08/02/23 Blog: I Read the Trump Indictment And You Should Too

DONALD TRUMP IS GOING TO USE THE GEORGE COSTANZA DEFENSE The latest indictment of Donald Trump for his role in the riots of January 6th is an easy read and you should read it here. It lays out the numerous times Donald Trump was told over and over again by a myriad of people that there was not substantial election changing fraud and the many, many times he repeated the claims that he had been told were false. From where I sit, the prosecution's biggest challenge is going to be proving that Trump KNEW the claims were false when he repeated them. A sane person, after being told over and over again that things were false, would accept them as false, but this is Trump we're talking about. My prediction is that he is going to use the following defense.

The indictment is quite the spectacle. It alleges (and let's be clear, this is just an indictment, not a conviction) that Trump was told repeatedly by many, many supporters and staff and counsel that ALL of his claims about dead people voting, and voting machines changing votes, and suitcases full of Biden votes, and illegals voting were investigated and found to be false. He was told over and over again that Mike Pence did NOT have any authority to change the outcome of the election. He then continued to make those claims in his speech to the crowd of his supporters on January 6th. My big takeaway here is that he lied over and over again to good people who made the mistake of believing him. Now some of those people are rotting in jail while he pays his legal bills with money the donated him to find the fraud he knew didn't happen. This story outs his co-conspirators if you want to know who they are. This story gives the high points if you don't want to read the indictment, but I really recommend you read it. It's written in such a way as to be easy to read. People are already arguing that this indictment politicizes free speech and if there hadn't been a riot on January 6th I think this is a good defense. However, inciting violence and then refusing to issue a statement asking people to stop renders that argument less compelling. And let's be clear, he lied to people to get them angry so they'd do exactly what they did.

RUDI GIULIANI BANGS THE TABLE There is an old saying in legal circles and it goes like this: "If you have the facts on your side, hammer the facts. If you have the law on your side, hammer the law. If you have neither the facts nor the law, hammer the table." I find it interesting that in his first interview since this indictment came out, Rudi Giuliani, who is widely believed to be Co-conspirator 1 in the indictment, literally pounded the table with the indictment. He's recently admitted that he lied about two Georgia election workers and claimed they changed votes so I'm not sure why we are supposed to find anything Giuliani says credible.

BUT IS THIS JUST AN ATTACK ON FREE SPEECH? That is what is being said by those trying to maintain cooler heads and I think this editorial in the Wall Street Journal provides the most even handed look at that question free of histrionics.

ROBIN NICETA LIED TO HER OWN FAMILY And now her own mother, who is facing charges for helping her daughter fake cancer to avoid prosecution for lying about child abuse, says she's "diabolical" for lying to her family. Niceta is obviously nuts but not so nuts that she can't stand trial for what she's done. Read more here.

INCOMPLETE DATA ON SROS IN SCHOOLS Denver Public Schools released some data that they say shows that SROs in schools leads to more tickets and arrests in schools. But as far as data goes, this is not good data. They are comparing the last year DPS had full time SROs with the years right after when the district changed the discipline matrix that determines when police are called in the first place. They also gloss over the fact that when SROs were NOT at schools one kid was shot dead and two administrators were shot too. Kind of a big overlook in my view.

DRUGGIES HAVE RUINED GOODWILL And now Goodwill has closed all their fitting rooms because scumbag addicts are using them to get high. Read more here.

A RIDICULOUS VIDEO FOR A SHORT DAY Watch below or click here.

ANOTHER REASON TO BE WORRIED ABOUT AI This is beyond my knowledge set but I'm sure others are using this already. Watch below or click here.

BEAR OR HUMAN IN BEAR SUIT? You decide. Watch below or click here. Just look at his wrinkly butt!

UBER'S CEO HAS NO IDEA HOW MUCH UBERS COST And was visibly shocked when told that a ride he thought would cost twenty bucks was over 50. I sort of love this sort of thing and it's one reason I don't use Uber in New York City anymore. Cabs are almost ALWAYS cheaper in NYC and LA now.

CELEBRITY VEGAN INFLUENCER DIES OF MALNUTRITION Anytime someone embarks on an extremely restrictive diet like only eating tropical fruit we should call it what it is, an eating disorder. Now a prominent vegan influencer has died from malnutrition, exhaustion and infection.

WHEN ARE THE HAPPIEST TIMES OF YOUR LIFE? I was just talking about this with my sister in the context of the happiest days of your life. I can't say any day specifically sticks out as THE happiest day of my life, though I've had many happy days. I hope I never have THE happiest day of my life because that means it's all downhill from there, but this story says many people remember their 20s as the happiest times of their lives. What about you?

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