8/9/23 Blog: Probably No Show Today But Here's a Blog Anyway

AURORA TACKLES A PROBLEM THEY DON'T HAVE I hate the entire existence of puppy mills and I wish people who ran them spend an eternity in Hell experiencing the same thing they put dogs through, but I hate this new ordinance in Aurora too. It bans the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores under the guise of shutting down puppy mills. Except there are no pet stores IN Aurora that sell puppies or cats. And there are a ton of regulations on the books that are designed to prevent pet stores from using puppy mills already. I understand that there are lots of cats and dogs up for adoption but sometimes someone wants a Saint Bernard and only a Saint Bernard and they should have the right to buy that animal if they want to. I've adopted and shopped and I regret neither decision.

PARENTS ARE COMING FORWARD TO SUPPORT FIRED MCAULIFFE MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Kurt Dennis made a difference for a lot of kids and now some parents are coming forward to support the fired middle school teacher. Read more here.

DOUGCO IS ASKING FOR MORE MONEY And I sure hope fellow DougCo residents realize just how dire the financial straits the district is in because of the ways schools are funded in Colorado. Our high property tax dollars go to the state, and then the state doles back a PORTION of those property taxes up to a certain level. Douglas County may be a wealthy district, but the state doles out our money to other districts too, and this is critical to understand. Read this to see a shocking graph on how badly our teachers are paid compared to other districts and we are losing great teaches because of this.

JARED POLIS FOOLS ANOTHER LIBERTARIAN I sure wish people like John Stossel would just ASK SOMEONE who lives here before he does a video touting Jared Polis's "libertarianism". Ari Armstrong dispels the myth here.

WOMEN ARE DRINKING THEMSELVES TO DEATH A LOT MORE And this article talks about the myriad of physical reasons it doesn't take as much for women to drink themselves to death than men. I put this squarely on the glorification of Mommy Wine Culture. There is a big difference between enjoying the occasional glass of wine and having "Wine Thirty" every day. Just go to any store that features gifts for women and a huge number of them are about booze. This study talks about how men have cut back on drinking related issues while women have increased, closing the gap on alcohol related issues. I know of two women in their thirties in the past two years who have drank themselves to death. We need to be talking about this and talking about it a lot.

WILL TRUMP SHUT HIS YAPPER? There is a hearing Friday on whether or not the judge in this case will issue what's known as a "gag" order forbidding Donald Trump from talking about the case against him. He's been out on the campaign trail blasting the prosecutor AND the judge and the prosecutor wants the judge to order him to shut up. This is tricky because there is a fine line between telling him not to talk about the case and checking his First Amendment rights. I think he WANTS the gag order and he WANTS to be held in contempt to further his victim image among this followers. We shall see.

DIANNE FEINSTEIN NEEDS TO RESIGN FROM THE SENATE I wish her a speedy recovery as she is hospitalized after a fall, but it's clear she is unfit to serve. It's also clear that if she did resign her seat would be filled by another Democrat so this is a wash in terms of Senate control, but she need to resign and let someone who can do the job do the job.

OHIOANS VOTE AGAINST A BALLOT MEASURE SORT OF ABOUT ABORTION Even though abortion wasn't mentioned once in the measure. Ohio Republicans put a ballot measure forth that would have required a 60% affirmative vote to make a constitutional change rather than the current 50%. So far is it losing 60% for, 40% against. Why is this about abortion? There will be a ballot measure on November's ballot to codify abortion rights into Ohio's Constitution and Republicans wanted to make it harder to pass. This certainly goes to show that a majority of people, even if they would not have an abortion themselves, are loathe to prevent someone else from having the option. Republicans should take note.

A CURRENT SUPREME COURT CASE COULD UPEND THE TAX CODE And I would not be sad. Read about how taxing profits that were never actually realized by shareholders could create a massive shockwave throughout the tax code if the Supreme Court does the right thing.

ALIENS ATTACKING VILLAGERS IN PERU And before last month this would have been something for the National Enquirer but NOW.... Read about the "face peelers" the villagers say are seven feet tall here. That's not scary at all.

WANT TO LIVE LONGER? TAKE A WALK The world's largest study of its kind on walking has shown the simple truth: the more you walk, the less likely you are to die of any cause. There is no upper limit at which point the effect diminishes. Read more here.

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