04/19/23 Blog: Baseball At 12:30 Today

SHORT SHOW, BIG BLOG Because I don't want to leave you with nothing to do today. You're welcome.

HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY TO MY ROCK RADIO BROTHER WILLIE B! He's been rocking KBPI for THIRTY YEARS and in radio that's like 100 years. Not only is he the absolute best on the air, he's a wonderful human being, Dad, Husband and car guy. I heart him so very much!

DENVER'S SCHOOL BOARD HAS WASTED $43,000 TRYING TO GET ALONG As if there was any surprise that the World's Most Dysfunctional Board can't get along. But it surprising that they have wasted over 40 grand on mediators and therapists in an effort to act like adults that have a job to do. This board is an embarrassment and needs to be voted out THIS NOVEMBER. I will be bringing you alternate candidates as they become available. Look at what Tay Tay had to say about his time with the therapist paid for by tax dollars:

The district’s hiring of Quintana-Price has given directors access to therapy, Anderson said, adding that his sessions have focused more on how not to “lose” himself while advocating for children rather than on any potential conflict with his colleagues.
“It also shows we’re human,” he said. “Elected officials still have their own challenges and we have to normalize being able to… seek someone out for additional help.”

Pay for your own ego-driven therapy, you effing clown.

WHY HOMELESSNESS IS WORSE IN CALIFORNIA THAN TEXAS This is a great article on three different Texas cities that are using three different strategies to manage homelessness, all with good success. Why are they different than California? Because two of them have rejected the failed Housing First model demanded by the federal government. The other uses the housing first model in a city with ZERO zoning restrictions, which prevents NIMBYs from being able to stop affordable housing in the city. Read it here, it's very interesting.

AND TO THINK THAT IT HAPPENED ON MULBERRY STREET A hit and run took a man's life and I'm mentioning it so I can make a clever headline from Dr. Seuss. Check the details here and if you're in Fort Collins keep your eyes peeled for this truck!

A NEW SAFE SPACE FOR EAST HIGH KIDS While the school board chases it's own tail, Church in the City and the FaithBridge community are opening up a cafe for kids to hang out in after school. I LOVE stuff like this and I hope the kids love and appreciate it too. Read more here.

AURORA NEEDS LIFEGUARDS THIS SUMMER And this is a great job for anyone who loves to swim. You can get certified and licensed all while getting paid. And there is a retiree in this story and I love that! Find out more here.

FORT COLLINS IS BEING ASKED TO UNDO YOU PLUS 2 That is the housing restriction that says only three unrelated adults can live in the same house and it's been in effect since the 1960s. I realize that having a bunch of college students living in a home in your neighborhood can suck, but housing availability and affordability especially for students is crazy. I would urge Fort Collins to do away with this rule, even as I recognize the havoc it can cause. Students, who bring a lot of money into Fort Collins, are asking for the change. It does put pressure on landlords to let tenants know they will not be allowed to disrupt a neighborhood, and pressure on students to NOT do that. I always lived with multiple roommates in college so I get it from both sides.

FEWER PEOPLE ARE MOVING TO DENVER And this article talks a LOT about housing prices but they are not talking about the fact that people paying a premium to live downtown have to deal with homeless people and crime. I've spoken to numerous people who have said it's simply not the desirable place it used to be because of that. From the Denver Post:

Denver County, which averaged a 2.1% annual rate of population growth between 2010 and 2019, lost population in 2021 and started growing again in 2022. But it remains down by about 4,304 residents over the 2-year period, or 0.3% per year. The county’s deacceleration was among the largest regionally and nationally, according to EIG. As in many places with population losses, it reflected a big drop in international migration, outflows of residents to other areas and other states, and a higher death rate because of the pandemic.
Denver, Boulder, Jefferson and Arapahoe counties lost nearly 34,000 residents combined in domestic out-migration in the past two years, according to counts from the U.S. Census Bureau. Over the same period, Weld, Douglas and Larimer counties saw net migration of 35,656 people.

So is the bloom off the rose for good? If the Democrats keep passing bills to make business harder and housing more expensive I'd say so.

AMERICANS NOW SPEND MORE ON WEED THAN CHOCOLATE And you'd think that one would boost the other but no. Weed sales hit $30 BILLION last year while chocolate only hit $18 billion. We've got our priorities screwed if you ask me.

LISTENING TO MUSIC COULD STAVE OFF DEMENTIA But I don't mean just casually listening, I mean LISTENING to music. Music has been shown to affect brain plasticity and now we have an official study that showed that purposeful listening to music can actually lead to increased gray matter in the brain. Read more here and then put on some Pink Floyd and pick out all the different instruments. Or classical music if that's your thing. It is not mine.

HOW GOVERNMENT FUNDED MEDIA LIES This is a great column about the Canadian Broadcasting Company, a government funded news organization, is mad that Twitter called it a government funded news organization. In order to prove they were NOT a government funded news source they created a handy graph. Except they used a clever tool to make the graph LOOK totally different than what the numbers really are. Read it here.

JOHN FETTERMAN IS BACK AT WORK And I'm not trying to pile on but he showed up for work at the US Senate dressed like this.

I just don't think that is okay. I just don't. I wish him well on his recovery.

THIS AS DEMOCRATS WANT DIANNE FEINSTEIN OUT Let's be real, this woman needs to retire. But she's not, she's just not present as she fights a round of the shingles (did she get the singles vaccine or not? I'd genuinely like to know) and the Democrats have a lot of judges they can't get out of committee because they are horrible. This story sugarcoats the reality of what must be happening behind the scenes.

ANOTHER CELEB ASKS FOR THE END OF WEIGHT COMMENTS I feel for celebrities who struggle with weight issues. I say I'm like the radio Oprah, fat and then thin, fat and then thin, so I can relate somewhat, but not to the scale celebrities have to deal with. Bebe Rexha, a pop star, has now come out to ask people to stop talking about her weight gain. This after Arianna Grande asked people to stop commenting on her weight LOSS. I can appreciate what they are doing here, but some people have nothing good in their own lives so spend their days trying to tear down people from afar. I get it a lot on the text line. It's really pathetic.

I HAVE AFRO ENVY I have hair that is kinda wavy, kinda not and generally very flat. Whenever I see a glorious afro I have hair envy. I've always thought afros were so cool. Now a Louisiana woman has taken the record for the World's Largest Afro and I am jealous. For real. See it here

DEAR OLDER MILLENNIALS, I HAVE A LONG DISTANCE DEDICATION FOR YOU The accuracy of this made me laugh really hard.

AND NOW A VERY SATISFYING LAWN MOWING VIDEO This kid just goes around and offers to get unruly yards under control and then puts them on Youtube. I found this one especially satisfying.

GET A FREE CLUB SO YOUR CAR DOESN'T GET STOLEN, DENVER Advanced Auto Parts is giving away 200 Clubs to secure your car since Denver can't seem to do anything about car theft. Find out more here.

ONE NIGHT STANDS ARE ON THE WAY OUT If you didn't already know, the younger generation isn't having nearly as much sex as Gen X did. Yay Gen X! This story shows that the one night stand is one of those casualties, though this might not be a bad thing. I find it interesting that they blame less drinking on this rather than the easy accessibility of porn. Less drinking does mean better judgement, but the overall decline in sex is not just from not drinking. Could this be why the younger generation is so depressed? I'm asking that seriously while not endorsing the one night stand, which women regret far more often then men.

STEVE MOORE SHOWS UP "PATRIOTIC" MILLIONAIRES AT THEIR OWN PRESS CONFERENCE This is magic. A bunch of virtue signaling millionaires who want to raise taxes on everyone but won't sign a pledge to pay the tax rate they want for everyone else. Steve Moore called them on it.

MEDITATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS MEDICATION FOR ANXIETY DISORDERS And now we've got a scientific study to compare directly. Meditation didn't work for everyone, but neither did the drugs. Read about it here.

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