04/04/23 Blog: A Good Thing To Come Out of Columbine

We've rescheduled this interview for Friday RACHEL SCOTT WAS A VICTIM OF THE COLUMBINE SHOOTINGS And after her tremendous loss at the hands of fellow students, her dad and step mom created Rachel's Challenge in the hopes of helping kids so not other parents had to suffer such a loss. I've got Darrell Scott on today to talk about Rachel's Challenge. Find out more about it by clicking here.

We've rescheduled Thomas for a week from Thursday OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS ON TO TALK BANKING And what it may look like in the future. As banking has hit yet another skid maybe it's time to look at alternatives to the banking system and Thomas has a big list of things that could be coming down the pike here. Find Thomas for speaking engagements on pretty much any subject here.

I NEED FIFTEEN MORE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER PLEASE I have been stuck just under 10,000 followers for like a year now. Help a sister out by giving me a follow on Twitter. @mandyconnell is the handle.

HEY DENVER VOTERS: IF YOU'RE IN DENVER, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE PEOPLE I don't normally come right out and tell you who NOT to vote for but I'm making an exception. The Democratic Socialists of Denver have run a slate of people who will absolutely drive Denver further into the toilet if elected. To be clear, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. DO NOT. DON'T CHECK THE BOX FOR THEM, DO NOT.

Write in my name before you vote for them. DO. NOT. DO. IT.

JEFFCO'S PLAN TO KEEP PARENTS IN THE DARK ABOUT GENDER TRANSITION MAKES NATIONAL NEWS We talked about it on the show already, but Jefferson County Schools believes that YOUR child should be able to socially transition WITHOUT your permission and they are going to work very hard to hide it from you. That is not okay on any level. Read the story from Fox News here, and I'm going to try to get someone on the show from JeffCo to discuss it.

WE'RE NUMBER 1! IN VIOLENT CRIME THAT IS A new report by the Department of Justice shows that Coloradans are victims of violent crimes MORE than ANY OTHER STATE in the US. The even worse news is this data is three years old and we all know crime has gotten so, so much worse since then. Well done, Democratic policies that favor the criminals over the victims. Well done.

EAST HIGH PARENTS HAVE ORGANIZED And this may be today's standing ovation from me. What started as a group of four parents shocked by the shooting at East High School has now turned into a movement. The Parents Safety Advisory Group (PSAG) was born out of frustration and is now demanding answers. From the Denver Gazette:

Parents and students are worn out from the multiple shootings, false alarms and urgent cellphone messages which have made East High School’s 2022-23 school year an emotional disaster. PSAG officials want a detailed safety plan from the Denver Public Schools Board of Education by Wednesday morning's first bell at 8:05 a.m.
“We demand transparency and we want a seat at the table,” said East High alumnus and dad of two East students Vince Jordan, one of the original four. “We have had zero communication from the school board,” said Katsaros, whose 16 year-old is a sophomore.

Maybe the School Board will muster up enough strength for a 15 minute press conference so we can celebrate the fact that the President is a narcissistic Mexicana again? I'm so happy parents are doing this. Nothing will ever change if parents don't do this.

GUESS WHO HATES POLIS'S ZONING TAKEOVER? If you said the mountain towns, you win a prize! They are not taking kindly to the notion that the state will force them to build dense housing or even *gasp* workforce housing against their will. The mountain towns are working together in opposition to this bill, as it obviously violates their rights as a home-rule municipality. I'm guessing if this bill passes, it will immediately be met by a lawsuit of some sort and I'm here for it. Polis lies about local control being important. He is a lying liar who lies. Deeds, not words, tell you the truth.

INSTEAD OF TAKING OVER LOCAL ZONING FIX CONSTRUCTION DEFECT LAW INSTEAD It is not hard to see how badly the construction defect law passed many years ago destroyed the condo market in Colorado. Condos are often the first home for many, and construction on condos pretty much stopped after our Legislature made it too easy for someone to sue a contractor over a construction defect. Even with some fixes to the law, it has never returned as builders can't afford the insurance on those projects to make them feasible. The Denver Gazette has a great editorial urging lawmakers to do something about this if they are serious about affordable housing.

IS STREET RACING WORTH NINE YEARS IN PRISON? I'd love to be able to ask this if it was. Shimpson Huynh will be 40 when he gets out if he serves his entire nine year sentence for killing a 21 year old woman and her dog while street racing. I think he got off easy if you ask me.

A TALE OF TWO SCHOOL ACCOUNTABILITY BILLS I love it when people unhappy with the way schools are performing decide the problem is that we monitor them too closely. That seems to be the thinking behind a bill that would do away with standardized testing and allow districts to come up with their own measurement standards. I hate standardized tests too, but this is ridiculous and seems unlikely to pass. The second bill would create a task force to find out if our current system can be improved and that would be fine with me. It is likely to pass.

DONALD TRUMP ASKED FOR A PERP WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY According to Radaronline.com anyway. They say sources have told them Donald Trump was offered the chance to attend the arraignment via Zoom and he said NO. From the article:

“It’s kind of a Jesus Christ thing,” the source explained. “He is saying: ‘I’m absorbing all this pain from all around from everywhere so you don’t have to. If they can do this to me they can do this to you,’ and that’s a powerful message.”

Seems about right. The clown show will take place today. He's raised a fat sum since the indictment was announced so great job Alvin Bragg. Apparently he's being charged with 34 felony charges for falsifying business records. This makes this whole prosecution even more absurd, as this DA won't even prosecute crimes where people are actually stealing. This is going to go down in history as the beginning of the end for the United States of America.

DR. JILL BIDEN WANTS EVERYONE TO GET A RIBBON Apparently the First Lady doesn't understand that trips to the White House are for the WINNERS of athletic events, not the loser as well. She lofted the suggestion that Iowa and LSU come to the White House after LSU beat Iowa in the Women's NCAA Tournament this past weekend. It did not sit well with LSU's Angel Reese who tweeted this:

She's not wrong.

WHY AREN'T PEOPLE COMING BACK TO THE WORKPLACE? My friend Steve Moore writes about it here, and guess what? It's the government's fault. They are once again paying people not work so they aren't. Read more here, and I'm trying to get Steve on the show to discuss.


JOHN STOSSEL GOT COVID AND DIDN'T DIE And he made this video about it.

IS PUTIN A DEAD MAN WALKING? I'd love to believe this but I really have no way of ascertaining its accuracy. Former CIA Chief James Olsen says Putin is a dead man walking because Russia is hemorrhaging casualties in his ill-fated attempt at conquering Ukraine. Olsen says an assassination is not out of the question as some "patriotic" Russians may step up to save the nation. We'll see.

WE ARE ONE STEP CLOSER TO SEEING THE FACE OF OUR ROBOT OVERLORDS And they look like Ameca, the most realistic robot I've ever seen. The Hall of Presidents could use this tech.

COSTCO RECEIPT CHECKERS ARE RUNNING A SCAM And the scam is that I thought they checked every item. LIES.

WHY ARE MILLENIALS AGING SO WELL? This dude says because they are depressed and inside all day. So there's that upside. Watch below or click here

THIS KID IS STILL IN HIDING RIGHT NOW From this epic prank gone bad. He did not think this through.

BABIES LOVE SWINGS Honestly I wish someone would do this with me.

THE SWIFTIES ARE NOT HAPPY WITH TOUR MERCH I stopped buying concert t-shirts a LONG time ago when the prices hit what I felt were extortionary rates. Now Taylor Swift is hearing from fans who say that the merchandise being sold on her tour is subpar and doesn't last through one washing. When a sweatshirt costs $65 it's not crazy to expect it to not suck. The tour says the merch is SUPPOSED to age to go with the "vintage" vibe of the tour. Mmmmkay. Sure.

WANT SOME IDIOTIC INSTAGRAM RULES TO FOLLOW? Here you go. I am too busy and too exhausted with life to care about any of these, most of which have to do with people getting pissy when other people don't do what THEY would do. Read them here.

TRIGGER WARNINGS WE CAN ALL GET BEHIND The entire notion of trigger warnings is utterly stupid to me. A product of the coddling of college students they've now seeped into our culture via warnings before classic films like Gone with the Wind. This author has some trigger warnings I can get behind though.



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