04/24/23 Blog: The DPS Board Needs to Go NOW, Plus A Real Estate Checkup

BIG THANKS TO THE COLORADO BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION We won the Best News Talk Show Host Award Saturday night! Always a pleasure having your work recognized!

MIKE POTARF JOINS ME TO TALK ABOUT THE STATE OF THE REAL ESTATE MARKET It's definitely in an odd place right now so we'll do a deep dive with my realtor from the Chad Madlom team Mike Potarf. Call Mike at 303-900-8570 with any of your real estate needs!

DPS NEEDS TO GO And a group of parents has formed to make that happen. They are calling themselves Resign DPS Board and I'm guessing you can tell what they mean by their name. I've got Kirsten Benefiel on at 2p today to talk about what they are doing and why they are doing it. Find out more on their website here.

A DEEP DIVE ON THE DENVER MAYOR'S RACE Eric Sondermann did a good job of running down where the Mayor's race is right now and he says it's Mike Johnston's to lose. He also says that money is pouring in from Democrats around the country for Johnston, which makes me want him less than I did before I read this article. Mike is a dynamic guy, super smart, and personable to boot. But I don't like his policies. I think they are the wrong move for Denver. I think he is going to make things worse, and that he's not going to be able to make a dent in homelessness in four years because of NIMBY politics over his plan. LOTS of right leaning people I know LOVE Mike but I don't know how they can love the policies he's running on. Kelly Brough is now the default Republican (she's not, she's a Democrat) because she cares about the business community and she says she's going to enforce the camping ban and clean up downtown. Read it for more, and think about what sort of Denver you want to live in.

QUESTIONS FOR THE COLORADO SPRINGS MAYOR'S RACE These are really good questions and clearly show that Wayne Williams knows the nuts and bolts of the city because of his time on City Council. Yemi doesn't have that deep knowledge YET, but you can decide who answered the questions better here.


Bryan Lindstrom, the man who ran the resolution against capitalism is a teacher (of course he doesn't work in a free market), union organizer (where does he think the money for teachers comes from?) and wants the CEA to actively campaign against the economic system that has lifted the entire world out of poverty. And he's teaching kids in Aurora. Just remember, the teachers unions hate your business and your success. They just proved it.

TUCKER CARLSON IS OUT AT FOX! Color me shocked on this one. Fox News sent out a press release saying they had agreed to part ways with Carlson. I'm ready for more info on this one, like WHO initiated this breakup?

ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES We need to get Smokey Bear back in front of Coloradans as they are the reason stuff keeps catching on fire. It's not hard, people. If you are thinking of doing any burning of any kind, a simple call to the closest fire station will tell you what the burning conditions are TODAY right now. This story about how humans keep causing massive fires is really infuriating when it's really easy to NOT catch things on fire. If someone sets my neighborhood on fire doing something stupid I'm going to be at every court appearance until they go to jail.

YES, THE ROCKIES ARE HISTORICALLY BAD This one breaks my heart, but the numbers don't lie and the numbers say this team is historically bad. Even for the Rockies. Let's see how attendance is on their next homestand.

HOW DEMOCRAT WHINING KILLED BUZZFEED NEWS This is great column on how the 2016 election and the subsequent whinefest by Democrats who lost it lead Facebook to throttle news sites in the interest of banning misinformation, which then led to a dramatic decrease in traffic for sites like Buzzfeed News, which died last week. Reason calls it a murder-suicide and they aren't wrong.

LEN GOODMAN DIED He was my favorite judge on Dancing with the Stars. He passed away after a battle with bone cancer.

THE BUD LIGHT VP OF MARKETING IS OUT The company says she's taken a "leave of absence" after the worst marketing blunder since New Coke. Anheuser-Busch is scrambling to undo the damage the woke VP did to the brand by partnering with fake woman Dylan Mulvaney and has placed the VP of global brand marketing into the role for now. This was totally expected, there was no way she was going to be allowed to stay after this. I expect her to go work for a fully woke brand like Nike soon.

IT'S GOING TO SNOW...AGAIN... and I think Mother Nature justs wants to make my vacation that much sweeter by dumping a bunch of snow on us Tuesday night.

DENVER IS IN THE TOP TEN OF CITIES LOSING PEOPLE At least according to this story from Fox 31. We join other progressive utopias in this honor.

IF YOU'RE FLYING THIS SUMMER, IT'S GONNA COST YOU Airline prices are way, way up as airlines have cut back on schedules in the past few years and demand is way, way up. Read more here.

PORTLAND IS WHAT WE'RE HEADING FOR This is story is horrifying and should be a warning to all politicians in Denver. SHOULD be.

IF YOU WANT TO BE FIRED UP ON A MONDAY Just read this column and watch all the embedded video in it. More and more I feel like I am in a battle with evil in this country, the kind of evil that shouts its abortion or mutilates little children because they are having a tough time with mental health. This column lays it all out. The takeaway is to just be brave. Refuse to say things are true when they are not. Refuse to be bullied into saying things that aren't true when they aren't. Push back with kindness and facts on your side.

COLORADO HAD ONE OF THE HIGHEST DRUG ABUSE RATES IN THE COUNTRY I remember the days when legal weed was going to lower drug abuse because people wouldn't be tempted by evil drug dealers trying to sell them harder drugs. It hasn't worked out that way. We are had the seventh highest rate of drug addiction per capita in the country in 2021. Yay us?

CHARLES BARKLEY HEADS TO....CNN? Color me intrigued by the pairing of Oprah pal and CBS Mornings host Gayle King and NBA star Charles Barkley coming this fall to CNN. Both King and Barkley will continue with their day jobs, but will add the weekend show to their schedules. I think King is left and Barkley leans right so this might be worth watching.

COW PATTIES TO SAVE THE WORLD One farm in England is using cow patties to power their farm after capturing the methane that is let off as they decay. Read more here, but as far as climate change goes, methane is not evil anymore. At least for now.

BED BATH AND BEYOND IS BELLY UP As they have way more debt than assets and no one wants to loan them any more money. They will be closing all of their stores in the next year to liquidate what remaining assets they still have.

FATHER ABSENCE MAY HAVE ALREADY PEAKED And boy howdy I hope this is right. This article on new book about single parent homes says the stats are moving in the right direction now, and I'm going to thank the miserable experience of Gen X for this one. Our parents were the first to get "no fault" divorce during a time when women were especially empowered to leave miserable marriages. The result is a generation of kids who raised themselves. Read this and be hopeful we're over the hump now.

FIFTEEN MOBILITY TESTS TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE AGING WELL Coover is in for Arod today and he doesn't know I'm going to make him to do these with me to make sure we're aging well. Check them out here.

THINGS YOU SHOULD BE USING YOUR COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE FOR This is a great article that reminds me to check into MY county extension office to find out if they can help me with more deer resistant plants in my yard. (just kidding, our deer eat EVERYTHING) Read more here to find out what YOUR office may be able to help you with. Here is a link for Colorado State's extension office which I've used for a variety of things in the past from high altitude baking to gardening at altitude.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MEDICAID FIVE YEAR LOOK BACK If you are planning on relying on Medicaid for your own or your parents care in their later years, you really need to read this. It's about the five year "lookback" that Medicaid does before assessing needs. It's VERY important and it requires planning ahead. Read more here.

THE EIGHT SIZES OF SOUTHERN PLACES Just in case you want to travel and have to ask for directions, as it can be a wee bit confusing.


TRANSGENDER MANIA IS A SIGN OF CIVILIZATIONAL COLLAPSE If you're not familiar with Camille Paglia you should be. She's brilliant and she's written at length about sex and gender and all sorts of things in a sharply insightful way. I'd say if I had to categorize her I'd say she was a classical liberal feminist, but she's an undeniably good scholar. Watch this.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CAROL BURNETT! The comedy legend turns 90 today! She was my absolute favorite as a kid for skits like this one.

The best parts of the show were when things went off the rails and this is one of the very best. No one had a clue what was in the story that Tim Conway told here.

THESE PEOPLE ARE IN COLLEGE But I bet they know that the Founding Fathers owned slaves.

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