03/06/23 Blog: Why Are Schools Still Lying To Parents About Their Kids?

ANOTHER CASE OF A SCHOOL DISTRICT LYING TO PARENTS And this time it's about an elementary school child who announced new pronouns and a new name at school. The parents were very clear that the school should NOT use the child's chosen name and pronouns and the school conspired to hide the fact they were doing so from the parents. When a parent did a series of CORA requests to find out exactly what was happening, the school attacked her on Facebook and tried to discredit her rather than apologize for lying. It's no wonder enrollment at these little indoctrination centers is dropping. I've got mom Erin Lee on to discuss what's happening at 2. You can click through here to find the Twitter thread that lays out all the emails showing the school not only lied, they conspired to lie to parents.

ONE HOMELESS MINISTRY SAYS THEY ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE And I'm very interested in seeing what Blake Brouillette has to say about that impact. He's part of the Christ in the City ministry and I will talk to him at 1. Find Christ in the City here if you'd like to support their worthy efforts. Watch this video for more and I highly recommend you do, it's very inspiring to see what people walking in Jesus' path can do.

THIS IS A GOOD COLUMN ON THE HOMELESS DATA AROUND THE STATE From our friends at the Common Sense Institute. Read the opinion piece here.


AND NOW THEY ARE COMING FOR OUR BOOZE INDUSTRY And newly minted Democrat Kevin Priola is coming for our booze industry (but not really beer because Coors). He says that alcohol is so destructive (he's not wrong) that the makers of alcohol should have to foot the bill for treatment and prevention and he's going to tax every liter of booze made here to force them to do it. The problem is this just hurts manufacturers in Colorado, not the rest of the country. It will absolutely make our growing wine industry less competitive as it's trying to get a foot hold in the industry nationwide. If you want to pay for this, pass a clear tax on booze at the point of purchase so the consumer knows they are paying for it instead of forcing manufacturers out of business. This is the most anti-business legislature I've ever seen and they are operating on the assumption that these industries can't move. Ask California how that is playing out. I'm not sure what wine did to Priola but I'm guessing someone in his family must love it too much because these tax increases REALLY hammer wine the most.

SAYING MEDICALLY ACCURATE THINGS IS NOT TRANSPHOBIC The Republican party has a problem with the trans agenda and it was talked about it at CPAC. You may have seen that he said trans people should be "eradicated". Did he say that? No. Here is what he said and he's not wrong.

Now we have Colorado's first trans woman legislator shoving her face in front of any microphone to call another lawmaker transphobic. Why? Because he said this:

"Should not be interpreted to include a right to abortion nor to expand the definition of sex to include anything other than the originally understood distinction between biological males and females. There is such a thing as XX and XY and no matter how much you lie to yourself and change it and frame it," Bottoms said.  

This is entirely accurate and as much as Rep. Titone wants to say otherwise she can not disprove this statement. One can believe that trans people should be given care and respect and also not buy into the notion that any amount of surgery can change your underlying DNA. Ask Ms. Titone what happens if she stops taking daily hormones. That should answer the question definitively.

DENVER GOVERNMENT'S INCOMPETENCE IS DRIVING UP THE COST OF HOUSING And I'm sure they are coming up with a whole new bureaucracy to add onto the existing inefficient bureaucracy to solve the problems of the broken bureaucracy.. The issue is that permitting and the new building codes are adding a YEAR onto the time to build new multi-family homes. A YEAR. All of that makes everything more expensive. Read more here.

DEREK WOLFE SAYS BRONCOS MEDICAL STAFF BLEW OFF SERIOUS INJURIES This is not a good look for the Broncos right now. Former Bronco star Derek Wolfe says he took a hit that left him paralyzed for three hours and the Broncos staff told him it was just a stinger and he played two weeks later. This needs to be looked into and perhaps the new owners will take this seriously. I get that there is a balance for the team but the players health has to come first and it clearly did not here.

HOW ARE SPENDING $111,818.18 PER FAMILY ON A TENT CITY? That is what Denver will be spending for two sanctioned camping sites in Denver for the next few years. They are expecting more money to take them to $12.3 million from the Denver City Council tonight to extend the two tent cities until the end of next year. They are supporting 110 families right now with this plan. That breaks down to over $111,000 PER FAMILY to live in tents. I am having a hard time figuring out where this money is going and it sure would be nice to find out tonight at the City Council meeting but I bet they don't even ask before giving more money.

WHEN BEING IN THE DARK IS A GOOD THING I am fascinated by Colorado's Dark Sky parks and intend to make it there to stargaze very soon. This is a great article about them and what to expect (NO FLASHLIGHTS) and how you can do a dark sky tour with a guide.

THE SENATE HAS VOTED TO KILL THE TIME CHANGE! The Senate passed a bill which would keep us on Daylight Saving Time THIS YEAR if the House passes it and the President signs it. THIS WOULD BE GLORIOUS. We are almost to the most dreaded time of the year for me. I DESPISE the time change and it wrecks me every single year for weeks after. God Bless Marco Rubio for pursuing this change. The ski resorts can manage.

THE COVID FEAR PORN WAS PLANNED And a slew of messages from WhatsApp in the UK have laid bare the attitude of those in charge when dealing with humans who were resisting their edicts. This doesn't surprise me at all and I'm wondering what needs to happen for people to ever trust government on anything anymore. Read the story here and if you subscribe to the Telegraph you can follow the coverage but I won't give them any of my money as they are a purely left wing paper. That in and of itself makes this all the more interesting.

ANTI-TRUMP BIAS GUIDED COVERAGE AT CNN Another unsurprising story from the covid era. A whistleblower has come forward to say that former CNN chief Jeff Zucker REFUSED to let reporters investigate the Wuhan lab leak theory (that is now being looked at with great seriousness now that we're not letting China tell us what to do) because he believed it was a "Trump talking point". It's not a good look for CNN, and one wonders if they will ever be able to regain any credibility. I think a big way it to blow THIS story wide open on THEIR network and fall on their editorial swords to show they've learned. We'll see but I doubt they make that choice.

RESUMES INCLUDING PRONOUNS ARE LIKELY TO BE OVERLOOKED And it's no wonder. Why in the world would you hire someone who places their politics so plainly on their resume? And make no bones about it, pronouns are politics. They aren't about acceptance or any of that, they are about the pronoun demander trying to control the speech of everyone around them. If you want to hire someone that will trash you on social media and then probably sue if they fire you, hire a pronoun person. If you read this article about a survey showing using "they/them" and including that on your resume means it's likely go into the "round file":

According to a new report from Business.com, a business resource platform, over 80% of nonbinary people believe that identifying as nonbinary would hurt their job search. Similarly, 51% believe their gender identity has affected their workplace experience “very or somewhat negatively.”

Then why include them? My guess is they can continue to feel victimized.

CHRIS ROCK LETS FLY ON WILL SMITH In his live comedy special this past weekend on Netflix. I did not watch it (I forgot it was on, tbh) but this gives you the full picture on what he had to say about The Slap, Will Smith and his cuckolding wife.

MICKEY D'S HAS OPENED THEIR LEMONADE STAND And though this article says they are copying Wendy's we all know that Chick-Fil-A is where the lemonade boom really started. Now McDonald's is offering real lemonade, made with real lemons and real sugar and whatnot. Read more here.

BILL MAHER TAKES ON TRIGGER WARNINGS And again, he's right. As always, there is some salty language in this.

HEADING TO CANCUN? BEST TAKE A TAXI WHEN YOU GET THERE as the introduction of Uber has created some huge problems as the taxi unions have been physically attacking Uber drivers AND their passengers. Read more here.

IF BURNING YOUR FACE OFF IS YOUR GOAL The Carolina Reaper pepper is your friend. Read about this ridiculously spicy pepper here and I'll pass.



WHY COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL IS NOTHING SENSICAL This is a really easy way to explain why legal and law abiding gun owners don't support new laws.


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