8/7/23 Blog: The Colorado GOP Avoids Nuking Themselves Into Oblivion

THANK GOODNESS SANE REPUBLICANS SHOWED UP Last Saturday at the Central Committee meeting for the Colorado GOP there was an attempt to disenfranchise a whole bunch of Republicans by a core group of Trumpets who want to live in the past about what Colorado has become. Luckily, saner heads prevailed and the measure to count any absent vote as a "yes" vote when it came to voting to leave Colorado's open primary system failed. This means there is almost zero chance the GOP will leave the primary system, even though they have filed a lawsuit against the state about the open primary system. This after the last one failed. They are being represented by Co-Conspirator #2 John Eastman, who has revealed himself to be a "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" kind of Constitutional guy. For now, the party has been unable to render itself completely unelectable for decades, maybe just years, but as long as the leadership continues to look backwards instead of working to offer real solutions to the problems plaguing Denver and the rest of the state they will remain unelectable in the near term.

DANIELLE JURINSKY IS ON TO TALK ABOUT THE CRAZY WOMAN WHO TARGETED HER And I'm talking about the utterly nuts Robin Niceta, who tried to scam her way out of facing charges for filing a false child abuse report against Jurinksy. Danielle will join me at 2 to discuss the latest shenanigans.

PROPOSITION HH IS A BIG FAT LIE And the Independence Institute's Ben Murrey explains how the shady as hell ballot language is fooling people into thinking this is something it clearly is not. You need to not only pay attention to this TABOR stealing nonsense that will bring an embarrassingly small amount of relief this year while robbing us of our TABOR refunds forever. I've got Ben at 1 today to talk about it.

IF ELECTRIC VEHICLES ARE SO GREAT, WHY SUCH GENEROUS SUBSIDIES? This is insane but if you're an upper middle class person looking to buy an electric vehicle anytime soon, you'd be insane to not take advantage of all this government (read: tax payer money) largesse while you can. In some circumstances you could get rebates of up to $26,500 if you buy the right kind of EV and are an Xcel customer. Read about it here. This is the car equivalent to tying a pork chop around someone's neck to get the dog to play with them.

MAYBE IF THEY'D SPEND LESS TIME ON POSTURING AND MORE TIME ON SOCCER The US Women's Soccer team would have made it out of the round of 16. Alas, they did not, losing to Sweden on penalty kicks. I'm not sad.

A QUICK NOTE ON DOG CHIROPRACTORS I mentioned in passing one day about having to take Jinx (our enormous Saint Bernard) to the dog chiropractor and I did it in a "I can't believe I have a dog chiropractor" sort of way. However, after taking Jinx to the dog chiropractor I'm here to tell you it worked. She's been very lethargic and grumpy lately and it turns out she had a disc issue that the chiropractor fixed and she's back to her old self. Just a note so if your vet recommends a dog chiropractor you don't roll your eyes like I did.

A PARENT SHARES THEIR EXPERIENCE WITH THE DE ESCALATION ROOM AT MCAULIFFE MIDDLE SCHOOL After firing the principal because he spoke to the media about the shoddy safety situation at Denver Public Schools the Board is now desperate to find a reason to keep him fired, lest they have to admit that firing the very popular man was a mistake. Now a parent has sent a letter about their family's experience with the de-escalation room at McAuliffe and it's much different than what Tay Tay wants you to think. Read it here.

Certainly sounds different than the "incarceration rooms" that Tay Tay says were ONLY used on Black students. He opened up a can of worms he probably will regret opening up.

MOVE OVER, EREBODY! And I mean that literally. A new "move over" law goes into effect today and you need to make sure that you are getting out of the way if you see someone pulled over on the side of the road. Here are the situations where you MUST move into the other lane:

  • 2 lanes move in the same direction;
  • The driver is able to move to the lane apart; and
  • One of the following vehicles is stationary on the road:
  • An authorized emergency vehicle;
  • A stationary towing carrier vehicle;
  • A stationary public utility service vehicle; or
  • A vehicle to which chains are being applied.

If you can't move over, you MUST slow down to 25 mph when the speed limit is 45 or lower, and at least 20 miles below the posted limits above 45. You've been warned.

UNDER 21? NO GUN FOR YOU IN COLORADO The new law banning anyone under 21 from buying any firearm goes into effect today. It's already being challenged in court by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners so we'll see if it makes it to the Supreme Court. It does carve out exceptions for active duty military and first responders, but it's clearly unconstitutional in my opinion.

SELLING THE "ILLUSION OF ACCESS" LAID BARE If one more person tells me that Joe Biden getting on the phone with scumbag son Hunter's "business" associates is no big deal, I will read them one paragraph of this column:

Congressman Goldman may have a point. Hunter and Joe created the illusion for Zlochevsky that the $10 million he paid to the Bidens made the difference in Shokin’s sacking. Glad we have that sorted out. However, following Goldman’s logic, this would not have been a payment to influence an official act, but simply an elaborate scam orchestrated by Joe and Hunter to swindle millions from the CEO of a Ukrainian energy company. Nice side gig. Now, how do you report fraud proceeds on your tax return?

The Biden family is a family of grifters and to deny it is exactly the same as denying Trump did anything wrong around January 6th. EXACTLY the SAME.

DOES THE HOUSING MARKET SHOW A RECESSION IS COMING? According to this column the answer is yes, using history as a guide. Housing prices declined year over year which is usually an indication of an oncoming recession. We shall see.

CAMPBELLS BETTER NOT SCREW UP MY FAVORITE PASTA SAUCE I've made homemade tomato sauce before and frankly, it's not as good as Rao's brand sauces that are far less work. Now Campbell's has bought Rao's parent company and they better not screw it up.

OLD PEOPLE'S MUSCLES DON'T HEAL VERY WELL We all know that it takes much longer to heal from an injury as you get older, but now researchers are beginning to figure out why. Read more here.

AN AIR TAG STORY YOU NEED TO HEAR I think I may by an Apple phone just so I can use Air Tags on my luggage after this. A woman ended up using airline miles to FLY to Chicago from Denver because she knew her lost bag was sitting in Chicago because she had an Air Tag on it. United was completely useless throughout, though they did refund the airline miles she spent flying to Chicago to get her bag. I fully believe that if she'd not done that the bag would have gone to the lost baggage sales center for sure. This is a crazy story.

THE SOUNDS OF BEER This made me laugh this morning. Watch below or click here.


FREE DIETING TIPS She seems thin soooooo.....

NOSE WAXING MADE INTO A DUMB GAME This is why men should not be in charge of personal hygiene things. Watch below or click here.

LET YOUR PUP DIGEST ITS FOOD Before you go on a walk or do any sort of exercise. Watch below or click here. We actually got Jinx's stomach tacked to prevent this problem.

THIS IS ONE WAY TO AVOID BAG CHARGES Watch below or click here.

SHE'S GOING PLACES Not to work, but she is going to see Beyonce. We all make choices....

CARSON WENTZ KNOWS HOW TO GET ATTENTION Even if he can't get a contract.

OREGON TRYING DANGEROUS GAS PUMPING EXPERIMENT Just kidding, they are just doing what all states except New Jersey have done for decades and letting people pump their own gas.

HAPPY 100TH, BOB! Bob was turning 100 and he loves the Denver Nuggets so the mascot came to visit him.

THE THINGS THAT ARE TANKING YOUR HOME'S VALUE We put our condo on the market Friday and it was sold by Sunday. How did Mike Potarf at Chad Madlom Realty do it? By making sure none of these thing existed in our condo.

THESE ARE GREAT TIPS FOR BETTER TRAVEL! These truly ARE great trips for better travel. Some of them I do, but some of them I'm going to add to my travel itineraries for sure. Read them here.

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