03/09/23 Blog: Yay Buffs Won

WE'VE GOT ANOTHER HALF HOUR SHOW And I woke up this morning inclined to not do a blog at all because why, but I'm a hard worker dang it, so here you go.

SHEN YUN WAS BEAUTIFUL LAST NIGHT Both Arod and I went so we'll have a full review. I would highly recommend this as a great way to dip your toe into historical Chinese culture with a little dash of "communists suck" thrown in. Buy your tickets here, and they are going to the Springs and Cheyenne as well so access should not be a problem!

HOW IS DENVER'S PLAN TO HAVE ZERO AUTO RELATED DEATHS BY 2030 GOING? Not great according to this article about a study done by Randal O'Toole. While a lofty goal, if Denver wants to achieve zero deaths on the road, they are not doing the things that would make that happen. Most of the pedestrian deaths are because people are drunk or stoned and wander into the roadway. Are you ready for a downtown that looks like the Strip in Vegas? If you've not been to Vegas, there are concrete barriers between the sidewalk and the streets and many corners have pedestrian bridges that you have to walk over. Why did they do this? Because pedestrians kept wandering into the street and getting killed. Denver is nibbling around the edges, lowering speed limits that serve very little purpose other than to slow down emergency vehicles. And if we really want to get serious about zero pedestrian deaths, they need to do a full court press asking motorcyclists to wear helmets, another thing they aren't doing.

A BABY BORN AT 24 WEEKS IS HEADED HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL TODAY And I only share this wonderful story to point out that the arbitrary "age of viability" is moving and should no longer be a point of contention when we have a debate about abortion. Read more about this wonderful story here.

THERE ARE SOME BIG CONCERTS AT MILE HIGH THIS YEAR And you know I mean Empower Field or something. Find them here, with handy links to all the concerts in other venues linked as well. They forgot Fiddler's Green so that schedule is here.

The one-page decision letter cites a stipulation involving Ellis as the reason for the censure. The Colorado Supreme Court, in a public statement, said "Ellis agreed that she violated Colo. RPC 8.4(c), which prohibits reckless, knowing, or intentional misrepresentations by attorneys. She violated this rule when, as counsel to the President Trump (sic) and the Trump campaign, she made a number of public statements about the November 2020 presidential election that were false."

Every person who continued to perpetrate this lie is responsible for the disaster that is the Republican party right now. She is one of them.

I'VE BEEN USING THIS SONG TO EMBARRASS MY DAUGHTER So Q is almost 14 (I can't believe that even as I type it) and when she is in my car she has control of the music we listen. She put this song on the other day and I broke it down like I was in da club while driving and she was mortified. So of course I'm going to keep doing it. I can't help but dance to this song. What song do you use to embarrass your kid?

WHY I LOVE THE INTERNET Because of idiotic stuff like this that would never happen without it.

ONLY A QUARTER OF AMERICANS ARE HIP TO HOW BAD THE CDC IS Because just 25%ish said they don't trust the agency. The 37% who say they trust it a "great deal" are the people driving in their cars with masks on. Read more here.

DESANTIS EXPLAINS HOW LEGISLATION WORKS TO CLUELESS MEDIA MEMBERS If you recently saw a story about how Ron DeSantis was going to make bloggers register with the state, you got duped by a lazy anti-Republican media. A bill was filed by a Republican lawmaker in Florida, but DeSantis had nothing to do with it. Watch this as he explains the Legislative process to the media which covers it every single day:

But he's not done. He's taken to Twitter to go after the media lies about the book situation in Florida:

For a guy who's not running for President, he sure is running for President. It's time for him to announce already.

THIS IS WHY I NEVER WANTED TO WORK IN TV I did a Twitter thread about this last night.

Tucker Carlson is taking it on the chin now that his true feelings about Trump have been laid bare by a series of text messages, one of which says about Trump:

“I hate him passionately.”

But he still carried the water for the former President's claims after the election anyway. This is why I don't want to do TV. It's too controlling and I believe that hosts are not given much latitude to stand on their principles.

OF COURSE THE WHITE HOUSE GAVE A WOMAN'S AWARD TO A TRANS WOMAN Of course they did, but doesn't it take a man to do a woman's job? Why do we never see Trans men getting awards? Why is it ALWAYS men who used to be women that are the face of transgenderism? This is a real question, because it's NEVER the other way around. Read more about this award here if you'd like.

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THESE FOOD NAMES? I find this interesting and I knew them all *flips hair and walks away*. Find out if you do here.

MELTING PERMAFROST EXPOSES A 48,000 YEAR OLD VIRUS And I'm sure this will end well. As permafrost melts as the Earth comes out of the last ice age, all sorts of things are being discovered. From old animal bones to viruses we aren't prepared for, this could be very well or very bad. We'll see which.

HEY LOOK, SWEDEN WAS RIGHT Another fun graph about excess deaths in European countries during Covid shows once again, Sweden was right. Check this out.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS ABOUT AN ALLEN KEY? For real, this is like magic. Watch below or click here.

DAD LEVEL 10,000 Watch below or click here.

THEY SHOULD JUST LEARN TO CODE Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is getting ready for another round of layoffs in the "year of efficiency" as proclaimed by boss Mark Zuckerberg. 11,000 have already been laid off and more are expected to get the axe but Meta isn't talking just yet. I think this is a direct result of Elon Musk slashing Twitter's workforce. Even with the bumps in the road, and there have been bumps, Twitter is still alive and kicking with a much leaner workforce.

WE DIDN'T MAKE THE LIST! And that's good news because this is the top 10 most polluted neighborhoods in the country.

HEY LOOK, IT'S RICE AND AROD! New mini episode below.

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