05/23/23 Blog: A Veteran Takes A Hike To Help Other Vets

ONE MAN'S JOURNEY TO HELP OTHER VETERANS Michael Connors is a veteran who understands the difficulties of transitioning from military life to civilian life while dealing with the physical and emotional scars of war. He founded an organization to help other veterans get specialized service dogs to aid them on their journey. He's now undertaking a massive 105 mile ruck march to raise money and awareness for his program. Here is a link to his route, which he's already on! He joins me at 1 to talk about why service dogs matter and how you can help! The ruck will end this weekend with a fundraiser in Castle Rock and you can get all the info by clicking here!

ARE YOU GETTING BOUNCED OFF MEDICAID? A LOT of people in Colorado were able to take care advantage of the Medicaid expansion in Colorado during Covid, but that is coming to an end. If you're shopping for insurance, you want to listen up at 2:30 when I check in with Chief Experience Officer Travis Bockendstedt from Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care about your options. Find Pinnacle by clicking here!

CONGRATS TO THE DENVER NUGGETS! They overcame a serious deficit at halftime to make it to the NBA Finals! Read a great column about it here.

MIKE JOHNSTON WAS INTEGRAL IN REPEALING GALLAGHER And the repeal of the Gallagher Amendment is what is causing the massive property tax spikes right now. He worked for a group called Gary Community Ventures and they gave a whopping $1.5 million to the repeal. Read more here, but if anyone talks to Mike ask him to explain this one. We're having trouble getting him back on the show.

UNITED IS ADDING NON STOPS TO MULTIPLE CITIES And as one of them is Dayton, Ohio where my oldest kid lives I am OVERJOYED by this development. Read the rest here.

WANT A BEER AT COORS FIELD? JUST SCAN YOUR HAND This is pretty cool. Amazon One is a payment system that lets you pay with the scan of your hand, using your biometrics to verify the info you've already provided to Amazon One. It's going to make paying MUCH faster and I think it's very interesting, but are there security concerns? I'm just thinking of the cop shows where fake fingerprints are left at a crime scene to frame someone for a crime. I am curious as to who has access to your hand scan. At this point in my life I've given fingerprints to the government on more than one occasion (for licensing, not for crime) and I'm sure Amazon has better security than any government agency, but it still gives me pause. Oh, but I'm gonna do it though.

ABOUT PAULA NOONAN'S RIDICULOUS COLUMN ATTACKING CHARTER SCHOOLS Paula Noonan is an apologist for the teachers unions failing school systems. Full stop. She is wholly ignorant about charter schools and demonstrates that wild ignorance via her columns in the Denver Gazette. She's a union stooge and doesn't miss a chance to try and pin the failure of public schools on the charter schools that are offering parents a better alternative (most of the time anyway). This column not-so-gently corrects her latest disaster of a column about the Adams-14 school district and recent actions taken by the State Board of Education. I sure hope she reads it, though I'm sure she won't. She might ruin her reputation as an unthinking regurgitator of union talking points.

THE KNIVES ARE OUT IN THE DENVER MAYOR'S RACE And you knew it was coming, but the first attack ad it out and it targets Mike Johnston. The Johnston campaign says the ad is false, but they aren't giving details on how. Watch it here.

THE EL PASO GOP IS IN NOTICE In this column by Republican strategist Dick Wadhams. In it he points out that Yemi Mobolade beat a well known Republican in what was once THE Republican stronghold of El Paso County. I think it goes beyond that, but you can read his thoughts here.

THIS COULD BE A BREAKTHROUGH IN DEPRESSION TREATMENTS We don't truly understand the physical underpinnings of Major Depressive Disorder, though for years inflammation was thought to be a key. Now a new study has upended that belief by showing that the brains worker bees which clean and keep the brain working at peak condition could be the cause. Read more here.

TIM SCOTT IS RUNNING WITH A REAGAN-ESQUE OPTIMISM And I like it. He announced with an upbeat and positive speech in his home state of South Carolina. Watch it below.

Trump supporters are stoked because they know the more candidates there are to split the rational vote the better it is for Trump. They say that this hurts DeSantis the most, but I think they underestimate Tim Scott and the exhaustion many Republican voters feel at the constant stream of negative BS created and spread by Trump. We'll see. I'm hopeful, but too pragmatic to be excited.

MIGRANTS ARE TAKING THE JOBS WE WON'T DO And they are getting paid more to do it. Read this.

DEBT CEILING TALKS CONTINUE And if they can't get a deal done, this is squarely on Democrats, as Republicans have been asking for talks since April. The sticking point is spending, with the GOP trying to pull spending back to pre-Covid levels, while Democrats want to continue spending like drunken monkeys. Don't get me wrong, I know the GOP doesn't care about spending when THEY are in charge, but I'll take this now over the continued hurtling towards insolvency that we're doing now.

THIS IS WHAT THE ZERO COVID STRATEGY WREAKS China is in the midst of a MASSIVE covid outbreak as their people don't have remotely the immunity that we have here in the US where even with stupid restrictions the disease has hit most of us several times at this point. They hit a peak of 65 million cases PER WEEK recently with no one knowing how long this latest wave is going to last. They are trying to update vaccines for the new variants, but their vaccines have always been inferior to our not-so-good vaccines. Read more here. Sweden, on the other hand, has 8 serious cases of covid right now. Eight.

WONDERING IF YOU'RE SUPER ATTRACTIVE? This dating coach says here are five ways you can know you are super attractive. Watch below or click here and find out.

A SECOND IRS WHISTLEBLOWER TURNS UP And he is expected to confirm that the White House interfered in the IRS to take the heat off wayward son Hunter Biden. Watch the left dismiss this and then ask them, what if the White House interfered into an investigation into Donald Trump, Jr?

EVEN CHUCK TODD WANTS THE FBI INVESTIGATED And that's SOMETHING considering how reliable a shill for the Democrat party he is. Watch this:

YOU DIDN'T THINK TOM BRADY WAS DONE WITH FOOTBALL DID YOU? Because he's not, and he's trying to become a partial owner of the dastardly Las Vegas Raiders. Good for him, another reason to keep hating him.

BEST RESPONSE TO AN HOA THREAT EVER Just read this and enjoy. This guy is a legend.

WHEN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR SOULMATE I love this. Watch below or click here.


A JUDGE TRIES TO REIN IN DONALD TRUMP And good luck with that. The case over falsifying business records is moving forward and the judge in that case is going to try and tell Donald Trump what he can and can't say about the case. Good luck with that.

THE LIES WE ALL TELL AND HEAR Y'all I began to read this article with all the confidence that I wasn't going to see myself in this article but lo and behold, there I was. We should get together soon is the biggest one I am guilty, guilty, guilty of. Read them all here.

AND NOW, SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT MCDONALDS CUPS I'm not going to lie, I didn't know this and was somewhat surprised. We all know what the round buttons are for on a lid, but what about the raised rectangles next to them? You're welcome.

KANG THE CONQUERER WASN'T GOING TO BE THE STAR UNTIL HE WAS THEN HE WASN'T This is a super nerdy story about how Jonathan Majors performances in Loki and AntMan changed the trajectory of the new Marvel arc, before his arrest for assaulting a girlfriend upended everything. If you're a Marvel fan, you want to read this.

NOT EVERYONE IS THRILLED WITH DEION'S USE OF THE TRANSFER PORTAL And it is controversial but if it works it will completely upend college football. Pat Narduzzi from Pittsburgh is putting Neon on full blast for what he says is an abuse of the system.

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