8/8/23 Blog: A Yoga Program Especially for Veterans, and Concert Etiquette

YOGA FOR VETERANS IS A VERY COOL THING My friend Rob of Of the Day infamy went to Comeback Yoga kind of on a dare and ended up becoming a certified yoga instructor because of it. Now I've got Executive Director Kelly Wulf on to talk about the program and why it's so valuable in helping veterans who may be struggling with some PTS issues. Find more about Comeback Yoga or a class near you or even online by clicking here, and buy a ticket to their upcoming fundraiser by clicking here!

I SAW ZZ TOP AND LYNYRD SKYNYRD LAST NIGHT And first off, they were OUTSTANDING. Billy Gibbons sounded rough when he got started but got progressively better as the show went on and Lynyrd Skynyrd would have blown the roof off it there had been one at Fiddler's Green. That being said, I have a question. What is your position on people standing up and dancing during a show? Just so we're clear, I stood and danced the ENTIRE concert, but a woman behind us gave Chuck the business about doing so. He told her in no uncertain terms that he did not care. I just want to know your thoughts on this issue.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? This sort of thing never seemed possible on Denver's light rail but it could happen here just like it happened in Seattle. A man just randomly attacked an elderly man sitting in a seat on Seattle's light rail. Watch this footage below. Luckily here brave men stepped up to stop the attack and probably saved the victims life. Seattle talk show host Jason Rantz says they've hired a ton more transit security but they don't actually do anything while working. What would you do? I think that if you ride light rail here you need to think about what you'd do so you're prepared in case something happens. These men are heroes.

AROD IS GOING CAMPING And as I haven't gone camping in about 25 years I need you guys to give him some tips for his upcoming trip.

A JUDGE HAS BLOCKED THE NEW 21 YEAR OLD AGE LIMIT ON GUN PURCHASES A temporary ban on enforcing Colorado's new age limit on firearm purchases was granted by a judge yesterday. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners filed the suit to stop it and so far, so good.

VICTOR HAS A NEW TROLL I love this story and am planning to make the trip to Victor soon to see her. Check her out here.

SPEEDING IN A SCHOOL ZONE COULD MEAN JAIL TIME I hate people who speed in school zones. I know they are a pain but they are the best way to insure that no kids get taken out while just walking to school. If you go 25 miles an hour over the posted speed, that could mean ten days in jail! Read this for more.

LOUISVILLE NANNIES BAN NEW GAS STATIONS All so they can force people who live in the Denver suburb to buy new electric vehicles. This is so utterly dumb. This column explains at length why one new rule requiring existing gas stations to add EV chargers isn't just heavy handed, it can be downright dangerous.

WIND ENERGY IS HAVING GROWING PAINS This article is really interesting because it shows that even with huge subsidies wind power is still having tons of issues bringing things to market. From backlogs on equipment to cancelled projects because of rising costs, wind power is at an inflection point for sure.

DESANTIS SAYS TRUMP LOST And this is a big deal if he's hoping to court Republicans who still believe he was robbed. He's right, of course and maybe this is the beginning of a way to separate himself from Trump in a way that can get all the OTHER Republicans who are ready to move on into his camp. I genuinely don't know why he has gotten so much hate, other than to say the attacks by Trump and his sycophants have obviously been effective. Read more here. DeSantis also just dumped his campaign manager, so we'll see if he can pull this out of a ditch.

THIS IS ONE WAY TO GET BOOKS RECLASSIFIED To be clear, no one is trying to "ban" books. Parents who are tired of the relentless sexualization of their children are simply asking that pornographic books are moved out of children's libraries where they don't belong. Now one group in Texas is sending excerpts from these books to elected officials so they too are clear on what is being shown to and made available to our children. I think this is an excellent strategy because they no longer have plausible deniability about what it is they are "protecting". I am firmly anti banning books, but I am more firmly anti giving children books depicting any sort of sex in graphic form. Both of those things can be true.

ANOTHER SHADY MOVE BY DEMOCRATS TO LIE ABOUT OUR TAX MONEY This one came in the form of a bill that required language on tax cut initiatives that purported to show what programs would be "cut" if the tax cut went through. Except most of the time a tax cut won't result in any immediate cuts to any programs. It's another lie to separate us from our money and Advance Colorado has filed suit to stop it.

LEANNE MORGAN ON CHEERLEADING This is so dang funny because it's true.

THE CASE OF CANCELLED PRIESTS I had no idea this was a thing, but I have to commend these priests for standing up for their faith. I am not a huge fan of Pope Francis as he seems to be too willing to shrug over some of the biggest cultural issues of our time. You can still love someone while disagreeing with their choices, but he seems to have no opinion on matters that used to be focal for the church. And I don't believe you can a good Catholic and be pro-choice either. Just saying. Now I know I'm not alone, but I haven't had my livelihood taken away like these priests have for speaking out.

WALMART IS GONNA GIVE OUT FREE SNACKS! I'm not gonna lie, when Q was a toddler we would totally go to "brunch" on Sunday morning at Costco. We'd just wander around the store and eat the free snacks they gave out. Now I find out Walmart is going to dip its toe into the free snack market and it occurred to me to ask, "why has this taken so long???" Read more here.

NO. JUST NO. I suppose if you are one of those people deathly allergic to pet fur or something this would be appealing, but for me, this is a hard pass. An AI pet will never replace a real warm and fuzzy animal for me. Unless they could put AI into a giant furry body like Jinx, then maybe.


I WANT FREEBIRD PLAYED AT MY FUNERAL But this may be a better use for it. Watch below or click here.

AT WHAT POINT DO YOU MURDER HIM? For me a while ago. Watch below or click here.

THIS DAD IS NO DUMMY Watch below or click here.


SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE HEALTHY EATERS This column has some great tips for how to raise a non-picky eater. Not gonna lie, not all of these were successful in my house once Q was over 12. We still fight the vegetable battle regularly.


HAWAII LOVES SPAM AND HERE'S WHY Obviously it's because it's delicious but this article tells the history of this beloved canned meat.

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