04/13/22 Blog: Mike Johnston Pops In For a Visit

MIKE JOHNSTON IS SCOOPING UP ENDORSEMENTS As his campaign for Mayor of Denver barrels along. He got an endorsement from former Mayor Federico Pena yesterday and today he's on the show with me (although I do not endorse, as anyone I endorse loses) to do a little bit of a deeper dive on his plans for homelessness. He joins us at 12:15. Find out more about Mike and donate to his campaign by clicking here.

OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS BACK And we're talking about the future of banking in light of the instability of some of our current banks. Read his column about that here. I also want to talk about his latest column where he presents eight scenarios where AI will work with us in the future. To be clear, in none of them do they rise up and kill us. Read that one here.

THE HORRIBLE BILL AIMED AT LANDLORDS IS SOMEWHAT BETTER The bill that I talked about on yesterday's blog that would have hamstrung landlords and I believe led to more evictions has been made a bit better by some big amendments. The income level has been raised, the amount of deposit has been made reasonable and the most onerous provisions have been stripped out of the bill. I find it interesting that government never looks to itself to find out where THEY make rent more expensive first. I still don't want to own rental property here anymore.

THE BILL TO SUE GUN MANUFACTURERS HAS BEEN PRETTY GUTTED This is a giveaway to trial lawyers, who decide far too much of our legislation these days, but the prize has been reduced dramatically. The bill has gone from sweeping changes including a "code of conduct" for gun manufacturers to pretty much allowing gun manufacturers to be sued under pretty strict standards that have to do with advertising. Read more here.

COMMUNITY COLLEGES WILL BE ABLE TO ISSUE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS This is a GREAT idea and I love it. People drop out of high school for all sorts of reasons, and most of the time it puts that at a distinct disadvantage for the rest of their lives economically. A bipartisan bill that should pass easily would allow community colleges to help people who have realized later that they need that diploma to get one. This is a great idea.

DENVER COPS GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND ARE RECOGNIZED It's nice when people get recognized for helping others. There are two great stories here of Denver cops doing just that.

OUR FAKE LIBERTARIAN GOVERNOR HAS HIT A SNAG After he announced the largest state power grab maybe of all time with his proposed takeover of zoning throughout the state, he's hit a wall of opposition that he surely expected. Maybe he didn't think it would be THAT bad, but maybe he just did this to force local governments to "do something" rather than face a state takeover of local zoning decisions. Here's an editorial about what a no good, horrible, rotten idea this state takeover is. Politically I have to wonder what Polis was thinking here. He's not stupid. He had to know this would be wildly unpopular but he did it anyway. I'm missing something here on the political side. Maybe it's so he can say "I TRIED to do something" about affordable housing in his state. I'm just not sure.

PEOPLE ARGUING FOR MORE CARBON RESTRICTIONS HAVE NO CLUE HOW MUCH CO2 THERE IS This is a well done exchange by a member of Congress who really did his homework before this hearing.

A TRIPLE MURDER IN FLORIDA HAS ONE COP CALLING FOR ACCOUNTABILITY FOR KIDS Because the suspects in the triple murder of three teenagers in North Florida are two males, one 17 and one 12 years old. The sheriff held a press conference where he took the media to task for not sharing the photos of the teenagers and when you hear the reason why, you will wonder why Colorado is trying to go even softer on juvenile criminals.

NOT SLEEPING? EXERCISE MAY MITIGATE THAT We all know that lack of sleep can lead to health issues, but a new study from China showed that people who didn't sleep much but STILL exercised seemed to have fewer issues long term. I totally believe this. Before I exercised regularly my insomnia would kick me in the teeth when I didn't sleep for days at a time. Now my body can keep moving throughout the day and my brain doesn't feel as fried, plus my episodes of insomnia (which used to last for up to ten days before I collapsed) generally resolve in a few days. Must be my Innomax bed and exercise!

DPS SAFETY COORDINATOR SHOULD BE FIRED Simply based on her response to a question by CBS 4 about school pat downs done by administrators. Read this exchange:

So, CBS News Colorado asked DPS Student Safety Coordinator Dr. Jane Lineman if she believes making educators conduct searches of students deemed dangerous is acceptable. She said it's not an "authentic question."
"I don't know if it's necessarily the question of whether it's acceptable or not," Lineman said. "I think what you might be receiving is some feedback that is a typical response after a crisis occurs. Everyone has a range of emotions and a range of questions... so, for that particular inquiry of like, is this appropriate? Is that or not? I don't know if it's really an authentic question. I think it's more reflective of a crisis response of people looking for answers."

So two adminstrators Two administrators are SHOT and she says people asking questions about patting down dangerous students is just people being emotional. Mmkay. Sure. She seems competent in her role.


I wonder if this will affect his leadership in the party? I doubt it, he's a Democrat, they can do anything they want.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET PRICES ARE INSANE At least I think they are anyway. Read them here.

ELON JUST FOLDED TWITTER INTO X CORP Which is his larger company. Read about it here.

HOW TO GET OUT FROM UNDER DEBT QUICKLY This article has some resources to get out of debt fast, although I am loathe to suggest someone take on MORE debt in the form of a personal loan to do that. Unless you have discipline on your spending, that just leads to a bigger mountain of debt in my personal experience.

AN AI METEOROLOGIST MAKES HER DEBUT Until they can figure out how to make her sound less like a robot I feel like she won't be stealing any jobs.


UTILIZE EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET IT IN YOUR PIEHOLE This young scamp is figuring it out. Watch below or click here.

ONE VILLAIN SWAPS GENDERS In the Marvel universe, but I don't think anyone is going to care. I know I don't. Read more here.

ARIANA GRANDE HAS SOME WORDS ON COMMENTING ON BODIES And I can't imagine what it's like to see people on the internet posting about your weight, how you look, or how they think you should look. The songstress has been seeing fans posting that she looks to skinny and unhealthy and she posted this in response. Watch below or click here.

ANHEUSER BUSCH HAS SEEN IT'S STOCK CRATER IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS Since the ridiculous pairing with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney the stock has plunged almost 4%, wiping out $5 BILLION in value in the process. Wow. That's some marketing blunder.

FORMER SNL STAR VICTORIA JACKSON GOES FULL ANTI-GAY She seems to have had a religious conversion and used Bible verses to plead her case that God hates sodomy and Pride events. She appeared at a Franklin, Tennessee City Council meeting to testify against the creation or extension of a PRIDE event for the city. Read more here.

NEARLY A THIRD OF NEW YORKERS WANT TO ESCAPE And they cite high crime,high taxes and crappy schools as a reason. I just did a quick check of per pupil funding in NYC and it's almost $26,000 PER STUDENT, and yet the schools are not good. Read here for the full scoop on how many are trying to get out of the city.


THE FIRST GUN TO HIT THE MARKET WITH SMART FINGERPRINT TECH IS COLORADO MADE I've got to get this guy on the show. The first 9mm with locking technology so it can only be used by authorized users has hit the market. I'm intrigued, because it would be nice to carry a weapon that can't be taken from me to shoot me with it. Read more here.

A REAL LIFE SNOOPY IS TAKING OVER THE INTERNET Trust me when I say you are NOT ready for the cuteness this dog has. OMG I want one! See this adorable pup here.

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