Man Arrested After Starting Fire While Trying To Burn Spiders In His Home

Spider On A Picture Rail

Photo: Getty Images

A Pennsylvania man is under arrest after he started a fire while trying to burn spiders from his home. Authorities said that 42-year-old Joshua Jenkins called 911 to report the fire but was combative when firefighters arrived.

When they arrived, he refused to tell them where the fire was and even tried to stop them from bringing the firehose into his house. They had to physically restrain him and bring him to the backyard so they could go inside and extinguish the flames.

Jenkins admitted that he started the fire, telling investigators that he was using a torch to exterminate the spiders and their nests around his home.

Officials said that if Jenkins did not call 911, the fire would have likely engulfed his entire home and could have possibly spread to a commercial building next door.

Jenkins was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges, including arson, risking a catastrophe, possession of an instrument of crime, and tampering with evidence.

Last year, a Utah man started a wildfire while trying to kill spiders with fire.

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