04/17/23 Blog: An Award Winning Pizza Place, Plus This Mayor Is Not Happy

LONGMONT HAS AN AWARD WINNING PIZZA JOINT! And I'm going to make the trip to try Urban Field Pizza Market, which you can find here. Nick Swanson (no relation to Ron) just represented Longmont’s Urban Field Pizza in the 39th annual International Pizza Expo where he took seventh place. This is a very big deal as there are a LOT of competitors in the Vegas competition. I'm talking to Nick today at 12:30, just in time for lunch! Read the lovely article about his win here.

MAYORS ACROSS COLORADO ARE UNHAPPY ABOUT POLIS'S ZONING GRAB And I've got one today. Mayor Stephanie Piko of Centennial joins me to discuss her objections to the state inserting itself into local zoning issues at 1 today. What Stephanie may not know is that Fake Libertarian Jared Polis is just following the Democratic playbook from Massachusetts and Connecticut who did this here and here respectively. There is no new idea here. Or course the ski towns put up enough fuss that they are likely going to be exempted from this bill, however it looks when it passes.

THE COLORADO GREEN NEW DEAL IS GOING TO HAPPEN And it's going to be a disaster, of course. This bill is one of the many reasons there was a zero percent chance I could support Chris Hansen for Denver Mayor, as he is the one pushing this Net Zero by 2050 fantasy. We have neither the technology or the ability to be carbon free by then or really ever without nuclear and he doesn't seem to mention that. This bill adds more layers of nonsense onto multiple things that is only going to make energy more expensive. Period. The worst part is, it will do NOTHING to stop global warming. This as it is becoming more clear every day that "Net Zero" is not a rational strategy.

COLORADO NOW A LEADER IN THE MUTILATION OF CHILDREN Either via dissection in the womb via abortion or dissection of children with gender dysphoria. Our Fake Libertarian Governor is going to sign bills to make us even MORE abortiony than we were before and also sign bills letting parents know their children can come here and do untested puberty blockers that will leave their children essentially eunuchs for the rest of their lives. Read more here, I'm done talking about it.

TOP RACIAL DISCRIMINATION CRIMINOLOGIST ACCUSED OF FRAUD And guess what he lied about? He cooked the data to show that when minority populations grew the desire for harsher criminal penalties grew too. Several of his papers have been withdrawn and he abruptly resigned from my alma mater Florida State University. I wonder how much of his now rescinded research has been used to justify loosening criminal penalties in the name of justice? The fact he quit in my mind says he knows he lied. A tenured professor, and he was one, does not quit.

IS THIS DISQUALIFYING FOR A PRINCIPAL? Oh boy this is a story. A new JeffCo principal has an active social media life and unfortunately it's been unearthed by a parent or student. This parent shared it on Twitter:

So what do we do now? The Instagram page has been taken down but not before a bunch of high school kids saw their new principal in all his glory. I feel sorry for this guy that this has come out now, but he needed to be aware of his position as a school leader and reign it in before now. I'm not sure he can effectively lead now. It's up to JeffCo to decide. I feel really conflicted on these things because teachers should be able to have a private life, but he made his public and now he has to deal with the repercussions. This isn't as bad as a teacher having an OnlyFans page but very, very close.

HOW DOES ONE BECOME AN URBAN FARMER? If you've ever asked yourself this question, you need to read my friend Kelly Maher's origin story of how she did just that, which you can find here. And it has cute photos of baby goats!

JENNIFER GARNER HAS A NO SOCIAL MEDIA RULE FOR HER KIDS TOO And she gives the PERFECT way to handle this with kids. She simply tells them to find any research that shows social media is good for teens to match her research that says it's not. Good luck, kids.



Narrator: But the GOP will NOT listen and they will continue to lose against people who are literally destroying this country.

A DEBATE ON FORCED INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF THE CHRONICALLY HOMELESS And of course I'm talking about those who are mentally ill and addicted. No surprise that I agree with the first author in this.

IS FOX NEWS TRYING TO SETTLE THE DOMINION LAWSUIT? It does seem that way as the judge has delayed the start of the trial from today to tomorrow. Fox News does NOT want this to go to trial. They do NOT want executives and hosts on the stand to repeat the damning information they gave up in depositions. I fully expect a settlement today, but you never know.

DESANTIS SUPER PAC RUNS FIRST AD And they are calling out Trump for attacking DeSantis instead of Democrats. Watch it here.

Is that going to be effective? And take note, this is a Super PAC supporting DeSantis so he has no control over messaging.

FINANCIAL AVOIDANCE IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER Hoo boy did I see Young Mandy in this article about young people simply avoiding dealing with their finances. I was guilty, guilty, guilty in my 20s, and it led to terrible credit card debt that took me YEARS to pay off (but I did pay it off). Now Gen Z and Millenials are doing that dance and it's not good for anyone. Read this for more.

MY FAVORITE MUSICAL OF ALL TIME CLOSES ON BROADWAY And it didn't run for 35 years because it wasn't amazing. Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show in Broadway history, thankfully unseating the dreadful Cats, but now it's closed. I got to see it twice on Broadway and if you didn't I'm so sorry you missed it. One of my favorite Phantom's is Norm Lewis and here he is and you're welcome.

THE IRS IS COMING AFTER GIG WORKERS And I don't give a rat's ass about what they say about "millionaires and billionaires" paying their "fair share" this rule is designed to go after gig workers who are not paying taxes on their gigs. Watch this.

But I'm sure it's just millionaires and billionaires who use CashApp and Zelle. I'm sure.

JACOB TROUBA SEEMS LIKE AN ALRIGHT DUDE Regardless of anything else, he did this thing for a fan.

I HAD A GYM TEACHERS LIKE THIS Don't mess with his lunch. Watch below or click here.

JEREMY RENNER IS BACK UP AND MOVING And he looks like he's still moving slow, but he's moving after a near fatal accident with a snow cat. Watch below or click here.

ADELE ENTERS AN ADELE SOUNDALIKE CONTEST This is so cute. I love her. Watch below or click here.

BABY LEARNS FROM THE BEST Watch below or click here.

THIS AUSTRALIAN REPORTER HITS THE BIG TIME Just by living. Watch below or click here.

WANT TO SEE WHAT A CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY LOOKS LIKE? It's already happening in China. Check this out and click on the thread to see the second tweet.

HOMEBUYERS WITH GOOD CREDIT ARE GETTING ROYALLY SCREWED BY THE BIDEN ADMIN The Biden Admin is changing the fee structure for home buyers with bad credit and making those with good credit pay the difference. This is outrageous and I hope SOMEONE sues before I have to when I buy my next home. Read more here. It's infuriating.

SPICOLI'S VAN IS HITTING THE ROAD IN DENVER As new mobile cannabis tours are now a thing. Ride around Denver in a smoked out party bus to different notable pot related destinations. Like a wine tour, but with skunky smoke instead of Pinot Noir.

I ALMOST THREW UP WATCHING THIS Because not just no, HELL TO THE NO. Watch below or click here.

MCDONALDS SAYS THEY ARE IMPROVING THEIR BURGERS And I will be the judge of that because a Mickey D's cheeseburger and only a cheeseburger is my go-to food when I didn't plan well and need something to hold me over for a real meal. McDonalds says they are improving the quality of their burgers and cheeseburgers so I have to check it out soon. Full report then.

MARIE KONDO HAS A MESSY HOUSE NOW And the woman who had the entire planet asking if everything "gave them joy" has now given up. It's amazing what having three kids at home will do to your will to always be tidy. She now says life is about balance. You don't say, Marie. This gives me joy.

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