04/26/23 Blog: I've Got a Short Show and Short Timers

WE'LL GET STARTED RIGHT AFTER THE ROCKIES GAME TODAY Probably about 2ish but you never know.

AROD TESTIFIED IN DC THIS WEEK About being the victim of an environmental crime. What happened? He'll share with us today. Here is some background on the story here and here, and opening statements of why they were doing the hearing are here.

TOMORROW I LEAVE FOR FRENCH POLYNESIA And this is a trip 43 years in the making for me. What is your dream destination? I'm going to challenge you to make it happen! Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but you can do this! If you're the praying type I'd sure appreciate your prayers for safe travels!

AN ARREST HAS BEEN MADE IN THE ROCK THROWING MURDER And this arrest makes me so very sad because not only is the family of a beautiful 20 year old young woman grieving her death, we now know that three 18 year old men were doing dumbass stuff when they killed her. They were throwing rocks from a moving truck because one of their underdeveloped brains thought it would be funny to do I'm sure. Now three young men will pay a steep price for an idiotic prank, as well they should. Please talk to your teens about not being a dumbass. It's really not that hard.

THE COLORADO DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATURE IS ADDING BILLIONS TO THE COST OF BUSINESS And when businesses starting fleeing instead of coming here we'll all wonder why except we won't because it's all the cumbersome legislation these Democratic legislatures have passed. Well not ALL their fault, the expensive family leave program was voted on by left leaning voters so they are to blame for that. Our friends at the Common Sense Institute have done a breakdown of the billions of dollars businesses are going to have to cough up in the next few years because of the Green New Deal we have here and more.

WHEN LOCAL CONTROL DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE It's farcical to me that our Fake Libertarian Governor tries to tell anyone he believes in local control. Only when it comes to more restrictive gun laws or more restrictive oil and gas policies. Because now cities and municipalities are being FORBIDDEN from stopping "healing centers" that use psychedelics for "therapy" in their communities. FORBIDDEN. This editorial makes the case that communities should have the right to decide whether or not they want to participate in this grand psychedelic experiment.

GET READY FOR FILM ON THE ROCKS! The lineup this year is GREAT so if you've ever wanted to see a movie at Red Rocks, this may be your year! Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am. Find the lineup here.

GET READY FOR DELAYS ARE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK THIS SUMMER Unless you drive over to Grand Lake and enter the park from that side, that is. There is going to be construction at one of the main entrances to the park this year, plus the reserved time system is back. Read the details and plan ahead this year!

WHY IS COLORADO LOWERING PENALTIES FOR TRUCK DRIVERS WHO ARE NOT PROPERLY LICENSED? Considering that a man without the proper license and training plowed into a bunch of cars and killed a bunch of people I'm genuinely not sure where this came from or why it's happening but we live in Crimeorado now so why not. Read more here.

IMMIGRANT ACTIVISTS ARE MAD AT MAYOR HANCOCK Because he is no longer interested in welcoming illegal immigrants to the city unless they have a number given them by Border Patrol, which excludes illegal immigrants who just walked over the border unfettered. The Mayor's office says that without federal dollars to pay for this it's unsustainable and Denver can't afford it. He's not wrong, but wouldn't it be nice if these Democratic mayors demanded their party DO SOMETHING about securing the border as well? But they won't. Maybe we need to send more migrants to Martha's Vineyard this summer.

THE PUBLIC CAN VOTE TO PUSH MORE OF RTD'S BUDGET ONTO TAXPAYERS Not that we're not all footing the bill for the failing mass transit system now, but RTD is asking for public input on LOWERING fares permanently. If they aren't making money now, how is lowering fares going to help? I will say the "zone pricing" on the trains is stupid and unnecessarily complicated and makes it expensive and too time consuming to be worth using from Douglas County. Read more here.

GM HAS A GREAT YEAR, BUT ENDS ONE REASON WHY General Motors beat their own projections last year as they announced on their earnings call. They are going all in on Electric vehicles from here on out, but the EV that they sold the most of, and I mean by a long shot, is going away. They announced they are ending the Chevy Volt, which made up a vast majority of EVs sold last year. As in they sold 20,670 EVs, and only 700 of those were non-Bolts. But they say the Bolt is built on their old EV platform and their new platform will let them roll out a bunch more affordable EVs going forward. We'll see how this works out. I'm just not sure there is enough demand to buy up 400,000 EVs a year anytime soon.

DR. ROBOT COULD BE HERE FASTER THAN YOU THINK An enterprising group called Ansible Health decided to put ChatGPT to the test and I mean literally. They gave the Chatbot the Medical licensing exam. It passed. Just barely, but it passed. Guess what? Some of the doctors you see every day are practicing medicine when they "just passed" the same test. Combine this with a study done back in 2020 that showed AI is better at diagnosing illness than doctors are and we are a very short jump to Dr. Robot. I'd be fine with that but I bet they are going to have cold hands. No one likes a doctor with cold hands.


TUCKER CARLSON'S SPEECH BEFORE THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION LAST WEEKEND It's really good and worth watching. He goes deep in this one.

WANT TO KNOW WHICH STINGING INSECTS HURT THE MOST? A entomologist Justin Schmidt has seen a lot of bugs in his day, and he's been stung by them all. How do I know? Because he has created what is now called the Schmidt Sting Pain Index and it's hilarious. I'm not sure he meant it to be SO funny but it is. For instance, get stung by a tarantula wasp, you can expect this:

You can read the rest here and maybe keep a handy copy close when encountering insects.

WANT TO TRY SOME 86 YEAR OLD BEER? You really shouldn't because it's super old, but it was brewed for the coronation of Edward VIII's which never happened and has been sitting in a storage room ever since. With the upcoming coronation of King Charles the brewer has decided to auction off the old beer as a fundraiser for charity. They are also brewing a new brew in honor of the new king but no one cares about that.

IF SOMEONE DOES THIS ON MY PLANE TO FRENCH POLYNESIA There will be a murder. A giant ahole was such a giant ahole on a flight from Newark to Tel Aviv that the pilots TURNED THE FLIGHT AROUND and went back to Newark to have this guy removed. Everyone else had to get on another flight. I will murder someone if my flight to Tahiti is derailed.

THAT TIME MSNBC LIED 279 TIMES IN 11 MINUTES As part of the revelations of the Twitter files a group of journalists decided to ask the media to correct all the times is spread lies about Russian propaganda. What they found was there were SO MANY instances that it would be impossible to log them all, so they just went to MSNBC to find out how many times they referenced a now discredited group which purported to have the goods on "Russian bot" accounts on Twitter except they were wrong. Read more about the effort here and then watch this.

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