04/25/23 Using Psychedelics to Heal Trauma

CAN YOU TRIP YOUR WAY TO HEALING? My guest today says an emphatic yes. Shannon Duncan is a serial entrepreneur whose deep childhood trauma kept him from having fulfilling relationships and being a good dad, so he began therapy but found it wasn't enough. He then began what he calls "medicine work" with psychedelics and found it to be extremely effective in helping him overcome and truly put his past behind him. His new book Coming Full Circle: Using Psychedelics to Heal Trauma is available here, and he joins me at 1:30 to talk about it.

HOLY COW EVERYONE IS DANCING ON TUCKER CARLSON'S TV GRAVE If you want to know how people really are, find out what people say about them when they are gone. Apparently Tucker Carlson is quite the Ahole. I can only assume by the flurry of stories with quotes from "Fox staffers" celebrating his firing from Fox News. As someone who has worked with an extremely popular radio host who was a horrible person in real life, I have to say I give these comments some credence. It's going to be interesting to see where Tucker lands next, although Fox News is apparently paying out his newly renewed contract so he's not going to be hurting for money anytime soon. It's amazing to me that someone can behave so badly and still be propped up by a network. Amazing, but not surprising, as this has been consistent throughout my career. As long as the person who is an ahole is a dude, by the way. Women get cut loose for being difficult. True story. Brian Kilmeade filled his spot and gave a cursory shoutout before jumping right in. See it here. Only David Strom at HotAir.com gives Tucker some credit in this column.

COLORADO IS TOP FIVE FOR EXPENSIVE HOUSING This time we're talking about first time homebuyers. Only Hawaii, California and Washington state beat us on the list of most expensive place for first time homebuyers to buy. What do all of these states have in common? It's a mystery. JK, they are all completely run by Democrats and their policies. Read more here.

"ELDERLY" BIDEN HEADLINE SHOWS HOW MUCH DEMS DON'T WANT HIM If you spend any time reading the news, just look around and see how many stories mention how old Joe Biden is. The answer is a LOT of them and this is a relatively new shift in the media. Check out this headline:

Elderly Biden's reelection bid renews spotlight on VP Harris

Not very flattering, is it? Especially considering how unpopular Kamala Harris is with everyone. This article talks about how with Biden being so old, she is just one heartbeat away from the Presidency and does ANYONE really want that? The answer is a resounding no.

ROBERT KENNEDY JR IS READY TO DEBATE JOE BIDEN I am intrigued to see what happens with the candidacy of Robert Kennedy Jr. He's an interesting dude, a noted vaccine skeptic and one of those people born into privilege but obsessed with poor people. He's also announced and put out this Tweet the other day asking for debates. Does the DNC give them to him? He's too much of a whackadoodle on several issues to be a serious contender, but what does the political machinery do with this? I can't wait.

NO MR. PRESIDENT, MY KID IS NOT YOUR KID Did you see this bit of idiocy?

My kid is my kid, your kid is your kid and you can keep your creepy ass hands off of them, thank you very much.

CHINA IS STIFLING THE COVID INVESTIGATIONS And this is the least surprising news story I've seen in some time. From the New York Times:

That the Chinese government muzzled scientists, hindered international investigations and censored online discussion of the pandemic is well documented. But Beijing’s stranglehold on information goes far deeper than even many pandemic researchers are aware of. Its censorship campaign has targeted international journals and scientific databases, shaking the foundations of shared scientific knowledge, a New York Times investigation found.
Under pressure from their government, Chinese scientists have withheld data, withdrawn genetic sequences from public databases and altered crucial details in journal submissions. Western journal editors enabled those efforts by agreeing to those edits or withdrawing papers for murky reasons, a review by The Times of over a dozen retracted papers found.

This is why it's been IMPOSSIBLE to say for sure how the virus started and IMPOSSIBLE to say for sure that it DIDN'T start in a Chinese lab with funding from Dr. Fauci's NIH, no matter how many times he says it. In my mind the censorship is an admission of guilt by the Chinese. How could you read it any other way?

DO YOU HAVE RESERVATIONS ABOUT HIRING GEN Z? I love working with younger people, but this generation can be...challenging. This exchange between Dave Ramsey and a caller concerned about hiring younger workers is a great way to look at things. Are you a boss or a leader? That matters.

i DO ADMIRE HIS COMMITMENT TO THE ROLE This story is crazy and honestly hilarious partly because this guy is clearly a narcissist who believes his terrible acting job is convincing. A man being accused of sexually assaulting a women in 2008 "died" of lymphoma and according to his wife was cremated and "buried at sea", though the "grieving widow" has declined to provide a death certificate to anyone. Now he's been found in Scotland where he has adopted a new name and life and is trying desperately to convince everyone he's not who they think he is. But y'all, watch this:

By the way, doctors say he does NOT need oxygen. The mask is part of his cover. The rest of this story is WILD, read it here.

FIVE THINGS THIS EMERGENCY VET WON'T DO WITH HIS DOG And I'm guilty of doing one of these: bones! Watch below or click here.

IS NEW YORK GEARING UP FOR A BAN ON CIGARETTES? I will admit that as a former smoker I HATE the smell of cigarettes. But as a libertarian I'm here to defend your right to waste money and damage your body if that's what you want to do. New York Governor Kathy Hochul (whose administration supports legal weed, btw) is lofting a ban to see if anyone bites. She was unsuccessful in getting menthol cigs banned (which infantilizes black citizens who are more likely to smoke menthols) but she's putting out feelers to see if she can drum up support to ban them. In related news, New Jersey is excited about this prospect.

WHEN CORPORATIONS GO WOKE ON MOTHER'S DAY did you know that Mother's Day is controversial? Someone thinks so, as there seems to be a concerted effort by MANY corporations to cowtow to that someone. How do we know? They are all sending out nearly IDENTICAL emails asking if their clientele would like to "opt out" of Mother's Day marketing emails. Are they going to do this for Valentine's Day, lest they offend single people? Or Christmas, so as not to put off atheists? This smacks of a bow to the Trans lobby to me.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM DOESN'T DO ITS JOB? I have a listener named Joe who send me very interesting stuff on a regular basis and this is today's email:

In case you haven't been keeping track, here is a summary of recent incidents (2023) where dangerous criminals who have been arrested numerous times have been offered plea bargains that included little to no jail time and then released back onto the street where there frequently assault or kill new victims. 
In New York City, a man who had been arrested 17 times in 45 years (including one prior arrest for murder) beat an innocent victim to death last week. 
In California a man who committed 37 felonies in the past 17 months (roughly one every two weeks that the police know of) was sentenced to 3 years plus 8 months in jail but served only 3 days.. 
In Rochester Minnesota, a school janitor who raped a 4 year old and 9 year old girl was offered a plea bargain that had him serve just 6 months in the county jail and no requirement to register as a sex offender after his release 
In Michigan, a man previously arrested on felony gun possession charges was offered as plea deal that reduced the charge to a misdemeanor which subsequently allowed him to buy a gun whiich he used to murder three Michigan State college students 
In New York in February, a 38 year old man with 13 prior felony arrests in the past 15 years shot and killed an off duty copy during a staged robbery where the killer posed as the seller of a used car. Why was this man not still in prison instead of walking around the streets off NY City with a gun? 
Judges & District attorneys are elected officials. Pay attention to the people running in those roles running for re-election when you fill out your ballot

Pay attention to what and who you are voting for.

BILL MAHER ASKS THE QUESTIONS WE'VE ALL BEEN ASKING And he can get away with it, because when I mention it, I'm a racist. Watch below.

THIS AS A DENVER CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE IS DROPPING OUT OF DENVER And that is not a typo. Nick Campion was in the runoff for Denver City Council District 7 but he announced he is dropping out. Why? He and his partner are going to have a baby and they are moving out of Denver to raise the child. Watch below.

CANADIAN PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS JUST MAKING CRAP UP NOW We all know what happened when a bunch of Canadian truckers didn't want to get the vaccine. Now Justin Trudeau seems to have come down with a severe case of amnesia. Luckily Twitter is here to jog his memory.

liberal people are more depressed than conservative people, with liberal young people being the MOST anxious and afraid. This column explains why. Progressives are constantly harping on the negative and it's working with young people, who now say they embrace and demand BIGGER government solutions to the problems of climate change or poverty. This is very bad news for the US but I think it's pretty much unstoppable. Read more here.

HOW LONG CAN WE REASONABLY LIVE? that is the question being asked by scientists and the answer is a lot longer than we do now. They theorize that the human body COULD last up to 150 years with the proper care and rejuvenation. I can't imagine living that long and I'm not sure I'd want to. Would you?



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