVERRIDE IN DOUGCO? Superintendent Erin Kane is on at 2:35 to talk about the funding challenges DougCo faces because of the way schools are funded in Colorado. All of those giant property tax increases do NOT mean more money for DougCo schools, it just means the state kicks in less. Please listen up and then vote yes on this!

DENVER'S RESTAURANTS ARE MASSIVELY INFLATED And before you blame those "greedy restaurateurs" (that's so funny because restaurants run on very right margins) you should read this column by Jon Caldara that lays out they myriad of ways Democrats in Colorado have made running a restaurant so prohibitively expensive.

DO YOU MAKE SOMETHING COOL IN COLORADO? Then you should enter the Coolest Thing Made In Colorado contest! I think this contest is pretty cool myself. Read about how to enter here.

EREBODY GOT SHOT THIS WEEKEND Okay, maybe not EREBODY but seven people got shot in multiple instances in Denver and Aurora in like a twelve hour period. I just want you to know this.

I'M NOT SAYING I'M VOTING FOR HIM JUST BECAUSE OF THIS But dude rapped one of my favorite rap songs ever at the Iowa State Fair. Watch Vivek Ramaswamy rap Eminem's Lose Yourself, a song I play to pump myself up when I need it.

WHY DO PROGRESSIVE STATES HAVE HIGHER RATES OF ED? This is not just a salacious story but one I find interesting for a few reasons. First, it's is progressive states where men are getting Viagra prescriptions at higher rates. One doctor quoted in this story blames it a more liberal attitude towards sex in these states and sexual repression in Bible belt states making it harder (no pun intended) for men to talk with their doctors about ED. I think she's got this all wrong. I think the men in progressive states have been demasculinized and end up with ED because they are progressive and believe typical male things like strength, forcefulness and taking control in bed are bad and they simply can't perform anymore. She's got her theory, I've got mine. Don't believe me? Watch the video below and think about it.

WHY THE WEISS APPOINTMENT IS A DISASTER Jonathan Turley lays out the myriad of ways the Merrick Garland appointment of David Weiss is just another transparent attempt to cover up for the Bidens. Read it here.

AS HUNTER BIDEN'S LAWYERS SAY WEISS DICTATED THE ENTIRE COLLAPSED PLEA DEAL This is another reason David Weiss must be replaced as Special Counsel. Hunter Biden's defense team alleged in a court filing Friday that the prosecution, which was under the direction of David Weiss, dictated the deal that collapsed when a judge asked if it shielded Hunter Biden from further prosecution on other, unrelated charges. From the Wall Street Journal:

In the three-page filing Sunday, the younger Biden’s legal team provided more details about the talks, saying prosecutors had proposed and “largely dictated” the language in the plea agreement and a separate deal to resolve a gun charge. That included language that said the U.S. wouldn’t criminally prosecute Biden further over the conduct at issue in either the tax or gun cases, a provision which Biden understood to mean the investigation was over. The agreement, now public, said it didn’t cover any future conduct by Biden or by any of his affiliated businesses.
In the new filing, Hunter Biden’s team said prosecutors had previously conveyed otherwise, saying that “his understanding of the scope of immunity agreed to by the United States is also corroborated by prosecutors’ contemporaneous written and oral communications during the plea negotiations.” 

The notion that David Weiss will be impartial when he directed his people to give a sweetheart deal unheard for normal people is absurd.

A DOG FINDS OUT IT'S RATTLESNAKE SEASON Because he got chomped on his nose by a rattlesnake at Castlewood Canyon State Park. Keep your dogs on leash and on the trail! He's gonna be okay, which is good to hear.

WE MAY NOT GET MUSK V ZUCK ANYTIME SOON In honestly what is the stupidest story of the year so far the "cage match" between billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk may be falling apart already. Zuck says it's obvious that Musk "isn't serious" about the match and can call him when he is. This is so, so dumb.

HOW TO PREDICT DIVORCE WITH 95% ACCURACY I saw a story about this several years ago but Jordan Peterson does a great job of explaining how the way you react to your partner says way more than you think it does.

THE DIRECTOR OF SOUND OF FREEDOM SPEAKS OUT This is a great interview with the director of the movie Sound of Freedom, which is about a man named Tim Ballard and his personal fight against child trafficking. It's a really good interview about why the director won't make any money from the film and how he feels about the politicization of the work. Very interesting perspective here.

HOW TO TEACHERS BECOME MILLIONAIRES? I LOVE stories like this one. Dave Ramsey did a survey on 10,000 millionaires to find out their secrets and not only are they very boring, they are very attainable for those willing to make good solid choices and save consistently. Otherwise teachers would NOT be on the top five list of jobs for millionaires but there they are. Read some of the super boring stuff millionaires do, like use a grocery list, using coupons, not eating out, and never carrying a credit card balance and more by clicking here. Share this with your kids too, they should see what it takes and it's not YouTube fame.

IS TRUMP'S LEGAL DEFENSE FUND AN ACTUAL LEGAL DEFENSE FUND OR JUST A CAMPAIGN GIMMICK? I have to ask because when you go to the website for the so called "Patriot Legal Defense Fund" and click the "Donate Now" button is just takes you to his campaign website to make a donation there. I may be wrong, but I don't think you can do this because a "defense fund" isn't under the control of the Federal Elections Commission whereas political donations are. I'm not sure if legal defense is covered under allowable campaign finance rules but it's not expressly forbidden from what I can tell here. But is telling people they are donating to a legal defense fund then redirecting them to a campaign website shady? Yes, yes it is.

ABOUT THOSE SCORCHING TEMPERATURES This column provides a reasonable counter narrative to all the scare tactic, global warming stuff that will be used to justify limiting our choices in pursuit of something that may do absolutely nothing to change the changing climate. Before you get freaked out by those "global boiling" stories, read this and be sure to click through the links provided in the story.

NOW BEING FIT IS FASCIST In an effort to normalize self indulgence and sloth, the new line from the Left is that fascist groups are using fitness and wellness to recruit people or something. This long column from HotAir.com delves into multiple articles alleging the same thing. I've been pondering why fitness is now fascist and the fat positivity movement are being so embraced by the Left and the only conclusion I can come to is the fatter people are the less likely they are to rise up against tyranny? I'm half kidding here, but only half.

RUSSIANS ARE NOW TARGETING HOTELS IN UKRAINE And watch the two little boys ducking as a cruise missile flies over their heads to hit a tourist hotel and then tell me the Ukrainians are the problem here.

HOW MANY OF THESE HABITS DO YOU HAVE? This is an interesting list of bad habits that sent this guy's dad into bad health. Do you see yourself in them?

I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THESE FANS FEEL! This is why going to concerts during my vocal cord recovery SUCKED. These fans were told to watch their teams in silence. I'm telling you, it sucks. Watch below or click here.

THE DRUNK CULT OF TRUMP Remember when we made fun of people who acted like this over Obama? I do.

KIDS NEED RESPONSIBILITY And this cut out cardboard does a great job at teaching it.

NOT EVERYONE LOVES FOOTBALL I'd say this woman is one of those people. Watch below or click here.

A SAFETY IPHONE HACK This is cool. Watch below or click here.

A DUDE CRACKS BACK ON AN AIRPLANE KAREN And this is great. Watch below or click here.

GRANDMA ISN'T READY FOR VOICE TO TEXT JUST YET This is kind of adorable. Watch below or click here.

TALES FROM THE 2023 HOUSING MARKET Some of these are just a nightmare. Read them here.

MOVIES THAT JUST DIDN'T DELIVER AFTER THE HYPE I haven't seen most of these so I'm going to have to take the poster's word for it, but I strongly disagree with Henry Cavill's Superman movies. They were great.

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