08/03/23 Blog: We Talk the Trump Indictment, Plus Leanne Morgan Is On

LEANNE MORGAN'S COMEDY MAKES ME HOMESICK She's a very funny lady from the South and her comedy is politics free and pee your pants funny. Buy your tickets to one of her shows at the Paramount here, and watch new special I'm Every Woman on Netflix but pee first. You're welcome. The trailer is right here.

EREBODY HAS AN OPINION ON THE TRUMP INDICTMENT And I do too. This is a very slippery slope the Biden DOJ has chosen to go down and one that could lead to endless charges against endless lying politicians. Do we now indict Adam Schiff for lying OVER and OVER again about Russian collusion in what was now a clear attempt to overthrow a sitting President, based on these standards? Don't get me wrong, I think what Trump did was absolutely terrible and it lead to the death of more than one persons on or around January 6th. But was it really criminal? I think this case is going to be very tough to prove. I also think that this timeline of events shows exactly why this indictment was handed down:

To be clear, I believe the following: Trump lied over and over again in an attempt to stay in power, Biden is using the DOJ to distract from his scumbag son's increasing issues, and Trump probably didn't commit a crime except there was a riot because of his lies. I just want to make sure you can keep up. I still want everyone to read the indictment, it's not written in legalese and you can read it here. It lays out the shady dealings behind the scenes that you may not know all about and you should. Alan Dershowitz writes here why people popping champagne over the indictment should slow their roll on it.

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THE STATE IS SCREWING UP UNIVERSAL PRE-K PROMISES ALREADY The launch of universal Pre-K, which doesn't help students beyond 2nd grade a study by the federal government clearly showed, has been rocky at best. Now parents whose children were promised 30 hours of pre-k because they are at risk of falling behind are getting the shaft. Parents are JUST NOW being told there isn't enough money for the full time Pre-k programs. Huh, who could have told them this was going to be extremely expensive?

ROCHELLE GALINDO REARS HER UGLY HEAD The disgraced politician who left office after being accused of sexual harassment by a staffer is back and throwing her hat into the ring for the House District 4 seat being vacated by its current occupant. CompleteColorado.com has a comprehensive list of the ways she used her elected positions to enrich herself here. She has no business being in office again and I hope the Dems run someone else to primary her. She's awful.


 "You don't even feel comfortable enough to tell somebody that you're not feeling well or that you're having a hard time with a health care condition or you've been criminally attacked or something like that," Cathy Alderman at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless told the Sun. She said safe and secure housing is the answer. "It literally means life and death for some people," she added.

It's infuriating because it's a total lie. A study on mortality rates for formerly homeless people living in a housing first model showed a HIGHER death rate than unhoused people living on the streets. This is a long article on how the Housing First model is actually responsible for the explosion in the homeless population. It just comes down to get more of what you subsidize. This is NOT a housing issue, it's an addiction and mental health issue and until we treat it as such we are just going to get more of it.

THE MAYOR IS SWEEPING ONE CAMP TOMORROW THOUGH Because of a massive rat infestation at the camp. That being said, we don't have anywhere for these people to go, so they will wander down the street to infest another neighborhood with rats.

ANHEUSER-BUSCH IS STILL FEELING THE EFFECTS OF IT'S BAD MARKETING CHOICE With a year over year decline of 10.5% in the 2nd quarter. Bud Light's complete collapse is at the heart of it and it shows no sign of a turnaround anytime soon. Read more here.

ALI WONG HATES FEMINISM And there is some NSFW language in this but OMG I feel the same way.

VIVEK RAMASWAMY IS WADING INTO THE MESS By filing an open records lawsuit demanding to see any collusion between Merrick Garland and Jack Smith about this indictment. This is a very smart play on his part. Read more here. I'm beginning to think Vivek may have a chance to be a serious candidate after all. This is going to be interesting.


EIGHT THINGS THAT CAN LEAD TO A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE Want to add 24 years to your life? Do the things listed in this article but honestly, if you don't know that you should not be addicted to opioids you're starting way behind the eight ball. And not that kind of eight ball.

HUNTER BROUGHT JOE TO DINNER AND GOT A PORSCHE IN RETURN But I'm sure there was no quid pro quo between anyone. Just last week I had dinner with some business associates and they bought me a Porsche too, as one does. See how stupid that sounds? You have to be a willfully ignorant fool to not believe that Joe Biden didn't sell access via his shady ass son.

WHY DID FITCH DOWNGRADE THE US CREDIT RATING? They think our economy is headed for trouble, our debt is too high and the political brinkmanship over the fake debt ceiling to start. Read the rest here, but seriously, how can anyone be surprised by this?

MARRIAGE IS THE BEST PREDICTOR OF HAPPINESS And a new study by the University of Chicago shows that clearly. There is a 30 point happiness gap between married and unmarried people. THIRTY POINTS. From the article:

What’s more, he finds that happiness has fallen since the turn of the millennium, and points to marriage as the biggest driver of that decline. In his words, the “recent decline in the married share of adults can explain (statistically) most of the recent decline in overall happiness”.
Notably, this decline has been concentrated among less educated and lower-income Americans; college-educated and affluent Americans have seen virtually no dip in their happiness. Psychologist and author Dr. Jean Twenge, in her own analysis of the General Social Survey, finds that the decline in marriage among working-class and poor Americans is one of the biggest factors explaining the growing happiness divide between the privileged and unprivileged.

DAVID BROOKS WRITES ABOUT HOW THE LOWER CLASS HAS BEEN GUTTED BY THE UPPER CLASS And I don't mean financially, I mean culturally. This column is directly attached to the article above, because even as the liberal intelligentsia wax poetic about unwed motherhood THEY aren't having babies out of wedlock. Read this and take it in concert with the article above:

We also change the moral norms in ways that suit ourselves, never mind the cost to others. For example, there used to be a norm that discouraged people from having children outside of marriage, but that got washed away during our period of cultural dominance, as we eroded norms that seemed judgmental or that might inhibit individual freedom.
After this social norm was eroded, a funny thing happened. Members of our class still overwhelmingly married and then had children within wedlock. People without our resources, unsupported by social norms, were less able to do that. As Adrian Wooldridge points out in his magisterial 2021 book, “The Aristocracy of Talent,” “Sixty percent of births to women with only a high school certificate occur out of wedlock, compared with only 10 percent to women with a university degree.” That matters, Wooldridge continues, because “The rate of single parenting is the most significant predictor of social immobility in the country.”

Interesting, isn't it? Perhaps we need to move from "tax the rich" to "ignore the rich" when they try to tell us how to live.

IS IT JUST FRUCTOSE THAT MAKES US FAT? This is an interesting discovery about fructose, which is found in everything from table sugar to fruit, and it's role in making us fat. It seems that more than just providing us with a burst of energy, fructose actually slows us down and signals our bodies to store fat, as our ancestors did before the lean times of winter. We don't have "lean times" now, so we just stay fat.

LEAH REMINI'S LAWSUIT AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY IS A SCORCHER And she is alleging a LOT of stuff that she says Scientology has done in an ongoing effort to destroy her after she left and faith and began exposing some of its transgressions. Read it here.

THINGS PEOPLE SAY ARE JUST TOO DANG EXPENSIVE ANYMORE And some of these are spot on, some are just things that you have to have anyway but they are complaining about. No one is not buying groceries.

FRONTIER FINDS A NEW WAY TO MAKE FLYING ANNOYING If you think you're going to zip on into the airport last minute to catch a flight, think again. Frontier has announced it will close check in and baggage check an HOUR before your flight from now on. Now in Denver you can't arrive an hour before your flight and expect to even make it through security but in smaller airports you sure can. Now you know Frontier isn't going to let you an hour before the flight.



THIS IS THE CUTEST THING He's gonna be a good big brother.

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