05/15/23 Blog: How To Recession Proof Your Job, Plus an Indian Event

GET YOUR POW WOW ON WITH THE TESORA CULTURAL CENTER Holly Kinney from The Fort is in today to talk about the upcoming 22nd Annual Indian Market and Powwow on the weekend of June 2nd. Find out more and buy your tickets here.

HOW CAN YOU RECESSION PROOF YOUR JOB? Lots of talk about recession on the horizon and I've got Certified Master Business Coach Christina Curtis on to talk about recession proofing your job. Find Christina here. Buy here new book here!

DO MEN DRIVE ANYMORE? I'm asking this question because Chuck pointed something out and I think he's onto something. Watch a car commercial and see who is behind the wheel. Look at young people driving as a couple and see who is behind the wheel. I have questions.

HIGH POTENCY WEED IS CONNECTED TO PSYCHOSIS And please don't tell me that YOU smoke weed and have never had a psychotic break so this must be wrong. As more studies are being done it makes it easier to aggregate the data and begin to see patterns, and these patterns are not good. The research on high potency weed is thin, because the government supplied for research weed isn't that strong, but so far there seems to be a strong connection between the early use of high potency weed and psychosis. Here's the thing, we have to do a better job telling our kids that their brains can't handle this stuff, lest they find out too late that they have an underlying issue that can cause them huge problems. Read the rest here.

CU BOULDER SAYS ASSUME EVERYONE IS TRANS This is interesting. A new document unearthed by Campus Fix says that just to avoid hurting everyone's feelings, you should assume they are trans and use "they" and "them" pronouns. So even though trans people make up a TINY fraction of the population, you should assume everyone wants to be addressed by their pronouns. Why isn't it the other way around? Why not assume everyone uses the normal pronouns until told differently? The odds would be far better that you are correct. Perhaps straight people should just start flipping out when misgendered too? Isn't this what this is all about? People like this guy flipping out about being misgendered? Be warned, there is some very bad language in this video.

The document was created for students by students says CU-Boulder as they defend this idiocy as "inclusion".

THIS AS CU IS LOOKING FOR MEN WHO WANT TO BE CASTRATED For science, of course. This article shows that a doctor at the CU School of Medicine is seeking men who want to have their testicles cut off to affirm their gender. Though initially sort of horrifying, this study is very important to find out what castrating men does to the heart health, so that's a good thing. Why is that a good thing? Because we're currently running experiments on children that we have no idea how they will end up and we need more information on the long term impact of gender affirming care as fast as possible so adults can make better decisions about what to do.

OUR NEW DEPARTMENT OF BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ISN'T GOING WELL And this story is one of bureaucracy meeting feelings if you ask me. People who work in mental health tend to be women, and they tend to be extremely sensitive emotionally (as their job is to key on the emotional state of others). Those two things collided under what seems to be bad leadership by the Polis appointee tasked with leading the agency. She has now been replaced but the new agency is already a year behind on its most basic assignments. It also seems that the entire mission of this new agency has changed from one of management of all programs to just referring people to other agencies which is not what it was intended to do. So we've created a whole new bureaucracy that won't do anything but create another layer of bureaucracy and spending for mental health, instead of a streamlined agency that helps people get the help they need. Color me surprised.

ABOUT COLORADO'S NEW AGE RESTRICTION ON FIREARM PURCHASES It will likely be thrown out as a judge in Virginia just declared such limits unconstitutional, as they well are. The judge said it very clearly and well when he said this in his ruling:

“If the Court were to exclude 18-to-20-year-olds from the Second Amendment’s protection, it would impose limitations on the Second Amendment that do not exist with other constitutional guarantees,” Payne wrote. 
“Because the statutes and regulations in question are not consistent with our Nation’s history and tradition, they, therefore, cannot stand,” he wrote.

Read the rest on Colorado Peak Politics here.

OH, HEY THE CIA WAS BEHIND THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP LETTER Not that this is remotely surprising but now we know for a fact that Mike Morrell, as a CIA employee, rallied signatories for the letter used to give Joe Biden cover before the election. He actively recruited former members of the intelligence community to sign the letter, and even took editing suggestions from former CIA head and serial liar William Brennan. Read more here, you won't see it in the New York Times. The NY Post's Miranda Devine writes more about the details here.

WHY DO DEMOCRATS CATER TO CRIMINALS IN COLORADO? Former DA George Brauchler writes about how Colorado Democrats continue to dismantle our justice system here is some effort to do what? I'm asking. What is the point in making crime easier except to coddle criminals? Does anyone know if the Democrats really think that if they lower the penalties criminals will just give up on their life of crime? Read the article here and you will have questions too.

A LOT OF OUT OF TOWN FOLKS WANT MIKE JOHNSTON TO BE MAYOR And one must wonder why. He's got a lot of Super PAC money flowing into his camp right now and you can expect the airways to be flooded with ads supporting him and possible attacking his challenger Kelly Brough. She's got Super PAC money too, but far less than Johnston. I'm still trying to figure out how Johnston's policies are different than what we're doing now.

THIS IS THE YEAR FOR WHITE WATER RAFTING As the snow is deep and the water is flowing. Read more about it here.

THIS IS THE RIVER I SPENT MY CHILDHOOD ON You had to be tough where I'm from.

A YOUTUBER IS GOING TO JAIL Why? He crashed his plane on purpose for clicks. Now he's facing 20 years in prison. Watch this.

Can we talk about the lengths people will go to for clicks now?

A CLAPPED GLOVE LEADS TO A MELEE And I love a good melee, although this one ended up with several ejections.

MONKEYS LOVE MAGIC Watch below or click here.

WHEN DID THE FAST AND FURIOUS MOVIES BECOME ABSURD? This guy lays it out. Watch below or click here.

DO YOU KNOW THE BREAD TRICK? You can prolong how long your bread lasts.

TALK ABOUT A CONTAGIOUS LAUGH A French tv show put a whole bunch of people with weird laughs on stage together. Mayhem ensued. Watch below or click here.

CAREER CHANGE SUCCESS STORIES It seems like such a huge leap to change careers when you are established in your field, but these people did it. You can too!

NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY DID DURING COVID This is handy video of that time when a whole bunch of media people said the entire pandemic was the fault of the unvaccinated. Which they totally weren't, because we know that the vaccine did nothing to prevent the spread of covid. Never forget.

SCHOOL AVOIDANCE IS BECOMING A REAL ISSUE And although I can understand why students would be afraid of a school shooting, this seems to me to be a lack of parental will to help/force their kids to go to school or seek an online alternative if their kid is truly paralyzed by fear and anxiety. The kid also needs to be in therapy, which the kid in the beginning of this article clearly is not. There have always been kids with school avoidance, some of them drop out, some of them just fail, but it's up to parents to fill in the gaps, and with online schooling a thing now there is no excuse for letting your kid fall behind, which just exacerbates the problem.

SO NOW TRUMP IS PRO-CHOICE-ISH Because Ron DeSantis went big and got a six week abortion bill passed in Florida, so Trump had to do something and he's now declared that ban "too harsh". Mmmkay. Can't wait to see the true pro lifers deal with this one.

DAVE CHAPPELLE CALLS OUT SAN FRANCISCO In a recent surprise set in the city, he took aim at the lawlessness and drug use that have taken over the city. He declared that the city needed a Batman to clean things up. No, they need good governance and to apply the rule of law, but you've got a better chance of Batman showing up that that in San Fran.

NO SIR, YOU CAN'T GIVE AWAY MUSHROOMS FOR DONATIONS I like this scamp's moxie in trying to spread the love of magic mushrooms via a girl scout style card table at a shopping center, but he's now found out he's afoul of the law by a good bit. This Colorado man may be going to jail.

BETA BLOCKERS AREN'T GOOD FOR EVERY HEART PATIENTS And as they are widely prescribed for people with heart attacks, they aren't good for everyone and can even make some people more likely to end up in the hospital! Read about it here.

BINGING ON YOUTUBE CAN LEAD TO DEPRESSION AND LONELINESS And you can read all about it here, but it comes down to this: Go live a life rather than watching someone else live theirs.


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