03/10/23 Blog: Today We Will Honor the Late Charles Harrington Elster

THERE IS A WAR FOR OUR CHILDREN And my first guest today Bethany Mandel has written a book with her co-writer Karol Markowitz called Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation and you should buy it by clicking here. Bethany joins me at 12:30 to talk about why they wrote the book and why it is a wake call for parents.

WE'RE GETTING THE GANG BACK TOGETHER FOR A LITTLE REMEMBRANCE If you didn't already hear, Charles Harrington Elster passed away after a lengthy struggle with cancer. Today I've invited Dave Lauer and Mike Rosen on the show to share some memories and just honor the man who made us all a little smarter. That's at 1. His lovely obituary is here. Buy Charles' books by clicking here.

THE OSCARS ARE THIS WEEKEND And since I hardly see any movies I've got Christian Toto at 2 to talk about it. He's written a column about the awards show and its cratering ratings the more political it gets and why Jimmy Kimmel is in denial about that here.

THIS TAXPAYER MONEY FOR ELECTIONS IS JUST VIRTUE SIGNALIING GRIFT The Fair Elections Fund and its intention to take the money out of politics is being made a laughable joke by outside spending by outside groups. All but one of the candidates agreed to take small donations so they could dip into a pool of matching funds made by taxpayer dollars. What they did NOT do was promise to not accept any advertising on behalf of outside dark money groups. And so they are benefitting from both, which hardly seems to be taking the money out of politics. You can read about it here if you'd like.

THE STATE IS NOW FUNDING MINORITY WEED DEALERS And yes, they are legal dealers, but is this really a good idea? They must think so because they are giving away a bunch of taxpayer dollars to minority weed businesses. Would they do this with booze? Real question. I doubt it. Or firearms? Or tobacco farmers? I doubt it.

OUR SNOWPACK IS GOOD RIGHT NOW Everywhere except the Arkansas River Valley, where it is decent, but still below norms. This is all good news for our water supplies and you should read more here.

BILL SHATNER HAS IT RIGHT ABOUT DEATH And at 91, he's closer to his expected end than most of us. He's got a new documentary about himself coming out and I'll watch it. He's one of those actors that has become his own character and he owns it and loves it obviously. Here's what he had to say about death:

“I’ve turned down a lot of offers to do documentaries before. But I don’t have long to live. Whether I keel over as I’m speaking to you or 10 years from now, my time is limited, so that’s very much a factor. I’ve got grandchildren. This documentary is a way of reaching out after I die.”

I will let you know when the documentary comes out. By the way, the headline on this story is outrageous. Check this:

William Shatner, 91, confirms he doesn’t have long to live in new statement

Quite dramatic, eh? It worked on me which is why you know this story now

COLORADO MAY BE THE FIRST STATE TO REQUIRE SUBSTANCE FREE SECTIONS AT EVENTS A group called Sober AF is trying to make this happen. Watch the story here.

Y'ALL MIKAELA SHIFFRIN DID IT! She tied the all time winning record when it comes to World Cup skiing, tying the 86 wins by Swede Ingmar Stenmark. At just 27 years old it stands to reason that she will break this record and it could be as soon as this weekend. This is such an amazing accomplishment.

DEMOCRATS WANT TO MAKE SURE AS MANY BABIES AS POSSIBLE ARE KILLED IN COLORADO We already have no restrictions on abortion in Colorado. If you decide at 40 weeks that this baby is inconvenient, you can just go have it killed and dismembered and removed from your body here. Now they are going after pregnancy centers, whose crime is that they try and talk women out of killing their babies, by passing restrictions on what they can say. I don't know if they realize this but that is a pretty clear violations of First Amendment rights, but whatever. They won't let our pesky Constitution get in the way of killing babies, amiright?

THANK GOODNESS THE CARTEL IS SORRY FOR KILLING AMERICANS Because as long as they say they are sorry and send a note, we're all good, right? I hope the dripping sarcasm doesn't gum up the works in your monitor right now. The Mexican cartel responsible for the deaths of two Americans and the kidnap of two more has turned over the five members who they say did it along with an apology note. What did that say?

“We have decided to turn over those who were directly involved and responsible in the events, who at all times acted under their own decision-making and lack of discipline,” the letter reads, adding that those people had gone against the cartel’s rules.

Oh okay, we're all good then.

LEFT LEANING PAPERS ARE DYING AND GANNETT IS HOLDING THE MURDER WEAPON At the same time people decided to stop giving money to news outlets that hate them Gannett bought up a bunch of papers and is running them into the ground by penny pinching and gutting the editorial and reporting staffs. The numbers are bleak and getting bleaker, as Gannett is trying to pay off huge loans with income from a product with diminishing returns. Oddly no one in charge wants to blame the blatant left wing bias of many of it's papers, including USA Today. Let's be real, USA Today's numbers have been propped up by hotels giving away their papers for years.

BAD NEWS FOR INTEREST RATES, THE JOB MARKET IS STILL GOOD This is a paradox, where we SHOULD be celebrating the strong jobs numbers for February but we can't. Why not? Because as long as the job market is hot there is little expectation of bringing inflation under control. That means the Fed may do a half point raise in March rather than a quarter and we may end up higher than the 5.75% rate they are targeting for the max. You should check out this report and note something I find odd. Even though we're adding all these jobs, the numbers month to month are flat, and incomes are not pacing up or even keeping up with inflation. Odd.

WE DON'T DESERVE DOGS I wish we had gotten Jinx when Q was smaller so she could have had this experience.

REP ELISE STEFANIK DEMANDS ACCOUNTABILITY FROM FBI DIRECTOR WRAY The FBI has been playing fast and loose with oversight and those days are coming to a close. Watch Rep. Stefanik force Wray to say he will provide a witness he has yet to provide up to this point.

ESG COULD BE DESTROYING YOUR RETIREMENT FUNDS And it's happening so politicians can virtue signal their fealty to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which is the racist philosophy that you must think of someone's race FIRST and ALWAYS. Why is this sort of investing bad?

In 2022, eight of the top ten actively managed ESG funds in the United States fared worse than the S&P 500’s 14.8% decline—compounding long-percolating fears that ESG is a ruse.

Read more here but make sure you're money isn't going into the black hole.

TODAY'S FANTASTIC LAUGHABLE NEWS STORY So the state of Maine recently checked their personalize license plate registry and culled those that would be considered offensive. One Maine vegan is left fuming because his license plate was recalled. What was so offensive about this man trying to spread the word that vegan food is delicious? The tag said LUVTOFU which PERHAPS could be interpreted a different way. This made me laugh this morning.

GOT A STRIPPED OUT SCREW? This dude wants to help. Watch below or click here.

THE LATEST EPISODE OF RICE AND AROD These two are killing it one 90 second show at a time.

MORE PEOPLE WANT TO DELETE INSTAGRAM THAN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA This is sort of interesting. A check of Google searches shows more people searched How to Delete Instagram than any other social media deletions. Why? We don't know.

CAN YOU HELP ME MOVE? SURE, I'LL BRING MY UNICYCLE This is just insane. Watch below or click here.

TOM BRADY SHUTS DOWN RUMORS HE'S COMING BACK With a retort I wasn't expecting but am happy to see.

THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION FOR KIDS If you are trying to help them develop a helping heart. Which by the way, most kids have but it needs to be nourished. This is perfect.

THIS CAN'T BE A REAL NICK CANNON SHOW Can it? A new show starring Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon called "Who's Having My Baby" where idiotic women compete to see if they can have Nick Cannon's 13th child. This is a sure sign of the Apocalypse if you ask me.

NO WISDOM TEETH IN NEW BABIES? Good for them, those things are a pain. It shows we are still evolving as human beings. Watch below or click here.

ROBBING A PEOPLE PLEASER This bit is still funny. Watch below or click here.

THEY WON...AND THEN GOT KICKED OUT Kids and their video games and their technology. Watch below or click here.

ELON MUSK IS BUILDING A COMPANY TOWN Because he wants a place near Austin, Texas where his employees can live. I don't think this is weird, we see what soaring real estate costs have done to the workforce in the mountains, this is just getting ahead of the game. Find out more about Snailbrook here.

THE SUBTITLE BATTLE IS REAL This is very similar to what happens in my house, only the roles are reversed because Chuck can't hear anything. Watch below or click here.

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