04/21/23 Blog: When a Mid Life Crisis Turns Delicious

FORT MORGAN IS GETTING ALL DOLLED UP Thanks to one of my favorite HGTV shows Hometown Takeover. I'm talking with Fort Morgan City Manager Brent Nation today about what that has meant for the town. The show airs this Sunday at 8pm on HGTV.

DAVE LAUER IS GETTING RID OF SOME ALBUMS And being Dave he doesn't want to move the 500 or so records he's accumulated in his life so he's going to give them away to someone who appreciates classical music. He's joining me at 1 to tell you what the collection includes so if you're a record person, this segment at 1 is for you! Side note, also knowing Dave these are likely in PERFECT condition.

WHEN A CAREER CHANGE IS ESPECIALLY SWEET I met my friend Sara Khoudari at a business event she put together for her clients several years ago. She was a buttoned up business consultant who always seemed to have it together but she wasn't particularly happy with her career path. So, she made a change and NoCo Chocolates was born. She's now a full time chocolatier with big plans for chocolate and she joins me today to talk about the switch, the magic of chocolate and why it might be the PERFECT Mother's Day gift. Find NoCo Chocolates here!

I LEARNED ABOUT MOTTE AND BAILEY ARGUMENTS YESTERDAY And that is a PERFECT way to describe SB 213 which initially completely took over zoning but has now been backed down to only SOME places take over zoning in the state. This Tweet explains how it works very easily:

So from now on when someone pushes a totally onerous piece of garbage legislation I will use this term. It's really the perfect way to describe what's going on here.

BIG THANKS TO THE SOUTH METRO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE For having me at their Power Up Energy conversation today. It was extremely informative and you'll be hearing the stuff I learned in the near future.

PROJECT VERITAS IS EXPOSING THE TRANS CHILD MARKETPLACE And they aren't trading children but doctors and gender clinics are pushing, and yes I mean pushing, parents into putting their children into permanently life altering medical treatments before these children starting as young as EIGHT AND NINE years old. I watched this video and tried to do so with a "editing can make things appear a certain way" but I was FURIOUS when I got done. When a doctor says that by 14 kids are "mature ENOUGH" to make a "RELATIVELY informed" decision. Relatively informed decision that permanently alters their life and renders them sterile and unable to have a sexual climax??? Mature ENOUGH??? What is happening is that we are allowing these doctors to run experiments on our children that permanently harms them. This is criminal.

In this video, they tell you that children at 10 are coming in by themselves.

THE BABYLON BEE MOCKS THE ABOVE PERFECTLY As a girl wants a tattoo. This is the point I've been making about the face tattoo.

THE HIDDEN COSTS OF ELECTRIC CARS This is a good article on the current downsides of EVs and they are pretty much why I'm sitting on the sidelines until the tech gets better.

WHERE DID ALL THE BIDEN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS GO? Hoo boy this column is UPSETTING. In the last two years, the Biden administration has let the equivalent of the population of Atlanta, or just over FIVE MILLION people. That number is just a guess based on Border Patrol encounters, but that is a crap ton of people. Where are they now? No one seems to know. Read this for more.

LIFE IS FLEETING Look at the photo of this 20 year old woman who was killed because some jackass threw a rock at her car. She looks lovely and she was someone's daughter, maybe a sister too, and her life ended in a freak attack she simply couldn't have avoided. Life is precious and fleeting and never take it for granted. Tell people you love them whenever you can. Just do it.

MORE PEOPLE ARE STANDING UP TO BRANDS USING MEN FOR WOMEN'S PRODUCTS And one influencer has publicly severed her ties with lingerie brand Honey Birdette over their choice to use a man to model women's lingerie. Good for her. Read more here.

YOUTUBE HAS DEMONETIZED MATT WALSH Because he refuses to call men who think they are women women. This is a HUGE financial hit but he's made his program available on Daily Wire for free daily, which I think is a good move for him and Daily Wire. I don't go there as much because everything is paywalled but I might go there more now. Read more on the Twitter thread below:

WELL BUTTER MY BUTT AND CALL ME A BISCUIT THIS IS NEWS TO ME Ever wanted the degree sign when you're typing on your phone?

MOMS EVERYWHERE FELT THIS ONE Watch below or click here.

ALL THE LEGACY BLUE CHECKS ARE SUPER SALTY NOW And EXACTLY as I said they would, they are all now posting things like this:

This is what I posted two days ago.

HAVE THEY ASKED JOE BIDEN ABOUT WHAT HE WORE ANYWHERE? This is a perfect example of the double standard conservative women face. Hillary Clinton dresses like an oven mitt and is named most stylish. Nikki Haley gets this.

BEFORE YOU USE YOUR HORN... Think about that the person you are honking at could be an out of control idiot. Watch below or click here.

GUYS REVEAL ROMANTIC STUFF THEY WISH WOMEN DID FOR THEM And so many of these are SOOOO simple, ladies. We need to up our game too. Read them here.

THE PENTAGON REVEALS NEW UFO FOOTAGE And this feels a little anti climactic but okay. It's a small round object that seems to be flying under it's own power. I thought it was a cannonball at first. Watch the video on this story.

THE FBI IS GETTING SALTY THAT HUNTER BIDEN HASN'T BEEN CHARGED At least according to this New York Post article. Now that a whistleblower has come forward to say that there was political interference at the IRS investigating Hunter, the FBI is wondering why charges haven't been filed there. This story matters because multiple witnesses have said Hunter set aside 10% for "the big guy" who has been identified as President Joe Biden.

LARRY ELDER IS BACK IN THE POTUS RACE And this is an effort in futility but okay. This race is going to be about who can beat Trump, and I don't think Elder is that guy. And the more people in the race, the more it benefits Trump. Period.

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