03/22/23 Blog: Heidi Ganahl is Spilling The Tea on a New Podcast!

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW AT 2 So we're going to pack in a whole bunch of show into two hours.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS TODAY Some of you have asked why we do a shorter version of WW now than we used to do, but ACTUALLY we get MORE Weather Wednesday than before. We used to do one hour a month, but we're bringing Dave Fraser on every Wednesday for a segment instead. I have to say, you guys have been asking MORE questions and they are more topical than they were before so that's why. Dave is on today at 12:35!

HEIDI GANAHL HAS A NEW PROJECT And it's a podcast called Unleashed with Heidi Ganahl and she recorded the first episode last night. She's joining me at 1 to talk about why she decided to do a podcast sharing the details on all she learned during her campaign for Governor. Trust me, you're going to want to listen.

ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY, DENVER? This is a great column asking that very simple question in the Mayor's race. The answer for most is a resounding no. If you don't want to continue down the path that Denver is on, stop voting for the people whose policies put us here. That pretty much leaves Andy Rougeot if you're paying attention. Just a point of order.

I SAW 1776 LAST NIGHT And I did not love it. This review from the NYPost of the Broadway version pretty much sums up why. I'm referring to it as 1770-Woke. The gimmick fell flat for me. The preachy feel fell flat for me. Just an fyi.

THE ATTACK ON PICKLEBALL! Just kidding this isn't an attack, just a pause in Centennial. It seems that Centennial has been hit with numerous requests for permits to build new pickleball courts near neighborhoods (the horror!) and they aren't quite sure how to deal with the fastest growing sport in the country right now. So last night, the Centennial City Council voted to pause new construction until they can figure out what kind of nuisance these courts really are. I get it, I don't think I'd want a new pickleball court or any other sort of court built by my house either.

EVEN CNN'S LEGAL ANALYST THINKS THE TRUMP CASE IS NOT A SLAM DUNK This is the guy I saw on with Allyson Camarota the other night and he is explaining here to other Democrats who work on the CNN Morning show that the case they are all hoping ends with Trump in jail is far from a slam dunk. He's right. Read the entire article to get to the point where others are saying the same thing, that to raise this to the level of felony is ridiculous.

MORE TRANSPARENCY FOR HOSPITALS IS ON THE WAY Did you know that we have some of the highest hospital costs in the country? I did not. And now 70% of physicians offices are owned by a large hospital network. My doctor's practice is one of those and I have to say I HATE IT. Just getting a human on the phone has become a frustrating experience. A new bill would force even further transparency on the "non-profit" hospitals which are making a lot of money, though apparently the state can do little to nothing about them scooping up doctor's offices. Read more here.

WANT A NEW CAR? GET READY TO PAY UP As cars are STILL selling for OVER MSRP throughout the metro. Read more here.

SOME JOURNALISTS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS In trying to curb Open Records request costs in Colorado Senator Chris Hansen has created a caste system instead. A new bill gives preference and lower costs to CERTAIN Coloradans over others, while pushing citizens looking for information to the back of the line. My show would fall into the favored category, but I can't support this and honestly this is why Hansen did not make my short list for Mayor. Open records should be open records, and some of the best "journalism" that has happened in the last two years came from angry moms asking for info. Read more here.

DESANTIS EDGES CLOSER To announcing his run. This interview with Piers Morgan is very telling of what he is planning for his strategy, and that is to simply not fight with Donald Trump. He's not going to let him off easy, but he's going to try to demonstrate that he can lead without the childish name calling and nonsense, and I think this is a solid play. People like me would welcome the policies without the circus, and if he can sell that right, he may stand a chance, no matter what polls today say. Remember, the news media WANTS Trump to be the candidate because they know it will inspire people who HATE him to continue supporting the disaster that is Joe Biden. By the way, the headline that he launched a "fiery attack" is a complete lie.

GISELE SAYS IT WASN'T TOM COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT I realize this story has nothing to do with anything of value, but this interview with Gisele Bunchen is really good. She says it wasn't him coming out of retirement that led to the split but it does feel like a "straw that broke the camels back" thing a bit. I have to say, I am impressed with Gisele as a human being after reading this. If you're looking for dirt on Tom, you won't find it here.

THE FACE OF TRANSITIONING KIDS IS NOT ALRIGHT Jazz Jennings rocketed to fame by deciding he was a girl at five and having parents who decided to profit from it. I've never watched the show (I don't watch what I consider the "freak show" versions of reality shows that prey on people suffering with various form of mental trauma) and now as a fully transitioned young woman she is struggling mightily with mental health issues. This story reads like a horror movie and needs to be understood for what it is: child abuse. I have a lot of compassion for families struggling along with children suffering from gender dysphoria, but this family is next level. Imagine having your entire life played out on camera while you suffer so your parents can get paid? This poor child needs deep intensive treatment far away from every adult that let this happen.

THE LATEST EPISODE OF RICE & AROD! The guys discuss which free agency signing will have the biggest impact on the Broncos.

THIS KID IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL TODAY I have my annual "spring forward" illness from getting my sleep jacked up. This kid tells how I really feel. Watch below or click here.

HEY LOOK, A NEW GIANT SPIDER HAS BEEN FOUND IN AUSTRALIA Though I am dying to visit Australia, this gives me pause. A giant trapdoor spider has been discovered. See it here but BLECH.

FRUIT ROLL UP MEETS ICE CREAM And I'm gonna pass but I'm sure this will seem intriguing to other people. Watch below or click here.


I'M BUYING THIS TODAY Because I am forever guessing where to hang a nail. Not that I'm not AWESOME at guessing, but there may be a bunch of holes behind a bunch of stuff in my house. Watch below or click here.

HOW TO TAKE YOUR NEXT DOG BIRTHDAY PARTY NEXT LEVEL And yes, you read that right, this is a dog birthday party. This would not work for Jinx, as she neither jumps nor chases balls. Watch below or click here.

WHY I LOVE CHIROPRACTORS I love the crunch. Watch below or click here.


MURDER HORNETS ARE OUT, DEADLY FUNGUS IS IN! In the never ending battle of What's Going To Kill Us Today! we've got a new entry in the form of a deadly fungus which kills 60% of the people who get it! TERRIFYING, right? Except if you keep reading you see that most of the people who get it are already very, very sick and on some pretty invasive interventions already. Most of them are living in nursing homes or hospitals. This isn't something you need to worry about as a healthy person.

GOT A REALLY SAD EMAIL TODAY From a longtime listener who has hit his limit and is leaving Denver. Read this:

Dear Mandy,
I am writing firstly to thank you. I have listened to you from your first day on KOA and grown to love you (like a sister) more than I could ever imagine. Your wit, cander, consistency and perspective have been a great input in my life. With that being said, I will miss you.
I moved to Colorado 32 years ago and I have to say what has happened to this beautiful state breaks my heart. This place has become a dystopian "S" hole. 
I raised my children here with the last one (of 3) graduating in May. I would strongly recommend any current or prospective parent to find somewhere else to raise their children. The Denver Public School System is a woke dumpster fire. The primary focus is to teach black and brown children that they are victims and white kids that they are trans. Everyone needs to be a victim, that's the message and you can't convince me otherwise. Our youngest daughter at 13 wanted to be called a boy after 2 years at Newton Middle School and Transgender Indoctrination Center. I found out this last year that her school refers to her as Mathew and never said a single word to us. I had to interview multiple therapists to find one who would treat her underlying issues and not automatically afirm some rapid onset gender dysphoric symptom. It did work and she now affirms her gender at birth but it's taken a lot of work to unroot what DPS planted. Everyone of them (people at DPS) can rot in hell for what they are doing to children, parents and families.
I work as a ******** contractor. I have stopped taking jobs downtown. It's been a "S" show. Between walking around all the human feces on the sidewalk, trash, and homeless drug addicts The photo (I am not attaching the photo-MC) is from the last job I took downtown headed out to my truck for tools. 
Speaking of tools, in the last 12 months I have had over $7,000 dollars worth of tools stolen from me. First last April they got me for about $2k out of my truck on a Sunday night in front of my house. When I went to Home Depot to replace my stuff, the guy (who had to uncage my purchases) said they see guys like me 2-3 times per week. Then in January someone ripped the latch off my storage unit door and took two mitre saws, nail guns, compressor and more totalling over $5,000. The deputy who took the report said there is little they can do as the criminals they arrest are quickly turned around and put back on the street.
Icing on the cake: Two weeks ago on a Friday morning I was shuffling cars around so I could back my truck up to the garage (I now have to keep my tools in the garage because of the previous events). My wife's car is across the street unlocked cuz I'm going to pull it right back into the driveway once I load the tools needed for the day. I walk into the house literally for two minutes and look out the window and see a pickup truck pulled up next to the wife's car and the back door is open, I walk outside and see someone riffeling through her stuff. I run up and yank him out of the car, yelling at my wife to call the police. As I'm trying to wrestle this asylum seeker to the ground I notice that a second asylum seeker is now coming across the center console and through the door of the truck. I throw my hip into the door to keep clown #2 in the truck but now can't maintain the control I have on clown #1. So the guy wiggles out of my grasp and gets 3-4 feet of separation and ....... pulls a gun. I had a gun stuck in my face right in front of my own home. I ran out of the way (photo number 2) and they drove away in their stolen truck.
Brings us to today. The house has been sold and we are moving to a map dot in a red state. I know it won't solve everything but at least I'll be around more people who think and believe like I do. Not one virtue signalling "We believe" yard sign or trans flag on display. 
What has happened here is no accident. It's 100 % the fault of all the people who electected the current progressive members of the Government. And to top it off, they all think the state is moving in the right direction. That leaves me with no hope and no choice but to leave. So they can take their "We believe" yard signs, trans flags, sanctuary city and shove it all up their ass. 
I'm out.

Everyone has a breaking point.

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