04/06/23 Blog: It's Opening Day for the Rockies!

IF YOU'RE A RECENT TRANSPLANT TO COLORADO YOU MAY NOT KNOW TODAY IS A HOLIDAY And it's called Opening Day and it turns all of downtown into a sea of purple and black. It's actually super awesome and even if you don't love baseball this is the best downtown party all year.

HOMETOWN BOY KYLE FREELAND IS ON THE MOUND TODAY The Thomas Jefferson High School grad will open our home season this year after a tough 9-11 season and a 4.63 ERA. Here's hoping he bounces back and has a great year this year.

OPENING DAY IS THE SUPERBOWL FOR DOWNTOWN BUSINESSES Today is a big party (as I said above) and for businesses still feeling the lack of foot traffic that has never returned to downtown today is THE BIG DAY. Read more here.

THE TEN MOST NOTABLE ROCKIES OPENING DAYS This is a great story from the Post that reminds us of all the fun stuff that has happened in the past as we hope it happens again today.

IS BASEBALL TRULY THE "AMERICAN" PASTIME? I mean this two ways, as the sport is being outshined by other American sports like football these days. I mean in it's very origins! The first mention of "base-ball" comes from an old British children's book way back in 1744, though the "bases" in question were actually poles! The rest of the history can be found here and it's really cool.

BASEBALL HAS HAD IT SHARE OF SCANDALS And here is a list of the Top 20 scandals and the colorful and sometimes racist people behind them.

LOOKING FOR A TASTY PURPLE COCKTAIL FOR TODAY? The Denver Post tracked down the best of them here.

DON'T LOVE BASEBALL? I'VE GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU If the game isn't to your liking, here are some podcasts to check out instead:

The Taking It for Granted Podcast of course. Grant's podcast is a ray of light that will leave you uplifted for sure. Find it here.

The Murder Phone podcast with Tony Ciaglia. As a way to manage a TBI Tony Ciaglia started corresponding with serial killers and has a killer podcast about it here.

Be a Better Being with Michelle Zellner. Our health and fitness guru has a great podcast of her own! Find it here.

Did you listen to my interview with Vincent Tolman on dying yet? You need to, it's here.

Heidi Ganahl is telling you where the political bodies are buried in her new podcast. Find that here.

GOOD GRIEF CANDE CDEBACA IS IN THE LEAD AGAIN I was hoping we would be done with the overly simplistic and power mad Democratic Socialists but it seems CdeBaca has pulled ahead by a measly 54 votes. We'll have to hold off on celebrating this race for a bit longer. BOOOOO.

I AGREE THAT DPS VIOLATED OPEN MEETINGS RULES BY ABUSING EXECUTIVE SESSION When they met behind closed doors to discuss school safety in the wake of the East High School shooting, they were discussing matters which are NOT covered by the Executive Session rules. And it's not just me saying it, it's a First Amendment and Open Meetings attorney. The Board is a complete clown show. Complete. Read more here.

KWAME SPEARMAN MAY RUN FOR SCHOOL BOARD I like Kwame Spearman. He's the now former CEO of the Tattered Cover bookstore, as he stepped down to consider a run for the At-Large seat on the board. I'll get him on to discuss asap. More smart people with good ideas need to run, this board has got to go.

A SECURITY GUARD IS FIRED BY KING SOOPERS FOR PROVIDING SECURITY You want to know why everything costs so much? Because a grocery store chain fired a SECURITY GUARD for not giving a shoplifter enough ROOM TO LEAVE THE STORE with his stolen goods. I'm not making this up. The guard says the thief punched him and he reacted to defend himself. This is what King Sooper had to say about it:

The Problem Solvers obtained a statement written by a co-worker on a King Soopers form that states: “Jessie came in contact with the shoplifter. The shoplifter then proceeded to punch Jessie.”
But Sim’s termination letter states the punch “was not seen on video” and adds Sims violated store policy because “Jessie left minimal room between himself and the shoplift subject. This made it difficult for the shoplift subject to easily leave the store.”

Read the rest of the story but know that even if there is a security guard present they can't do anything to stop you from stealing. They just pass the cost along to the rest of the people who shop there. I don't shop there anymore so that's on others, amiright?

ONE FORMER PRO ATHLETE WON'T GO BROKE ANYTIME SOON Because Chad Ochocinco was downright TIGHT with his money while playing the rich football player game. He even LIVED in the STADIUM for two years so he wouldn't have to spend money renting a house during the season. This is a pretty epic story of tightness that frankly I am inspired by.

AND NOW, WHO'S ON FIRST Abbott and Costello always bring us into the season perfectly.

A LITTLE LEAGUE PEP TALK YOU WON'T FORGET This is hilarious and I hope this guy is kidding but I kind of hope he's not.

AND OF COURSE GEORGE CARLIN ON BASEBALL AND FOOTBALL MUST BE SEEN Though he is obviously favors football still funny.

AND NOW ONE HOUR OF TOP BASEBALL PLAYS Just to get you jacked up for the season.

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