04/18/23 Blog: The Mayor Talks School Board Shenanigans

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK JOINS ME AT 1 And we're going to do two things. First, we're going to get the bottom of the Denver Public Schools kerfuffle where it seems the Superintendent, who couldn't be bothered to show up at a meeting with the City Council yesterday, said that the Mayor's office threatened to issue an Executive Order about School Resource Officers. The Mayor says that didn't happen. Then we're going to do a retrospective of the Mayor's time in office. It's going to be a good one!

WANT TO LEARN ABOUT ENERGY? I'm so excited to be moderating a panel discussion created by the South Metro Chamber of Commerce about energy. We've got OUTSTANDING experts who will discuss the grid, electriciation, and what we can expect in Colorado when it comes to energy. This isn't a political discussion, but a fact based discussion about energy that is going to be very interesting. You can join it by clicking here, and I'm talking to Natela Manuntseva from the Chamber about it at 2.

THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN IS BACK This bill is so broad as to be ridiculous, but never let the constitutionality of a law stop Democrats from passing it anyway. The horrible bill, introduced in January but then largely forgotten, is back. The bill includes WAY too many firearms to be considered anything but a complete assault on the 2nd Amendment so I fully expect it to be struck down, but the Dems don't care. They simply don't.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS PARENTS ARE UP IN ARMS As they rightfully should be because the district, which voted to remove SROs in 2020 with no plan in place for student safety, has done NOTHING to move a safety plan forward. It's beginning to be clear that Superintendent Alex Marrero is completely incompetent and not up the job he is tasked to do. I mentioned above that he couldn't even bother to show up for a meeting with Denver City Council to talk about how the City Council can work with the School system on safety. Now there's a group demanding the entire School Board resign (you can sign the petition linked in this article) Now another parent group is demanding action on a school safety plan as well. From the Denver Gazette:

Members of the Parents-Safety Advocacy Group (P-SAG) — organized in the wake of last month’s shooting at East High School that seriously wounded two school administrators — on Monday called the wait reckless and irresponsible.
“Five hundred and eighty-three days ago — how can we call that a priority?” asked Vernon Jones Jr., father of two DPS students and executive partner of FaithBridge.
Jones added, “You cannot convince me that our children matter when you can drag your feet for 583 days, hop around the nation to go to conferences, do all these other things and we still don’t have a plan for safety across our district.”

He's absolutely right. This Board and this Superintendent must go. Period. Here is another story about the Resign movement.

HOW HAS LEGALIZE POT WORKED OUT SO FAR? This is a really good column on the downside of legal pot and it's very good. As I've said, I probably would have voted for Amendment 64 as a liberty minded person, but we unleashed the hounds without good guardrails in place. Read about the negative side effects here.

SO LET'S TALK ABOUT SAFE INJECTION SITES WHILE WE'RE AT IT I am STAUNCHLY opposed to any sort of harm reduction without some sort of pressure on addicts to stop using drugs. And I mean Portugal-style Dissuasion Committees where addicts have to appear before a board that tries to talk them into treatment when they are caught with drugs. This column by a former addict says it best. Compassion is not making it easier for someone to be addicted to a drug that makes you always choose the drug over life.

HERE COME THE FLOODS This is the downside to record snowpack in Colorado. Moffat County is already declaring an emergency based on the snow melt from the low country and they are dreading the melt from the high country. Read more here and get your sandbags ready.

A STAY HAS BEEN ISSUED ON ONE OF THE ABORTION BILLS JUST SIGNED And this one would have prevented pregnancy centers from administering abortion reversal drugs for women who change their minds in the midst of a chemical abortion. A judge has issued a stay on this until the free speech implications can be sorted out. It's crazy to me how the Governor says government shouldn't get in the way between people and their doctors unless that doctor is trying to save a baby from extinction.

PHONICS IS MAKING A COMEBACK! And the fact that phonics has become political truly outlines how stupid our entire country has become because of politics. This is a great story about how where phonics has been reintroduced reading scores have gone way, way up. It's time to make sure that phonics are a part of EVERY reading curriculum in Colorado. There is no excuse. It works.

SHOWER TOGA IS KINDA COOL I could actually see using this.

BE CAREFUL WITH THE TUMMY RUB And I'm talking about with dog's here. Watch below or click here.

DON'T DITCH THOSE BANANA PEELS This is very cool and I had no idea.

YES, YOUR KIDS MESS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Boy howdy, Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass really stepped in it when he posted a photo of the HUGE mess his kids made on a flight with an angry tweet about his wife being asked to pick it up.

As a former flight attendant, I have thoughts on this. I shall discuss today.

YOU GOTTA EARN BIG TO LIVE IN THESE CITIES And though Denver wasn't on this list you have to think it couldn't have been far off. Find out where you don't want to live, or DO want to live here.


THIS IS A STORY NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THROUGH The woman featured here lost her brother when he was murdered by a severely mentally ill woman 18 years ago. After being hospitalized for most of the time since then and getting intensive treatment she is being released and the grace displayed by the victim's sister is inspirational.

CAR STOLEN? CHECK THIS FACEBOOK GROUP Because a group for stolen cars in Colorado is where one family found their car. I'm still not sure who posts the cars from this story, but whatever works. Of course the cops say if your car is seen on this group, call the cops and let them go get it.

IF CHILDREN CAN CHOOSE THEIR GENDER WHY NOT HAVE SEX WITH ADULTS? This is not okay, it will NEVER be okay and can we just kick the UN out of New York already? The United Nations, and organization ostensibly dedicated to the betterment of mankind, has come out with "guidance" on the age of consent. Read this horse crap:

Without any discussion about what the age of consent should be, the report suggests minors can consent to having sex with an adult.
“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” the report states.
It also advises lawyers, judges and law enforcement to consider “the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them” when considering enforcement of laws about sex with minors.
The report continues: “Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.”

I guess they want to give middle eastern cultures where men use boys for sexual satisfaction some cover. They can go pound sand.

REI IS THE LATEST TO CLOSE UP SHOP IN PORTLAND Are there any large anchor stores in downtown Portland anymore? It's a genuine question as big chains are shutting their businesses in downtown Portland left and right. REI is the latest and in announcing the closure, they said the store had “had its highest number of break-ins and thefts in two decades, despite actions to provide extra security.” They are closing up before their lease is up and join Walmart and Nike in leaving the progressive utopia.

THIS BMW IS ALIVE! It looks that way anyway. This is crazy.

ANOTHER REASON NOT TO EAT FRUIT Watch below or click here.

I LOVE IT WHEN A TRUST FUND DEMOCRAT TELLS A BLACK CRIME VICTIM SHE IS BEING USED Because it did NOT go well in this hearing about crime in NYC. The mother of a marine who had been killed in New York did NOT take kindly to what this Levi Strauss heir had to say. How effing racist is this???

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