03/23/2023 Blog: Another Life Ends Because We've Failed Our Kids

THE EAST HIGH SHOOTER IS DEAD It seems he took his own life after shooting two staff members at East High yesterday. Those men are going to be physically okay, thank God, but another life has been snuffed out too soon because we are failing our children. Another family is left without a child. This depresses me so much because redemption is always possible. Always. Unless it ends like this. He was kicked out of a Cherry Creek Schools for posting photos of himself on social media with a gun and was still on probation for the incident. He was driving a Volvo, which isn't exactly the ride of a hardened criminal. I have so many questions about his family and how this happened. As a mom this broke my heart and at the same time speaks to the professionalism of reporters. DPS Superintendent Alex Marrerro says cops will be in every Denver High School in violation of the idiotic policy promoted and passed by Tay Anderson and his idiot fellow board members. Board Members who I have yet to see make ANY kind of public statement even media whore Tay Anderson who has been silent on Twitter. Cowards, every one of them. Tonight's School board meeting is gonna be a barn burner.

BRAD BIALY KNOWS HOW PARENTS FEEL As his son was a student at STEM High School when two shooters killed Kendrick Castillo. He and his wife want to do something to help other families who have gone through a dangerous stressful situation but he just doesn't know how. We figured maybe a conversation could get something started. He's on at 1.

ANDY ROUGEOT IS ON AT 2 Though as I've said the Mayor does NOT decide what happens in DPS, Andy asked to come on to talk about this today, the ONLY mayoral candidate to reach out to do so. He's on at 2. Find out more about Andy or donate to his campaign here.


OH LOOK, THE GOVT IS THINKING OF MEANS TESTING VA DISABILITY PAYMENTS Y'all, I lost my mind when I saw this last night. I'm gonna tell you some personal stuff about this, because Chuck is a disabled vet. He has total hearing loss in one ear, lost a finger after he was shot in the knuckle in Somalia when he was ambushed and shot a bunch of times. He very easily could have died but he had the wherewithal to drive like a maniac back to base. In the 17 years we've been together, he's had about fifteen surgeries to try to fix the damage, and had about fifteen BEFORE I met him. The Army also mega dosed him with Cipro, well beyond any dosage a normal human should have, and that has caused a condition where his tendons in his joints just tear or snap called Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome. And yet, even with all this, his disability payments monthly are not enough to cover the cost of a new car. Thanks for all you've given, here's a meager pittance for the damage you've sustained on our behalf! Except NOW, there seems to be a proposal being put forth by the Congressional Budget Office to CUT disability payments by means testing them. The VA would reduce benefits for anyone that has managed to have some success in life by reducing payments for disabilities bases on your current income. I'm not going to lie, if they stopped these payments to Chuck, we'd be fine. But on this one, it is 100% the principle and I am FURIOUS about this. Chuck on the other hand said to me when I read this to him, "I've been waiting for them to figure out another way to screw the vets" which is a sad state of affairs. From the CBO:

Option Component. Under this option, VA would means-test all current and prospective recipients of VA disability compensation beginning in January 2024; after that date, veterans would receive full payments only if their gross household income in the prior calendar year was less than an inflation-indexed threshold for that year. Disability benefits would be phased out at a constant rate for veterans with income above the threshold: For every additional two dollars of gross household income, disability compensation would decrease by one dollar. Under that phaseout, veterans whose gross household income was $170,000 or higher in calendar year 2023 and who would have received the average annual payment would no longer receive any disability compensation from VA in calendar year 2024. There would be no adjustment in the income threshold for household size. The current eligibility requirements and benefits would not change for the surviving family members of a veteran or service member.
The income threshold below which veterans would receive full benefits in 2024 would be set at $125,000. That threshold corresponds to the 70th percentile of total household income for the entire country in 2019, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, with adjustments for inflation to reach the threshold value applicable to 2024 benefits. Roughly 1.5 million of the 5 million veterans receiving disability compensation had household income that exceeded the 70th percentile of income in the United States in 2019, excluding VA disability payments. (That value is also roughly triple the VA national income threshold, one of several limits VA uses to determine if veterans without special eligibility factors qualify for VA-provided health care.) After 2024, the threshold would rise with the consumer price index for urban wage earners and clerical workers.

I am calling Ken Buck today. I suggest you do the same with your member of Congress.

DEMOCRATS WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THE ABORTIONS OF OTHERS Via your health insurance plan. They want to make sure that you can kill a baby human while not coming out of pocket for any part of your actions. Which means even if you believe that abortion is killing a baby human, you are going to subsidize it in the form of higher premiums for those with no such moral code. Jon Caldara writes brilliantly about it here.

JARED POLIS PROVES AGAIN HE'S A BIG FAT LIAR He SAYS he's for "local control" but that's only when cities want to ban drilling for oil or guns. How do I know? Deeds not words. He's proposing a complete state takeover of local zoning rules to force communities to allow more multi family units, accessory dwelling units and more, even if they don't want them. The bill would REQUIRE that so-called Tier 1 cities allow multi family building on single family home lots in EVERY neighborhood, regardless of how locals feel about it. If this passes, I will personally lead a fundraiser to buy every home around the Governor's house so we can build mini apartment complexes on those all of those lots. This is NOT libertarian and it would be super cool if the media would stop buying his garbage lie that he is a libertarian. He's a liar and a super smooth con man and nothing more.

THE BIDEN FAMILY-CHINA CONNECTIONS JUST GOT CLEARER And a man who is facing extradition on arms dealing charges says he gave the information to the Department of Justice in 2019...but then Joe announced he was running for President. This is a tangled web with lots of players so I won't go over it on the show, but you need to read this. Hunter Biden was making a fortune "representing" a Chinese national who was convicted of bribery and money laundering charges and now we know how it all goes together. Read it here.

TRANSWOMEN ARE THE BIGGEST PATRIARCHY FLEX IN HISTORY I'm going to admit it, I'm sick of catering to transwomen. I hold no ill will other than I'm sick to death of women who used to be men winning Woman of the Year prizes and being worshipped as the height of bravery for wanting to compete against physically weaker biological women. Note that it's not TRAN MEN who are constantly demanding changes to the language or inclusion in male spaces. That's because they used to be women and don't have the same sense of entitlement that men who are now women seem to have. Some trans women are trampling all over the progress that women have made as they play act what they think being a woman is. Dylan Mulvaney I'm looking at you and your giggly, school girl, coquettish portrayal of what "being a girl" really is. Frankly, it's offensive to real women who have had to put up with years of BS while actually being a girl. Oddly, I find I am in agreement on one aspect of this conversation with a hard lefty from the Young Turks program. Ana Kasparian said the quiet part loud and now her people are turning on her. What did she say?

She's not wrong. Stop changing the language to spare the feeling of men who now declare with absolute authority that they are women dammit and there will be no follow up questions. This is not okay. I'm done with pretending it is in any way shape or form. And stop with the fake victimhood. There is no "trans genocide" going on and FBI statistics prove it. You'd think a genocide of any sort would be covered extensively by the media, but no.

EVEN THE NY TIMES KNOWS THE CASE AGAINST TRUMP IS SUPER WEAK And this long article lays out the winding path that the politically motivated Manhattan DA would have to wind to make these charges work. It's ridiculous. And perhaps why the Grand Jury was told not to show up on Wednesday. This case is banana republic level bad.

SHAZAM IS TALKING SELF LOVE And this is nice. Watch below or click here.

DON'T MESS WITH PAT SAJAK He had a dude who got a perfect game and then won the final game so he put him in a headlock.

JACK DANIELS VS DOG TOYS IS ONE FOR THE AGES You just need to read this.

THE CIRCUS IS COMING TO TOWN...BUT... Ringling Brothers Circus is on the road again with a big change...no animals. PETA succeeded in forcing them to drop the animals because of their incessant nagging. Will you go see a circus that is part Cirque show and part motocross rally? Read more here.

AND NOW A TODDLER MASTERS JENGA Much to his older brother's chagrin. Watch below or click here.

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