05/16/23 Blog: The Mayor Talks Immigrants and Basketball

THE MAYOR JOINS ME AT 1 And though his third term is winding down he is dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants that have decided Denver is a welcoming city so they're coming. We will also discuss the possibility of a third championship coming to Denver during his tenure as Mayor as the Nuggets are tearing it up in the NBA playoffs. We will discuss whether or not he regrets declaring Denver open for immigrants, as he did in this video. I started it at the important part.

WE'RE DEALING WITH THE END OF TITLE 42 And it's going to be a long, hot summer at the border as Joe Biden's incoherent border policy invites people to make the long dangerous journey to try and escape the misery of governments that already have the same policies that Democrats espouse here. Just saying. This is a good article about it. This editorial echoes what I have been saying, which is, you asked for it, don't complain when you get it, Colorado.

WANT YOUR TESTICLES CUT OFF? I mentioned this story yesterday but today Associate Editor from CollegeFix.com Matt Lamb pops in at 2:30 to share the tale of a CU researchers who is looking for men who want their testicles lopped off to find out what bad things happen to them. Sterility? Impotence? Those are two we know about, but wait, there's more! JK, I have no clue but this researchers is trying to find out. Read the story here. Matt joins me at 2:35.

IT'S ELECTION DAY IN THE SPRINGS And they will get a new mayor from it. We'll see if well-known Republican Wayne Williams can pull it off or if Yemi Mobolade can pull off the upset. If you live in the Springs, do NOT forget to vote. Find out more here.

BALLOTS DROP TODAY FOR THE DENVER MAYOR RUNOFF So expect a massive slew of tv ads to hit the airways until June 6th when this is all over. This is a very good article with lots of links on the candidates for not just mayor but the runoff City Council elections. The Denver Gazette has done good articles on both Mike Johnston and Kelly Brough, click the names to get there.

WHEN WILL CASA BONITA OPEN??? For a restaurant that was the butt of jokes and the home of really bad Mexican food there is a lot of excitement about when it will reopen. I love that a guy who works three doors down says it's like working next to the CIA. I think everyone is rooting for a Casa Bonita comeback on this one.

MURDERS ARE DOWN IN COLORADO And this is good news! They are down in all of our major cities and dramatically in some cases. Denver still leads with 19 murders in the first quarter of the year, but it's down from the 21 from this time last year. See the details here.

THE CASE AGAINST ROBIN NICETA MOVES FORWARD She is the former Arapahoe County social worker accused of filing a false child abuse claim against Aurora City Council member Danielle Jurinsky. She was trying to delay the trial by saying she has a brain tumor, but the doctor that she says diagnosed her doesn't appear to exist and the images of her alleged brain tumor came straight from a Google images search. She is clearly nuts. She has now dropped her request to delay the trial and it will move forward. Good. She needs to be held accountable for abusing her position and disrupting families while doing it.

THE FBI ENGAGED IN A POLITICAL WITCH HUNT That is the takeaway for me from the John Durham report that dropped yesterday. In it he says the FBI “The objective facts show that the FBI’s handling of important aspects of the Crossfire Hurricane matter were seriously deficient,” Durham wrote, arguing that the bureau relied on “raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence.” I dipped over to the New York Times and they basically gave it a shoulder shrug, saying that nothing new was to be found here, and that Durham didn't prove that the investigation was politically motivated. What? Why would it even have happened if it weren't politically motivated? This take is so jaw droppingly Democrat that I shouldn't be surprised but I am. I'm guessing if the shoe were on the other foot, and a Democratic President were subject to an investigation based on a political opponents opposition research there would be a headline demanding the end of the FBI. They aren't even trying to appear fair in any way at this point. Oh, and there are two "Republicans seized" in this story. That's a lot of seizing. The Washington Post did a much better job of fairly covering what the report actually said, and there was not one Republican seizing in their story.

THE MILLER MOTHS ARE HERE And these harmless and annoying little scamps may be with us for a bit as they migrate from east to west in search of good food and someone to hook up with. Read more here, but know they won't eat your clothes but if you leave your garage light on at night, lord help you if you open the door.

LIVING TOGETHER BEFORE MARRIAGE OFTEN LEADS TO DIVORCE, EXCEPT.... There have been MANY studies that have shown that living together before marriage leads to a higher chance of divorce, but one new study broke out an important factor: the marriage question. They found that people who moved in together AFTER being engaged or having decided that marriage was the next step seem to do okay. Check this out:

The primary finding of this report is that the timing of moving in together is robustly associated with marital instability.
• Those who started cohabiting before being engaged were more likely to experience marital dissolution than those who only did so after being engaged or already being married.
Specifically, 34% of marriages ended among those who cohabited before being engaged, compared to 23% of marriages for those who lived together only after being either married or engaged to be married. The latter two groups were not statistically different in their likelihood of their marriages ending.
• In relative terms, the marriages of those who moved in together before being engaged were 48% more likely to end than the marriages of those who only cohabited after being engaged or already married.
Our findings suggest that one key to reducing the risk of divorce may be either not to cohabit before marriage or to have settled the big question about marital intentions before moving in together.

It's all about the level of commitment being shown by both parties BEFORE you move in together. Moving in together to "see if we're compatible" is a bad, bad idea. I know, I've been there.

MILLER LITE DECIDES TO BE A DUMBASS TOO And they have produced an anti-male, woman power ad that is just stupid. Watch this crap.

To be clear, they made this dumpster fire ad BEFORE the Dylan Mulvaney incident at Bud Light. Coors has to be laughing all the way to the bank, as both Miller and Coors picked up about half each of the 26% loss in sales Budweiser has suffered since the disastrous roll in the bathtub by trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Do beer brands really think women don't drink their beer because of bikini wearing women? Women don't drink beer because it makes you burp and fart and your breath smell like death and it's loaded with carbs. Hopefully corporations are figuring out that wading into anything controversial is simply not worth it. Hopefully.

GAY RESORT TRIES TO PROTECT ALL MALE SPACES And this can't stand if women are being forced into locker rooms with men who say they are women. All that being said, I support the Island House's right to let whomever they like onto their property, and their right to ask women to leave at a certain point, and as they are in Florida, I'm guessing they will be allowed to continue. But it's interesting to see a nudie resort argue that locker rooms and showers exclusively for men are needed because:

There are some male-only areas, such as the locker room or showers, but that is because it’s a clothing optional resort, and guests and staff have a right to privacy, said Smith, the resort’s attorney.
“You can go to Island House but you’re not going to be in the shower taking a shower with men,” Smith said.

Sounds like a fine argument for female athletes, doesn't it?

MARTHA STEWART IS A TOTAL BADASS And she is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue to prove it. Click here to see the 81 year old mogul on the cover (don't worry, she looks AMAZING). I love this so much. So, so much.

THE WORLD IS FALLING APART BECAUSE OF BARACK OBAMA I started to read this column with a healthy dose of skepticism because HOW could it ALL be the former President's fault? Then I read the case laid out here and I agree.

DON'T BE THIS OFF LEASH DOG OWNER I will admit that on certain parts of my daily walks with Jinx, I let her off leash. It's an area where there are no people and a clear sight line to see if anyone is coming from a long way away, in which case I immediately put her back on the leash. Many people do not share this same sense of responsibility and I hate those people. This is a perfect example of that kind of dog owner.

DESANTIS ENDS DEI IS FLORIDA By banning the use of any funds at Florida schools, all the way up through college, for any such programs. I fully expect private donors to step up and try to continue this abhorrent and racially divisive trend. See below for more.

HOW MUCH PROPANE IS IN THERE ANYWAY? I love this trick and use it all the time. Watch below or click here.

ENOUGH WITH THE HOSTILE GYM VIDEOS The videos where women filming themselves working out (don't get me started on that trend) only to then declare that a guy minding his own business was staring at them is out of hand. This video captures that perfectly. Watch below or click here.

BIG TIME RED FLAGS AT ANY JOB These are pretty accurate. Especially the one where the boss talks crap about other employees to you. They are talking about you too, people.

THE HARDEST LESSONS TO UNLEARN IN LIFE This article says that these are shared by women, but I think they apply to men as well. I could add a few and I bet you could too.

THE TROUBLE WITH HAVING SIX BABY MOMMAS We love to kick around Nick Cannon for fathering 12 kids with 6 women, but let's have some compassion for the man. He has to keep six women straight, which he did a bad job of for Mother's Day, when he sent the wrong heartfelt note to the wrong baby momma. The fact he refers to these women as "baby mommas" is gross, by the way.

A REFUSAL TO PROSECUTE I CAN GET BEHIND San Fran has had it. That's the only way to explain why the DA in the crime and shoplifting ridden city has decided to not prosecute a store security guard who shot and killed a shoplifter after a scuffle. She says the guard thought he was in "mortal danger" though the video of the incident certainly seems to contradict that. Perhaps this is the new strategy to crack down on shoplifting and I bet if it happens again it will be effective.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL IS COMING TO THE LAS VEGAS STRIP As the Oakland As prepare to vacate Oakland for the desert city. I'm guessing it's going to be a dome of some sort, as no one wants to play baseball in 110 degree heat. Bally's is picking up most of the tab, though the team is asking the Nevada Legislature for about a third of the cost.

APPLE IS MAKING PHONES FOR PEOPLE LARGELY IGNORED BY TECH And they are working to help accessibility for people with issues that may have prevented them from using a phone before. One such item is a feature that allows the phone to mimic the voice of someone who has lost their voice, which is super cool. Read more here about what they are working on.

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