Get Your Game On At This EPIC Super Mario Brothers-Themed Airbnb in Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Let's-a-go to this epic Airbnb in Texas!

If you love Super Mario Bros., you'll love to kick back and unwind at this rental home in El Paso that's perfect for gamers and dreamers alike. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom back unit boasts its own entry, yard and kitchen — plus the opportunity to game like Princess Peach herself.

The outside of the property is decked out in green warp pipes and crazy cool art that'll make you feel like you're inside a video game. Inside the house, you'll find a 75-inch flat screen TV complete with a sound system and gaming chair setup. There's also a retro Galaga machine in addition to Minecraft bedding and Mario Bros. shower decor.

"The building is detached, so turn up the speakers and go to town. Get your game on," the listing reads.

It looks like the nightly rate is $131 before taxes, but that could vary depending on when you book. It's also relatively available starting in April since it's a new property, according to the listing.

Check out the Airbnb listing.

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