04/05/23 Blog: Weather Wednesday and Tech to Help Schools Help Students

FOX 31 METEOROLOGIST DAVE FRASER IS IN FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY And I've already got a great question about tornados for him today but feel free to get your questions ready, he's on at 12:35.

TECH FOR SCHOOLS THAT SEES TRENDS BEFORE HUMANS DO I will be speaking with Harvey Hughes about his SmartData Dashboard for school districts and how it helps spot kids in trouble or headed for trouble EARLY so the right interventions can be deployed. When you hear about what this tech does and what currently ISN'T happening in our schools you will be shocked. I'm already going to ask my school board to look into this system, it's that good. Find out more about it here.

WE HAVE OUR RUNOFF CANDIDATES FOR MAYOR I just want to point out that if just HALF of Registered Republicans had voted for Andy Rougeot he would have made the runoff but they didn't. We have Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston as our final two and they are who I was pretty sure were going to make the runoff. Both appeared on my show and I look forward to having them on for a longer interview in the near future. The runoff is June 6th. See all the results here.

THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS WERE SOUNDLY REJECTED And THANK GOODNESS for that. Even Cande Cdebaca got beat, which is great news. You can find out the rest of the results here.

CHICAGO IS SCREWED As they just elected a hard core progressive union organizer mayor. Good luck with that Chi-Town. Read more about that here.

THE SPRINGS HAS TWO STRONG CANDIDATES TO CHOOSE FROM IN A RUNOFF FOR MAYOR And I like both of them. Wayne Williams is well known in Colorado and has served in multiple positions and capacities throughout his career. I like Wayne and he would be a good mayor. Yemi Mobolade is an African immigrant and business owner who was just on my show and I like him too. They both bring a lot to the table and I don't envy Springs voters on this one. I'll have them both on the show asap. Read more about that race here.

WHAT A GREAT DEAL ON A CONDO...BUT THERE ARE ISSUES You have to love truth in advertising but you need to read ALL the print in this listing. A condo is on the market for just $252,000 in Capitol Hill, but it has a meth contamination problem. Oh, and the buyer has to pay $32,000 in back HOA fees. Sounds like a great deal to me. JK, this is horrible but someone will buy it and flip it.

ELWAY IS OUT AT THE BRONCOS Literally last week I was wondering about John Elway's role at the Broncos for no apparent reason and now I have an answer. There is none. After acting as a "consultant" last year his contract has expired and he and the team have amicably decided it was time for him to go. You had to see this coming. I'm not super impressed with his tenure as GM but will always remain impressed by his tenure at QB.

CDOT IS STILL A MESS WHEN IT COMES TO MANAGING LARGE CONTRACTS And honestly this is what you get when you hire a political friend's kid to run a very important agency in your state. That's exactly what Jared Polis did when he installed Shoshana Lew into her current position, where she oversees all of the stuff this new audit found issue with. This is the second audit in four years to find nonsense in the agency, but oddly no one ever gets fired or held accountable. It must be nice for your dad to be a well connected Democrat with fundraising capabilities for a Governor with Presidential aspirations. It certainly appears to mean job security even when you aren't doing a good job. Read about the audit here.

DENVER SCHOOL PRINCIPALS WANT DISCIPLINE BACK IN SCHOOLS And WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG??? They've sent a letter to the Board, which appears to be in witness protection for all the visibility as of late, asking for a full review of the new disciplinary policies passed under this disastrous Board back in 2020. Probably the same time they removed SROs at the insistence of race hustler Tay Anderson. The Board sent back a weak sauce we need to address gun violence and thanks for your patience letter. Who is running against these people? I'll support a rock against these Board members.

HE PAID FOR THAT SEAT, HE'S SITTING IN THAT SEAT I travel a LOT and have travelled with kids and babies and all that. Additionally, I used to be a flight attendant so I've dealt with parents who didn't plan ahead well buying seats separated on a plane and then expecting someone to move to accommodate them. All that being said, I have this guy's back. He paid for THAT seat and THAT seat is his. Watch below or click here.

This has become a common occurrence, with the internet often siding with the seat interlopers when someone posts about not wanting to switch seats, even when it is a mom travelling with a toddler. Here's the deal. I don't want to sit in your crappy middle seat because you didn't buy tickets in time. Take a different flight. I chose my seat early, I bought my ticket early to do so and your failure to plan is NOT my emergency. The entitlement these people display is off the chain. Sit in your own seat and shut up.

RODNEY DANGERFIELD ON OLD AGE I laughed out loud on so many of these.

WHAT HAPPENED TO NEBULA'S BOOBS? Welp, it appears that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has made the character of Nebula into...something. They've removed her boobs in the movie posters. I actually went and looked at the trailer to see if she has boobs in the movie and from what I can see she does. So why make her look like this in the poster?

I get that she was made into a half alien, half cyborg by her father, but even he left the boobs. I wonder why they would do this? By the way, Dad is dead so he didn't do it.

THIS IS THE FUNNIEST TWEET ABOUT TRUMP'S INDICTMENT SO FAR It made me laugh because it's entirely accurate.

THE CLIMATE ALARMISTS NEED A NEW SONG Because the old "we've only got five years to save the world" bit is tired because it's so often wrong. This column does a fab job of dismissing the hysteria by pointing to an inconvenient truth (see what I did there?) that global warming "paused" in July of 2015 and none of the alarmists can explain it. From the column:

The climate cranks are like the doomsday cultists who have the end of the world marked on their calendars and when it doesn’t arrive they say, “whoops, my math was bad. Let me recalculate and I’ll get back to you with new date.”
While the international hotheads are screeching about an impending doom, levelheaded observers point to data that clearly show a pause in warming, which has been mild and as likely natural as it is human-caused, has now reached eight years and nine months. There has been no rise in global temperatures from July 2015 to March 2023.
This fact-based claim draws on satellite readings from the University of Alabama in Huntsville that measure temperatures in the troposphere, a much more accurate method of keeping score than the shoddy record produced by ground-based weather stations.
“The start and end dates of the New Pause are not cherry-picked,” writes Christopher Monckton, an adviser for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who now consults with the Heartland Institute on climate policy. “The end date is the present; the start date is the farthest back one can reach and still find a zero trend. It is what it is.”

WORRIED ABOUT AI? YOU SHOULD BE This is an interview with a former Google programmer who says we definitely need to worry about AI and he's not on the only computer nerd to say so. It's a very interesting read, find it here.

BOTH PARTIES SUCK AND THIS GUY GETS IT This column spoke to me in a big way. Just get this taste before you read it all.

But there’s one thing about which I am certain—whatever it is that Washington is doing now isn’t working. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem to know beans from apple butter about how to run a country, but both seem adept at being able to run one into the ground.
It isn’t altogether clear whether Republicans lack the courage of their convictions or simply lack any real convictions at all. Let us remember that the GOP pitted a TV snake-oil salesman against a candidate who was barely ambulatory—and lost. Lost, I say, because a candidate without the power of speech was deemed more attractive than an empty suit with no clear attachment to any principle higher than his own sacred self.
Meanwhile the Democrats, who once prided themselves on attending so astutely to the “voice of the people,” have stuffed their ears so full of special interest cotton balls that they have become deaf to the cries of a nation. Democrats don’t seem to hear a peep from Christians, whites, small business owners, middle Americans, Southerners, heterosexuals, biological males, or babies in their mother’s wombs—who are not so much yearning to breathe free as they are simply yearning to breathe at all.
What few proposals I have to offer seem both simple and impossible. Republicans should concern themselves with protecting our republic and the laws and lives which constitute it, rather than faceless corporations, technocracies, or some divinized notion of The Market. Democrats should heed once again the voices of all the people, eschewing exotic ideological experiments in order to embrace the totality of Americans from sea to shining sea.

ARE YOU CENSORING YOURSELF IN CONVERSATIONS? I've done this many, many, many times. Often because the person spouting off about a topic is obviously looking for a fight and I don't want to give them one. Sometimes because the person doing the spouting is obviously uninformed and it wouldn't be a fair fight if I entered the chat. A new survey says a LOT of us do this about a myriad of subjects. The least likely to shut up about stuff are Democratic women which is no surprise if you know Democratic women. Read about what we don't talk about here, and I'm going to offer some suggestions on how to speak up instead. We simply can't allow people to believe "everyone" agrees with them because no one speaks up.

HARRY POTTER WILL BE A SERIES And as JK Rowling is involved expect howls from the trans community about it. Fortunately they seem to have no real effect on whether or not someone consumes Harry Potter content as the newest Potter game had an incredible launch regardless of demanded boycotts. Now Harry Potter is being adapted into a seven season tv show by Warner Brothers. No real details are out, but I'm interested to see how they pull this off.

WANT TO GET ENGAGED ON A REALITY SHOW? The show Love is Blind is casting for people desperate enough for fame or love to appear on a show where they get engaged before meeting their partner face to face. Find out more here.

SOME PEOPLE DON'T LIKE PRANKS As a YouTuber in Virginia found out when he tried to prank a man in a mall and the dude shot him. The prankster is recovering after surgery for the stomach wound. If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough.

USING CHAT GPT TO SAVE BIG MONEY ON TRAVEL This is really cool. Watch below or click here.


NOTABLE ABSENCES FROM TRUMP'S SPEECH LAST NIGHT I tried to watch Trump's speech but it was boring and just an airing of grievances and why he was innocent so I didn't make it through the whole thing. You know who else didn't make it? Melania and Ivanka. Why not? No one knows for sure, but one can guess. They are sick of the clown show too.

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