05/24/23 Blog: The No Labels Party May Be a Factor This Year

TIRED OF THE FIGHTING OF THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM? The group who started the No Labels Party sure are. They started in 2010 with an idea that they could solve problems that our current two party system wasn't solving. To be honest, I do not like a LOT of their ideas. It seems to me to be Democrat-lite. You can read their policy positions here. I'm guessing a progressive would see them as Republican-lite. Today, I'm talking with Holly Page, who is a Co-Founder of No Labels and currently serves as a Senior Strategic Advisor to the organization. They are thinking of running a unity ticket this year if Biden and Trump are our choices, so you should pay attention to what they are proposing. I should say not ALL of it is bad, as their ideas on balancing the budget, immigration and energy are good, but too much of it seems to be dedicated to helping people deal with a bloated government rather than trying to make a leaner government. I'd prefer the second option. Read more about No Labels here.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS BACK! Finally. We'll make Fox 31's Dave Fraser wave his meteorology wand and get rid of this smoke, k?

MORE DRAMA IN DOUGCO SCHOOLS As Board member Elizabeth Hanson dramatically quit last night in "protest" over proposed changes to the district's equity policy. I eyerolled this one. Hanson is up for re election this year, is in the minority on the board and I personally think she quit because of that. Her seat will be filled by the Board. The board is making some MINOR changes to the equity policy WHILE REMOVING NOTHING, and Hanson "decided" to quite in a fit of pique. It's remarkable for a spontaneous action she had time to write prepared comments, AS DID DAVID RAY. The weird part is that in a meeting a couple of weeks ago a representative from the Douglas County Federation and Board Director Mike Peterson exchanged collegial messages about working together so I'm not sure the union had anything to do with this. I'm tired of this Board being painted as the Reform board of years ago. They are trying to address the issues for ALL parents and students in DougCo, which is why they were working to add more inclusive language to the policy last night while NOT CHANGING ANYTHING ELSE. This Board has not put forth anything extreme, demanded extreme changes and has been working collaboratively with teachers, staff and yes, even the union, to bring the district together. Before you get outraged, actually check the changes that were being suggested for yourself. Don't fall for the manufactured drama.

XCEL WANTS MORE OF YOUR MONEY And they are having public hearings on a new rate increase. If you're retired and don't work, please attend these meetings. I want them to see the faces of the people on fixed incomes who are being forced to pay for the green dreams of Democrats before they jack up rates again. This analysis of the fake libertarian Governor Polis says his plan will jack up bills $448 a MONTH. Read more here.

GET READY TO PAY UP IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE NUGGETS PLAY In the NBA Finals. The cheapest tickets when this story was written were $750! Read more here. Here are the dates and times for the Finals.

THE IDIOT WHO HATES CAPITALISM IS RUNNING FOR THE STATE HOUSE Bryan Lindstrom may not be an actual idiot, but he holds actually idiotic ideas. He was the genius behind the CEA's anti-capitalist declaration and a failed candidate for Aurora City Council. Now he wants to go the Legislature. Hopefully Aurora voters see this guy for what he is.

LEADERSHIP MATTERS IN POLITICAL PARTIES And so far the leadership of Dave Williams in not dazzling. The main job of a party chair is to raise money. Period. He's doing a terrible job at that. The GOP in Colorado feels like its on its last legs with reports like this one.

UC HEALTH WORKS TO LOWER BLACK MATERNAL MORTALITY This is a serious, serious issue in healthcare that must be aggressively addressed. Black women are three times more likely to die during pregnancy or delivery and no one seems to be able to explain why. This article says a lot about historic racism, but this is 2023 and we should be doing much, much better.

RON DESANTIS IS JOINING THE RACE VIA TWITTER It is widely expected that Ron DeSantis will announce his candidacy tonight in a live stream Twitter event with Elon Musk. Does this mean Musk is in DeSantis's camp? Not sure, but people are LOSING THEIR MINDS ON TWITTER about this, which I find both funny and ironic.

WATCH THE DENVER MAYORAL CANDIDATES DEBATE HERE Please pay attention, Denver conservatives.

ENOUGH WITH THE THREATS Target decided to go all in on PRIDE which is their prerogative. As a consumer, I have the ability to decide whether or not to shop at Target as a result (Frankly I don't care that Target went all in on PRIDE and will continue to shop there). What is ridiculous is when someone THREATENS store employees or the business itself because of what they are selling. Repeat, NOT OKAY. Now Target has moved their PRIDE displays to the back of stores where they have caused an uproar. By the way, the "tuck-friendly" swimsuits that have created so much backlash are for adults. Not children. If you don't like what Target is selling don't shop there, it's really that simple. Don't scream at kids making 15 bucks an hour.

ENOUGH WITH THE TIPPING PROMPTS I like to think I'm a good tipper. When I get great service I reward it. But I have had enough. Now there are self service kiosks that ask for tips. What, exactly, am I tipping a machine for?? This Wall Street Journal article shows how for some companies, the tip is essentially a bribe for service. Check this out:

Organic Life Start, an online baby-formula retailer, says it will reduce order fulfillment time from 24 to 12 hours if a customer leaves a tip of 5% to 15% while checking out.
“Tipping offers a very real way for us to let our customers speak up and thank our warehouse team for processing their orders,” a spokesman says, adding that the money goes directly to warehouse staff. 

I'm just not participating in this. Raise your prices if you need to pay your people more. Period.

TINY MEDICAL ROBOTS COULD BE SWIMMING IN YOU SOON We talked about this with our futurist Thomas Frey and now it's becoming reality. CU has announced they have made nanobots that they envision delivering specific medicines to hard to reach parts of the body. Super cool! Read it here.

THE JOKER IS A ROMANTIC This is the cutest thing ever.

NOW WEIGHT LOSS MAY BE A PILL AWAY The new weight loss drugs that so many people are losing weight on may be available in pill form soon. Read more here.


HEARING MOM AND DAD FOR THE FIRST TIME Watch below or click here.

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