04/20/23 Blog: Both Colorado Springs Mayoral Candidates Today!

WAYNE WILLIAMS JOINS ME AT 12:30 Wayne is a well known figure in Colorado politics and is one of the candidates for Colorado Springs Mayor. He joins me at 12:30 today to discuss why he wants the job and his vision for Colorado Springs. Find out more about Wayne by clicking here!

YEMI FOR MAYOR JOINS ME AT 1 Yemis is a political newcomer and immigrant who also is one of the candidates for Colorado Springs Mayor. He joins me at 1pm today to discuss why he wants the job and his vision for Colorado Springs. Find out more about Yemi by clicking here.

THIRSTY THURSDAY IS BACK And we're talking Colorado wines with The Wine Yogi and James Blanchard from Blanchard Wines, and Air Force vet who started his winery with his brother and makes very tasty wines and has a lovely tasting room downtown in the Dairy Block near Coors Field. Find out more about Blanchard Family Wines here, and of course the Wine Yogi has done an amazing blog posting about all the stuff we're trying today here. If you want tickets to the wine walk there is literally ONE tasting with tickets available and ONE Women in Wine event and you can buy them here.

EXPECT TO SEE 'NO PETS ALLOWED" A LOT MORE IN RENTAL ADS As the Colorado Legislature has capped the amount of pet deposit and pet rent a landlord can charge at unreasonable levels. They set the pet deposit at just $300 and that isn't enough to satisfy me. This bill is designed to help pet owner but I guarantee it's going to make it a LOT harder for people with pets to find rental spaces. I will not rent to someone with a pet that could potentially damage my place. Why should I? Another bad bill with bad unintended consequences written by people who don't take the risk of owning rental properties.

ROCKIES HIT A TEN YEAR LOW IN ATTENDANCE And perhaps this will awaken ownership to the need to actually put a winning product on the field? I doubt it, as this Rockies team looks worse than any I can remember since I've been here. I have no clue how Bud Black, who seems like an extra nice fellow, is keeping is job. It's almost unwatchable baseball. And I'm a fan. They hit ten year low in attendance yesterday as they lost another one to the Pittsburgh Pirates in another shellacking. I want so much to stay a Rockies fan but why? And I mean that genuinely, why? Why should I care as a fan when the ownership is clearly content to strive for mediocrity and they even fail at that. I feel bad for the players on this team who really want to win. I'm sure they will find success at their next team.

THE DENVER MAYOR'S RACE IS A TOSS UP So says the polling out so far that shows Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston at a near dead heat with Johnston having a very small lead. Voters are still very concerned about crime and younger voters are concerned about affordable housing. Read the rest here.

THE ZONING TAKEOVER IS BEING WORKED INTO WHAT DEMS WANT The bill presented by Governor Jared Polis was SO BAD that of course it was going to be amended when it should have been outright killed. But now it's starting to closely resemble the Democrat bills in other states where this scheme has already worked. They stripped away the single family home invasion except near transit centers so they look like they "compromised", they took out mountain towns so as not to offend rich Democrat donors, and now they will pass it saying "it could have been SO MUCH worse" and screw over lots of cities who can do their own zoning. This was a charge and retreat bill from the start. And the Fake Libertarian Jared Polis will get away with the greatest incursion into local control on his way to run for President. This sickens me.

BEN MURREY HAS MORE ON PROPERTY TAX INCREASES And if you haven't watched parts 1 through 3 you really should. Watch part 4 here.

YOU HEARD THE MAYOR ON THE SCHOOL BOARD ON THE SHOW But you have to read Tay Tay Anderson's response to the Mayor calling out the School Board in such strong terms in this Denver Gazette article. Of course Tay had time to talk to a reporter. Of course he did.

THE ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN FAILS TO PASS Over 500 people showed up to testify, most of them AGAINST the ban and it failed to get out of committee last night at 1am. Good. But this will not stop. It will never stop.

WHOEVER IS PROPPING UP JOHN FETTERMAN SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES Y'all, I made a comment about his outfit yesterday but he's wearing a suit as he "chairs" a committee meeting yesterday. Sweet baby Jesus I can't even make fun of this, it would just be too cruel.

He needs to be out of the public eye for the foreseeable future and certainly not in the US Senate. No way he serves out his term. Just no way.

THIS WATCH COMPANY JUMPED INTO THE TRANS ATHLETE FRAY And they didn't have to, but they did and I may buy a new watch now. Holy smokes watch this.

CONSUMERS JUST DON'T WANT TO BUY ELECTRIC CARS And Tesla is signaling price cuts as searches on the biggest auto trader sites in the UK for Electric Vehicles have fallen off a cliff. They are just too damn expensive, and the prospect of being hit with a huge battery replacement bill as soon as you buy a used one scares me off. Read more here.

THE BIDEN ADMIN INTERFERED TO PROTECT HUNTER BIDEN That is what is being implied by the attorney of a man who wants whistleblower protection to testify in front of Congress about what he saw about the Hunter Biden tax investigation while he worked at the IRS. While not naming Hunter Biden, the attorney certainly implied it was him. From the Wall Street Journal report:

A letter sent to Congress on Wednesday says a career Internal Revenue Service criminal supervisory special agent has information that would contradict sworn testimony by a “senior political appointee.” The supervisor also has information about a “failure to mitigate clear conflicts of interest in the ultimate disposition of the case,” according to the letter. 
The supervisor has details that show “preferential treatment and politics improperly infecting decisions and protocols that would normally be followed by career law enforcement professionals in similar circumstances if the subject were not politically connected,” according to the letter. 

It sure makes it seem that this is about Hunter. The most interesting thing about this is EVERY legacy news media organization is covering it. I'm guessing there is some "there" there if you know what I mean and they can no longer pretend this is some vast right wing conspiracy.

WHO PAYS THEIR FARE SHARE REALLY? With Tax Day in the rear view mirror we can chat about who really doesn't pay their "fair share". From the Wall Street Journal:

Now that you’ve paid your income taxes or are about to, let’s look at the big picture: Which of these statements is true about 2022 individual income taxes? 
(A) They’ll provide 35% of federal revenue for the year. 
(B) Most of the 180 million taxpayers will be lower earners, as about 70% are expected to earn less than $100,000. In aggregate, they will earn nearly 30% of the income of individual U.S. taxpayers and owe about 1.5% of the income taxes. 
(C) About one quarter of filers will earn between $100,000 and $500,000, and they’re expected to have nearly half the aggregate income and owe nearly half of income taxes.   
(D) The top earners will owe the most compared with their share of income. A small group—about 900,000 filers earning $1 million or more—will have 16% of income and owe nearly 40% of income taxes. 
The answer: All the statements are true except (A). Individual income taxes are expected to provide 54% of federal revenue for 2022, which is more than any other levy and more than many people guess. 

So let's make sure those folks at the bottom pay their fair share, okay?

BEFORE YOU SHARE THAT LOST PET POST Of course scammers have figured out a way to use your kindness to scam people. Read more here.

THE STONER TAKEOVER OF DOWNTOWN IS TODAY So you've been warned that it's going to smell more like weed than normal. If you want to know what's happening downtown you can read this but I'd prefer to just stay away. I don't get why this is still a thing.



ANOTHER HIGH LEVEL DEM DOESN'T KNOW WHAT A WOMAN IS This exchange should demonstrate the absurdity of the Biden Administration's position that males should be allowed to compete against women.

MARVEL'S NEW VILLAIN MAY HAVE MORE WOMEN ACCUSING HIM OF BAD BEHAVIOR Jonathan Majors has been dropped by his management team and multiple projects after being accused of abusing his then-girlfriend and now things may get worse as more women are coming forward with similar stories according to Variety magazine. Everyone is waiting to see what Marvel does with him, as he was going to be the super villain in the entire next arc for Marvel. They have been mum on his so far.

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