04/11/23 Blog: You Want Some Cheese to Go With that Whine?


HAS THE SLEW OF LEFTIE BILLS GOT YOU DOWN? Get together with a bunch of other bothered sorts to complain about what the Colorado Legislature is inflicting on us this year at the Independence Institute this Thursday. It's their W(h)ine and Cheese party and you can buy an extremely affordable ticket to it here. Chief Whiner Jon Caldara joins me at 12:30 to discuss.

AN IMMIGRATION DEBATE IS HITTING THE ROAD The Steamboat Institute's Campus Liberty Tour is back and this year, it's about immigration. The Steamboat Institute, in cooperation with the Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization at the University of Colorado Boulder, has announced that the second event on the 2023 Campus Liberty Tour will be a debate on the resolution, “Illegal crossings of the U.S.-Mexico border are increasing at record levels; the U.S. government must secure the border immediately.” The debate will be held April 13 at Chancellor’s Hall on the CU Boulder campus, and will feature opening remarks by Chancellor Philip DiStefano. Julio Rosas and Michael Anton will argue the affirmative on the resolution, while Benjamin Waddell, Ph.D, and Jose Antonio Vargas will argue the negative. The debate will be moderated by Steamboat Institute Blankley Fellow Hadley Heath Manning, Vice President for Policy at the Independent Women’s Forum. Steamboat Institute's Jennifer Schubert-Akin joins me at 1:30 to talk about it. This is a super cool event.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS HAS SOME JACKED UP PRIORITIES As evidenced by what they did...or didn't do in their meeting yesterday. In the first full meeting since the shootings at East High School, the Superintendent didn't show up with an update about school safety, and they spent most of the time stripping away Innovation School status from a school run by an outside board. What a waste of time and I'm sure the parents who have organized around school safety were thrilled. That group of parents has vowed to hold a press conference every Monday until the district releases it's new safety plan. Plenty of time to go after school choice, not nearly as much to talk about keeping kids safe. This board is shameful.

TINA PETERS IS SENTENCED IN ONE CASE This is the case where she openly defied a judge's order in the courtroom and recorded the proceedings on her Ipad. This is the arrest where she tried to kick the law officer. She has been given home detention but will appeal. She says it's because the Biden Administration is persecuting her because they are trying to "cover up their offenses". Yep, I'm sure Joe Biden is sitting in the White House rubbing his hands together like a Bond villain ordering his minions to go persecute Tina. I'm sure. She still faces felony charges for tampering with election equipment. Those go to trial in October.

THE BILL TO BAN NDA'S IS BACK IN THE HOUSE And it would ban the practice of forcing an employee who sued from signing an NDA agreement to get their settlement. This is a good bill and should be passed. If the government is paying out a settlement the public needs to know why.

COLORADO HAS "HIGH" EV ADOPTION RATES And I put "high" in quotes because upon reading this story I see that we have an EV adoption rate of just 2.21%, meaning that just 2.21% of drivers here have electric cars. We have the fourth highest rate in the country. Not oddly, the states with the highest EV adoption rates are the wealthiest.

CU ENDS ITS SPORTS BETTING DEAL And I think this is a good thing. College students are more likely to end up with a gambling addiction than other groups and a university has no business partnering with legalized gambling in my view. CU called off the deal March 27th. Read more here.

THE WILD ANIMAL SANCTUARY IS LOOKING TO HELP HORSES NOW If you've never made the trip up to Keenesburg to visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary you really should. It's incredible. Now the owner wants to do the same for wild horses and has purchased a giant cattle ranch to do so. Read more here, it's a great story if you love big animals.

STEVE MOORE SAYS THE LEFT HAS RUINED GREAT CITIES And he's right. Read the column here. If you doubt he's right, here is a story about a Whole Foods in San Fran that opened a year ago, only to announce it is closing because of "conditions on the street" it sits on. The official Whole Foods statement says:  "To ensure the safety of our team members, we have made the difficult decision to close the Trinity store for the time being. All team members will be transferred to one of our nearby locations." They can't ensure the safety of their team members in mid-town San Francisco.

A STORY OF COWARDLY PARENTS AND AN AUTHORITARIAN SCHOOL Be brave. That is the thing I want my daughter to learn more than anything. This article is about parents NOT being brave to stand up to the authoritarian school they pay gobs of money to educate their kids. The  Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School is STILL enforcing masks and SILENT LUNCH. STILL. And the parents are too cowardly to demand change. What a bunch of rubes.

HARVEST BALLOTS OR DIE A Republican strategist is telling conservatives to get into the ballot harvesting business or die. He's right. Read it here.

WE'VE ALL CLOSED THE GARAGE DOOR LIKE THIS Without the sound effects though. Watch below or click here.

WE MAY BE AT THE END OF TUPPERWARE And it was bound to happen at some point I guess. Many youngsters don't know that Tupperware provided one of the first ways for women to be business owners as they sold Tupperware products to their friends and neighbors. They also may not know that EVERY HOUSEHOLD in the 1970's had that Tupperware pitcher with the top with the button that held Kool-Aid all summer long. This one kind of depresses me.

RUN 26 MILES AND THEN GET SOPAPILLAS! Casa Bonita has announced their partnership with the Denver Colfax Marathon this year. The will be sponsoring the race volunteers so expect them to be in some pink t shirts or whatnot. It's nice that Casa Bonita is jumping right in again.

THINKING ABOUT A MOVIE THEATER SUBSCRIPTION? I'm not sure there are enough new movies that I want to see to make this work for me, but if you love movies and miss the theater one of these may work for you.

THINGS YOU START DOING IN YOUR 30S FOR NO REASON These are eerily accurate. Watch below or click here.


IS THIS GUY RIGHT OR WRONG? If you have a dog that won't listen, put it on a leash. Period. I get why this guy acted like this but I bet that lady walks her dog down that street every day without a leash because it's her neighborhood. But again, if you dog won't stop when told to stop, put it on a leash. Watch below or click here.

FIRST RULE OF MIDDLE SCHOOL FIGHT CLUB... Was no phones or loud noises that could call attention to the sanctioned matches taking place in a Florida middle school. The teacher has now been charged with contributing the delinquency of a minor. Here's hoping she gets fired, but the teachers union in Florida is pretty strong.

NICK CANNON WANTS TO KNOCK UP TAYLOR SWIFT And I wish I had taken a photo of my face when I typed that sentence. The man who already had like eleventy thousand kids says he's "all in" if Swift wants to have a baby with him. Ew. Why would you want to have someone's 13th kid? Just ew.

HOLLYWOOD IS OUT OF NEW IDEAS But I could argue they've BEEN out of new ideas for a really long time now. This column lays it out, but offers no real solutions.

SAY, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE METOO MOVEMENT? It died because of politics. That is the gist of this column by our pal Christian Toto. It's sad, but very, very true.

THE DANGER OF "SO WHAT DO YOU DO?" This is a great column about something we all do. When meeting people for the first time, it feels natural to ask "so what do you do?" and we always mean, "for a living". But what if we just didn't ask? What if we asked instead "tell me about yourself" or "where did you grow up" or "what's important to you in life"? I am going to try and change my dialogue and see what happens. I'll have a full report soon.

SO IT APPEARS ONE CHATBOT IS PLOTTING HUMANS DEMISE And not that I think we need to worry about this NOW it does seem something we should probably pay attention to in the near future. ChaosGPT is an altered version of OpenAI’s Auto-GPT, the publicly available open-source application that can process human language and can respond to tasks given by users. And when told to destroy mankind, it got busy. It's really creepy and seems like the premise of a movie but it's not.

WHY BEING A PRINCESS SUCKS I'm sure you heard because of the SCANDALOUS nature of this story, but in case you missed it, Princess Kate Middleton, who will be the Queen someday, wore RED NAIL POLISH to Easter services! GASP! The HORROR! Yet another reason I would be a terrible princess. This stuff is so stupid.

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