08/11/23 Blog: Can You Force Workers Back to the Office?

IF YOU LOVE CARS THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU My friend Willie B from our brother station KBPI is on at 12:35 to talk about his last car show from Bandimere Speedway before it shuts down completely. If you love cars and drag racing and all sorts of stuff like that, this show is for you! You can find all the details by clicking here.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN COMPANIES TELL WORKERS THEY HAVE TO COME BACK TO THE OFFICE? It's not going as well as many had hoped as workers are ready to quit if forced to come back. I think this is going to be an ongoing issue though, as in the most ironic story of all, Zoom has ordered employees back to the office. One survey found 42% of companies had higher attrition than they anticipated when they forced workers back into the office. Kathleen Quinn Votaw is a workplace guru who and CEO of Talentrust.com and is on today to talk about it.

THE FALL AND RISE OF NEW YORK There is a movie out called Gotham: The Fall and Rise of New York and it shows how New York dug itself out of the doldrums and high crime era of the 1970s to become a shining city on the island once again under the leadership of Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. I've got the director of the film Matthew Taylor on today to talk about the lessons cities like San Francisco and Portland and yes, Denver can get from the film. Here's the trailer:

I AM A 100% YES ON DOUGCO'S MILL LEVY OVERRIDE And if you care about Douglas County schools and live in Douglas County I sure hope you will be too. There is a kick off fundraiser to support the issue this weekend, and NO TAXPAYER dollars are being used for this event. Find out more and how you can come and participate by clicking here. I've got Superintendent Erin Kane on Monday to answer some of the lies and confusion flying around from people who frankly don't know what they are talking about.

WHY DID OUR INSURANCE COMMISSION APPROVE BAD PLANS IN THE FIRST PLACE? This article about lawmakers demanding that health insurance companies essentially eat the losses of a now bankrupt insurance company is missing one really big question. Why were Friday Health plans approved in the first place? Maybe the reporter missed this quote from our obviously incompetent Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway from this CPR story:

“Over the last few years, we thought that the rates that they had filed were just simply too aggressive,” said insurance commissioner Michael Conway. “They were attempting to kind of buy market share in an inappropriate way.”

Color me crazy but isn't it his literal JOB to make sure that health insurance companies are making actuarial sound decisions so they remain solvent? Why do we have an Insurance Commissioner if that isn't his job? This is beyond parody and from what I can tell not one of the Legislators demanding that other insurance companies honor payments made to a now insolvent company to meet deductibles are demanding that Conway be fired. Why is that?

CU IS UNDER FIRE FOR FIRING A POPULAR LEADER And months after the removal of Patty Limerick from her long held post at CU's Center for the American West, which she founded, there is still no solid evidence of any wrongdoing. The Center is falling apart now and CU has no real excuses according to over 300 academics from around the southwest that signed a letter condemning CU's actions. Read more here.


RWR IS TRYING TO TAKE OVER WATER BOARDS TO SELL THEIR SHADY ASS SCHEME The "shady ass" part is my opinion on the water plan with a zero percent chance of ever coming to fruition but the powerful people behind the scheme won't let it die. It involves a plan to get water (somehow, no one has actually said how) from the San Luis Valley to Douglas County. Not ONE of the water districts in Douglas county wants or needs this water, as they've all cut other deals to meet increasing water needs over the last twenty years of planning. I know because I called them ALL last year to ask. So how does RWR get around this inconvenient problem? They spend big in races no one pays attention to for Water Boards to get what they call "reform minded" candidates on those boards. It worked for one of their candidates on the Parker Water Board. The Denver Gazette is covering it here but it is paywalled. You really should be subscribing to their paper.

DENVER'S FOOT TRAFFIC DOWNTOWN HAS NOT RECOVERED A study tracking the number of cell phones in urban areas to determine foot traffic shows Denver's foot traffic is just over half of what is was before the pandemic. On the other hand, Colorado Springs has recovered back to 68% of its foot traffic in the same period. We all know why. Empty offices, a high tech workforce that is still working from home and no one wants to work downtown anymore. This is not good news unless you're a homeless druggie who doesn't want to be bothered.

DON'T PARK AT THE PIKES PEAK LOT AT THE AIRPORT If you want to have a catalytic converter when you get home. I got the following email from a friend who did a whirlwind trip to California to take his daughter to see Taylor Swift:

 I’m not sure if you can help with this or if I’m just venting, but let me give this a shot.  So after being gone from Denver for 29 hours when I returned to my Toyota Tundra both my catalytic converters had been stolen with a price tag of $6000.(Still a $500 dedeuctable)  And yes my truck was parked in the Pikes Peak lot at DIA.  Now I know this happens all the time because I usually take these reports in my day to day cop job. I guess the part that really pisses me off after limping it to the Toyota Dealer the first thing the tech said to me is DIA?  OMG I almost lost it.  
So, that brings me to this question if there are some many of these, can us victims bring a civil suit? They know it’s a problem and yet I see four cops running radar and yet no one ever driving through the lot or any security inside.  Maybe the Independence Institute would like to do this or help me to be the squeaky wheel. I don’t know, I’m just super angry.  Ugh thanks for listening, I hate what this state has become.  
 But Swift was awesome, just a little tainted now…..

There is likely nothing he can do, but here's a warning for anyone headed to the airport. A car service is well worth the price. It's less than a $500 deductible.

CALIFORNIA WILL SAVE ITS GRID BY TAPPING INTO ELECTRIC CARS Y'all this is nuts. The head of PG+E is trying to figure out how to save the grid in times of high usage and her brilliant idea is to suck energy from the batteries of Electric vehicle that are plugged in to charge. I can't make this up, read the rest here. This is another reason NOT to buy an electric car!

IT'S ALMOST TARANTULA MIGRATION SEASON This gets less creepy to me each year but it's still pretty creepy. Read about it here.


NOW CASTLE ROCK IS DEALING WITH ARMED INVADERS That have been working over Cherry Hills Village for some time. They appear to be teenagers armed with long guns and I'm thinking of hanging a sign on my front door that says "We have guns too and we're better shots than you are" What do you think?

WHEN THE GOP USES DEM TACTICS And it's about time they started paying attention on how to play the game. Remember when Nancy Pelosi started an "impeachment inquiry" into the Trump White House and played coy about whether or not it would lead to impeachment? Republicans were outraged but now the shoe is on the other foot. Now Republicans are using the Dem language as they move towards their won impeachment inquiry on Biden. Good. This nonsense will never stop until both sides recognize that what's good for the donkey is good for the elephant.

SOUTHWEST IS NOW OFFERING FREE SAME DAY STANDBY TO ALL PASSENGERS And this is very convenient if you get to the airport early and want to hop an earlier flight. It's been available on more expensive tickets but now it's available on every fare.

THIS TESLA SEMI TRUCK SEEMS TO PERFORM PRETTY WELL But his video shows a semi "fully loaded" but it looks half loaded to me. Maybe they were going by weight and not volume?

DAD IS FOR BITING, MOM IS FOR KISSES All dogs treat their humans differently. Watch below or click here.

THE KOBE BRYANT STATUE WILL OFFICIALLY BE UNVEILED And it features him smiling down at his daughter Gigi, who was also killed in the plane crash that took his life. The internet is not happy with this.

THIS IS ONE WAY TO LAND A FISH Watch below or click here.

DOGGO ESCAPED BUT THEN TURNED HIMSELF IN He rang the doorbell so he could come back in. Watch below or click here.

AND NOW, A PENGUIN STAMPEDE Because why not, it's Friday! Watch below or click here.

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