04/07/23 Blog: We're Talking About Autism, & Good to Come Out of Columbine

FIREFLY AUTISM IS A HUGE BOON FOR COLORADO And for the residents here who deal with autism on a daily basis. Autism is more well known that it used to be, but there are still a lot of misconceptions around the condition. Dr. Amanda Kelly is the CEO of Firefly Autism and she joins me today at 1 to talk about it and the upcoming Laugh Yourself Blue event next week that is just outstanding. Find out more about Firefly Autism here and buy a ticket to the Gala here.

DARRELL SCOTT DID NOT LET HIS DAUGHTER'S DEATH BE IN VAIN After Rachel Scott was murdered at Columbine High School her father decided to do something so that no other parent would have to suffer. He and his wife created Rachel's Challenge to help support kids who may be struggling with mental health issues that could lead to violence. Find out more or donate by clicking here, Darrell joins me at 2.

REMEMBER WHEN I SAID THAT WE NEED PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES IN SCHOOLS? This is the conversation I just had with Harvey Hughes this week. In a rush to spend a million bucks on school security, two members of the Douglas County Commission approved a new security system that is currently being sued by other school districts for not providing the security the company it claims it does. Watch this from CBS4.


Once again, a new shiny toy with no track record sells itself to a governmental agency and the kids lose. Typical.

THIS AS THE STEM SCHOOL REFUSES TO ALLOW INFORMATION OUT ABOUT THE SHOOTING THERE This is shameful, and bless the Castillos for sticking to their principles in the face of a pile of money from the STEM school. They've been offered the maximum settlement allowed under the law for the death of their son Kenrick, but they won't take it because it comes with a gag order on all the shocking information they've found out. Jon Caldara writes about it here.

DEMOCRATS ELEVATE ABORTION OVER CANCER CARE And they want every person who has insurance in the state to subsidize the abortions of others. I'm gonna be frank, I don't care if you get an abortion. I think it's a tragedy, but it's your and your baby's tragedy, not mine. But I don't think that someone who is staunchly opposed to killing an unborn child should have to pay for your abortion, which is exactly what this new bill in Colorado would do. It would require insurance companies to cover 100% of an abortion with no co-pays. That means every customer will absorb those costs. This is a great editorial in Denver Gazette asking our alleged libertarian Governor to veto it. I bet he won't.

MORE HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THE MEDIA KNOW THE LEAST This is so interesting but honestly consistent with my own personal experiences with these sorts of people. A new survey clearly showed two things. First, very liberal people are the worst informed in many areas. Second, highly educated people who trust the media are also very badly informed. What's the issue in question? How many unarmed black men are killed by police every year. It's not even close, by the way, it's shocking how badly liberals get this wrong but goes a long way towards helping me understand why these issues are so polarizing. Read more here.

HEY KIDS, #FAFO Some kids took to the gallery of the Legislature to raise hell as part of a broader action where kids are walking out of schools to protest gun violence. We can talk about the rightness or wrongness of that later, but let's focus on the young scamps who were doing the raising of the hell in the gallery. One of them chose to leave, one of them chose to try and stay and was physically removed from the gallery. He wasn't beaten, he wasn't dragged by the hair, he was removed. Now some (Democrat) legislators want an investigation, but this kid decided to screw around and find out. And find out he did. No sympathy from me on this one. As my dad used to say ALL THE TIME, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

ANOTHER TROUBLED TRANS KID PLANS A SCHOOL ATTACK Thankfully this one was discovered before any harm took place. A nineteen year old transgender woman (her family refers to her as "she" and "sister") told cops she was planning to shoot up a couple of schools in Colorado Springs when they found her drunk in her garbage filled home after her sister called police when she was behaving violently and threatening a school shooting. Thank God the sister made the call. William Whitworth, who goes by Lilly, has been arrested.

BOULDER PARENTS ARE SICK OF THEIR KIDS DEALING WITH HOMELESS CRIMINALS And they are organizing to force the Boulder City Council to prioritize encampment cleanups where kids have to walk and go to school. It's very clever, really because it would add the Boulder Creek Trail as a place where enforcement would need to be stepped up. You can sign the petition if you live in Boulder and I strongly suggest you do. The link is in this story.

DARK MONEY IS OKAY AGAIN When Independent Expenditure Committees spend money helping Republicans, dark money is bad. When they organize to take DOWN a Republican, dark money is good. That's just how it works. Here's an article about the dark money ginning up to unseat Lauren Boebert.

AROD ATE THE BALLS YESTERDAY And he didn't puke, which would have been awesome. What was unexpected was his donation to the Food Bank of the Rockies, which was a class move. He's no welsher!

HE'S GOING TO NEED TO EAT THEM BEFORE EVERY ROCKIES GAME NOW to keep their winning streak alive. This is a cool story with every Rockie's walk up song. I love nerdy stuff like this.

THERE IS A RUNOFF IN DISTRICT NINE NOW I suffered from premature jocularity Wednesday when I thought Cande CdeBaca lost. Now there's a runoff for that seat. I'm going to get her opponent on the show asap. Read more here.

HIRING OLDER WORKERS IS A THING NOW As employers tire of Gen Z workers who call in a lot and frankly more consumed with their social media feed than actually working, some companies are looking to an older demographic for new hires. From the Wall Street Journal:

Older workers are in demand at a growing number of companies. Perceptions of generational differences don’t always match reality, but three-quarters of people 65 and older said in a Wall Street Journal-NORC survey of Americans’ values last month that hard work is very important to them personally. Among 18-to-29-year-olds, 61% said hard work is very important.
So much for youthful ambition.
People 55 and older are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce, according to federal data. Demographic shifts help explain the trend—people are living longer and having fewer children—and some retirement-age folks have little choice but to work because of inflation and a weak stock market. 

This after years and years of age discrimination that kept older workers from being hired. Perhaps they can show the youngsters how it's done.

GOOD GRIEF JUST PICK IT UP ALREADY People squeamish about picking up dog poop must not have kids. Having kids makes you invincible to poop. If you don't have kids, you can buy this. Watch below or click here.

THIS EXCHANGE BETWEEN MATT WALSH AND A TRANS WOMAN IS TELLING And I'm not going to even prep you for it, just watch it below.

BASED ON THIS VIDEO JINKIES IS VERY HAPPY The signs your dog is a happy dog. Watch below or click here.

WOMEN TAKE OVER THE MEN'S ROOM AT TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERTS And this is why I love Rush concerts. No line at the ladies room. It's about time that arena and concert venues get real about the ladies room and how long it takes women to just use the bathroom and fix it. But until then, women are gonna bum rush the boy's room.

HOW JEREMY RENNER RAN HIMSELF OVER WITH A SNOWCAT This is a cool graphic of the accident that has badly hurt Jeremy Renner. He's recovering now but still a long way from okay.

COOL VIDEO OF A MOUNTAIN LION AND HER CUBS Of course you don't necessarily want them walking through your yard like one Silverthorne family had. Watch it here, it's great Ring video.

DO YOU HAVE FRIENDS LIKE THIS? Here are some signs of a selfish person and I've known MANY people like this in my past, but don't need or tolerate them now.

IS IT THE SQUIRREL FROM ICE AGE??? A frozen ball of fur is a 30,000 mummified squirrel. See it here but it's gross and fascinating at the same time.

YES, MATT TAIBBI, MSNBC DOES SUCK This column is a scorched earth takedown of the Democratic shill machine that MSNBC is. I enjoyed every word of it.

ABOUT JELLY ROLL Okay so I'm coming around on the country rap genre is this is an example. This is a GREAT song.

This is his story and now I'm a fan.

But I did find an example of "hick hop" as you can see from the name of the song. I'm not as sold on this one.

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